Accidental sex with mom stories

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Coming to the story, I the only child of my parents was at home for my semester vacation. My parents were at late 40s and were leading a hot sexual life. I used to peep into their room but never got a chance to see any encounters. But the moaning of mother at some nights really made me hot. My mother is bit fatty with good features and i am an average healthy boy- i am too illiterate to explain the size and figures. Our house was under renovation and we all were forced to sleep in the same room.

I slept early as i was very tired of football match. At night some strange noises woke me up. Light from the street light was spread in the room and i could clearly see my father riding Accidental sex with mom stories my mother and she moans. After some time them changes position and mother came on top of father and she climaxed.

Father was not yet finished and he asked mother to lie down and again started pounding. My mother started moaning loudly and kept on telling father Accidental sex with mom stories use more force and make it wild. They completely forgot that am in room. I pretended sleeping. Mean time father climaxed and both exchanged good night wishes. To my surprise father slept in his bed and mother came to sleep with me in my bed. My cock was completely erected. Both of them slept immediately, but i could not sleep and started masturbating.

Mother was snoring just inches away from me. She was straight from the fuck and was wearing only a transparent nighty of knee length only. She was facing away from me and her ass was completely facing me. I got very nervous and tried to touch her, slowly touched my finger to her sexy ass, slowly moved my finger. There was no reaction as she was in sound sleep. I managed to keep my trembling hands to her ass cheeks and rub it. I was in a different world and start lifting her nighty as i wanted to see her nudity. Managed to pull the nighty above waist high and could see her round ass clearly.

Could not control myself, i became nude and started touching my cock to her ass cheeks. Rock hard cock started rubbing her ass cheeks fully. Somehow I got courage and i tried to insert the cock to her pussy through the back side. It was never easy and after some time i got a feeling that i am entering into some open channels. This time i was mad and never bothered that father is sleeping just meters away. I started moving my cock to and fro and the speed of movement increased. The movement became fast and i was frightened that mother will wake up any time.

My action continued for five minutes and she was virtually shaken vigorously by my action. She moved yawning which was like a missile to my heart. She started sleeping with her face upward. I kept quiet for some time but the unfinished urge in me forced to rub my cock in her thighs and upper areas. Her neatly shaven pussy was visible to me and i managed to kept hand over it and started rubbing it. There was no reaction from her side.

I got courage and kept on massaging. She spread her leg lightly so that i could massage her pussy fully, never knew this action was deliberate or not. I was lying facing her and tried to pull her gently towards me, again to my surprise she turned towards me without much resistance. My cock was touching her wet and juicy pussy lips and i started rubbing it. I kept on rubbing at the same time trying to insert.

Somehow i could insert my big cock into her pussy, pushed it gently. Then i gained some momentum and my cock started entering her pussy fully.

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She shows no reaction and i kept on pumping in her sweet pussy. This time she showed a reaction by putting the hand around my shoulders.

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I thought she is awaken. I stopped pumping but my cock was inside her pussy. I kept quiet for some time and there was no further reaction from her. I started pumping again this time with much vigor. She was shaken very much and my rhythmic movement was going for an explosion inside her, but she immediately turned pulling my cock outside mercilessly. She is now sleeping with her legs wide apart and my cock started shivering seeing her wide pussy.

I wanted to finish it at any cost. I waited few minutes, gathered some courage and stood in my knees, my cock facing her pussy.

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Again started rubbing my cock and again to Accidental sex with mom stories surprise she kept on keeping legs wide. I slowly pulled her nighty above so that her boobs are visible to me. It were of huge size and the nipples were black. Am seeing boobs in the close range and so was very excited. My cock started entering the juicy pussy and i started pumping again, it was almost coming fully in and out. Juices were oozing out and my movements became fast and fast. I pumped with full strength and in between i kissed her boobs also. Some strange sounds came out and i kept on hammering her in a rhythm.

I lied on her for two to three minutes, lowered her nighty. This incident completely changed my life, i was not sure whether she knew it was me who fucked her at night. I was thinking she might have thought that father got aroused at night again and he only fucked her. That doubt was in my mind all the time, but her behavior towards me had no change at all. But in the next week when my father was away on tour, i realized that she knew i only fucked her. She was ready to open up and was eager to give me a space in her sex life, she managed both father and son expertly and even made arrangements to watch their show fully of course, without the knowledge of father.

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Accidental sex with mom stories

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