Adult punishment stories

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Being celebrity isn't easy, most of the time. Living in an apartment in his adult brother's name away from his parents, Aaron enjoyed a lavish lifestyle amidst still going to school. On top of being rich, Aaron was famous enough to make pulling girls from his high school easier than ever. He exclusively aimed for year-old seniors however, despite the vast supply of women he could have.

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He only preyed on adults as they were allowed to stay with him in his apartment, and didn't need their parents' approval. Maya was the most recent of these girls to live with Aaron at his apartment. After a short flirtatious period, she made the transition to living with the young millionaire. Her parents disapproved, but there was nothing they could do about it. She was an adult and was now living under someone else's roof. All of their financial leverage over her was solved by Aaron's unlimited wealth.

He guaranteed her a home and to pay for her college as long as they stayed together. Every day Aaron and Maya would arrive at school together, hold hands as they walked past the onlookers, and go through class as if they were normal students. When school was over, however, is when things got real.

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Aaron and Maya had sex, a lot, as they of course would. Maya found her tight pussy filled with Aaron's cock a dozen times a week at minimum and took on what felt like a gallon of his cum in the same time period, in both her cunt and mouth. They would come home from school and fuck, and by the weekend would have gone through every position the each of Adult punishment stories liked. This was, by in large, to be expected behavior for two teenagers in this scenario.

Maya's ass, while unfamiliar with Aaron's dick, was very well acquainted with his belt. Possibly even more often than he fucked her, Aaron spanked Maya very regularly. In the place of where most kids his age would be doing homework, Aaron came home from school most days and, after lounging around for a while, would find an excuse to bring Maya over his lap, pull her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and spank her ass until it glowed bright red, most of the time, as foreplay.

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While Maya rode her boyfriend's cock, her ass stung from the pain of the swats she received minutes before. And she wouldn't have it any other way. Aaron always had a reason to spank Maya. He would say he was spanking her due to some naughty action, usually being mild annoyances which ranged between waking up late to spilling her drink to bad grades to not satisfying him enough in bed. He almost never spanked her at the time of the offense, and usually just brought it up as an excuse for whenever he decided he needed his fix of her ass. Whenever he used up these excuses, he would resort to more meager or even artificial reasons.

He once spanked Maya for misspelling a word while texting. Another time he asked her how tall she was and threatened her with 50 swats with a belt on her bare ass if she "lied" by an eighth of an inch. She was, of course, caught red-handed and consequently became red bottomed. While to Aaron, spanking was, bottom line, a punishment for his girlfriend, Maya enjoyed every bit of it. It was her one kink, and a hand on her bottom was as effective an arousal tool as a tongue on her clit. She came home to Aaron's apartment every day looking forward to going over his knee and getting spanked.

It never got old for her. She loved every swat from Aaron's hand, belt, switch, or whatever he was using. It didn't matter to her as long as her bottom got its fix of punishment. Every time Aaron brought his belt down onto Maya's bare ass, his lap got wetter.

This fetish is however what lead to one particular downfall in Maya's sexual satisfaction.after being spanked, makes an effort to never be put in the same situation. But Maya wasn't. After a short time, she started doing things to intentionally annoy her boyfriend to hopefully coerce him into giving her a spanking. She would sometimes trip him, punch him, enter a cussing fit, or just repeat whatever it was that Aaron used as the reason for her last punishment.

It didn't work as often as she expected. What Maya often forgot is that the whole "punishment" part of their spanking relationship was a farce and that it really was just foreplay. Many times Adult punishment stories would try to get too greedy and be denied what she wanted. It didn't stop her from trying though. Due to a busy week, Aaron hadn't spanked Maya in an unprecedented two days. This was too much for her to handle. While getting ready to go to sleep with her boyfriend, Maya attempted purposely wet the bed. She did this by drinking Adult punishment stories amounts of water until her abdomen was round and full, then refrained from relieving herself until it was time to climb in bed with Aaron.

With sinister intentions, the plan went into action. They then snuggled up close, embracing each other, as they did every night. They kissed each other on the lips and said in unison:. Aaron closed his eyes, but Maya's stayed open a bit longer. She silently cackled to herself, and then, Adult punishment stories the need to go to the bathroom slowly building in her naval, closed her eyes, laid her head on her boyfriend's chest, and dozed off. In hindsight, she could've just stayed up until a reasonable hour and then just wet the bed while still awake, but the fact that she was going through with this at all meant she was blinded by the pursuit of punishment.

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Besides, she had school in the morning, and she needed her sleep. Maya started dreaming. Her mind created a world where she and her school friends worked in a hospital, and they were helping nurse the casualties of a hellish war taking place outside. After a long spell of helping the victims, she laid down onto one of the hospital beds herself and tried resting. She must've been working hard, as she apparently hadn't taken a bathroom break in a long enough time that she was pissing herself right there. Maya jolted awake with a stream of urine going down her legs. She was still wrapped around Aaron as she pissed herself.

She realized her plan had worked and she successfully wet the bed. A spanking was surely coming her way soon. This king size bed was fitted with the finest accessories. The mattress was a deluxe RoyalPedic, the most expensive that was sold in stores. She Adult punishment stories just pissed all over it. She was covered in a silk blanket, the finest that could be bought in the city. On top of it was a weighted comforter decorated in red velvet embellishments and exquisite gold patterns. She was cuddling with the man she loved, who was also the richest man she's ever talked to and the highest roller to ever come out of the area, and she had just pissed all over him.

She clenched her cunt and jolted out of bed, running to the bathroom. She threw herself down onto the toilet and finished relieving herself. How could she think this was a good idea? She remembered all of the times when she received spankings by way of asking. How was she so blind by lust that soiling the bed of a Adult punishment stories seemed like a good idea? This was a man who could have quite literally any girl he wanted, yet he chose her, and this was how she treated him? She got up, pulled up her pants, and went over to her sleeping boyfriend, resting on soiled garments.

She had to wake him up. His eyelids fluttered, and he groaned. Maya glanced over at the bedside alarm clock. The time was AM. Tears began filling her eyes. She was starting to panic. What if he threw her out for this?

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Her parents hated her, she had no money, Aaron was pretty much all she had, and she just pissed on him. Aaron turned his body toward the stimulus. He was still definitely asleep, but his senses were now working. Aaron took off his wet pajamas, making sure to not touch the soiled parts, and got redressed.

He then helped Maya remove the bedsheets, and he saw the stains for the first time.

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He looked at the alarm clock. As they walked out of the bedroom and to the main living room, Maya tapped her boyfriend on the shoulder. Aaron pulled his girlfriend close, hugging her as she cried into his shoulder.

I'm not mad. These things happen.

Adult punishment stories

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