30 minutes in heaven stories

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You attend more parties than you attend lectures. Speaking of parties, I remember this one bash that I got invited to, it changed my life forever! Everyone I knew was attending it and so was I! Anyway, I packed my bags, caught a rickshaw and waited for Aakriti, my best friend, under her building. We quickly changed at her building washroom, hopped into a cab and left for the party.

Aakriti and I stepped into his house and it was packed! Everywhere we looked, there were people dancing, drinks being spilled, games being played and in a few corners, couples making out. A classmate walked up to us and offered us both a can of beer. We popped it open and chugged it straight down, and got the feeling that the night was going to be a good night.

An hour into the party, Aakriti and I were mixing with different groups of friends.

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We even played seven minutes in heaven! The game rules were simple, a player picked two people from the group and sent them into a dark, small room for 7 minutes. In the room, the pair could do anything from making out to talking or simply keeping mum. As luck would have it, they chose me and a very shy guy from my class to play this game. He was quiet, reserved and coy. There was no way in hell that we could survive 7 minutes together.

I just felt that all of this was a bad idea.

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I even tried to bail out from the game but everyone kept teasing and pulling my leg. After giving myself some pep talk, I mustered the courage to play the game. I caught him by his hand and lured him into the tiny, dark room. As he locked the door, my heart started racing.

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After a point, I simply gave up. We anyway had 3 minutes to go and I wanted to get this done with as soon as possible. Just when I was about to place my hand on the doorknob, he wrapped his arms around my waist. It was dark and everything looked blurry. He rubbed his beard on my neck and started kissing me on my lips. Just before I could say another word, he shushed me and kissed me again. And it was so good!

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It was only after the lights came on and after hearing several knocks on the door that we decided to head out. Everyone in the house gave us this flirty smirk like everyone knew what we did in there. Well, they thought darn right. That party was not only super duper fun, but it also made me meet my boyfriend in the most unexpected way possible. A piece of advice for all those girls looking for love, let it find you. Good luck!

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30 minutes in heaven stories

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90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life