Adulterers movie real life story

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For a time before I moved to Austin three years ago, I flirted with the idea of moving to L. Samuel Sean Faris is an assistant manager at a hardware store in New Orleans, preparing to celebrate his one year anniversary with his wife Ashley Danielle Savreat the pinnacle of a record-breaking heat wave.

While waiting for his wife to arrive from her waitressing shift, he realizes that her purse is sitting on the table, and that there are the telltale grunts of some mischief going on upstairs; he finds his wife in flagrante delicto with another man Mehcad Brooks. Distraught, he goes downstairs to grab a couple of handguns, then goes back up and shoots them both guns akimbo. Or not; in fact, it appears he just imagined this. This continues for some time, as all parties are emotionally and physically degraded.

We also learn that Ashley was already married when she met Samuel, but he rescued her from her abusive husband and even adopted her young daughter whom we never see. Except psych! Because Adulterers movie real life story course it is. Samuel really did kill both Ashley and her lover at the beginning of the film, and the entire rest of the film has been his imagining of what would have happened had he not done so. He realizes that he killed his wife and made up a story of her cheating in his mind. I was actually able to track down an interview with director writer, and producer H.

To be honest, either one of them would be worth getting shot. If you just want the visual feast of watching hot people sweating in a stuffy room, there are other, better places to get your jollies. Pingback: Adulterers — state street press. Pingback: True Stories Swampflix. Pingback: Loft Swampflix. Excellent review!!

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I wish I had read it before I wasted my time!! Based on a true story my ass!! Like Liked by 1 person. This movie was enticing. After viewing the psychic game Sam was playing with himself, it made you think if you were confronted with the same senerio, would you play the same mind game.

What feelings would be more powerful?

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Interesting that one would want to know why it happened and by knowing that, would that change how you would react to the situation. Is the lust for physical gratification nullify meaningful true love of someone? Can you have both and live happily with yourself and those who share that experience?

I was waiting for a more deeper examination in questions and answers of why they did what they did.

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Was it strickly self gratification for themselves or to please the other person obsession, fantasy, personal desires that made them have the adulterous encounter? The twists and turns with what was real time and what was psychology drifts into make believe was hard to follow at times. On a scale of 1 to 5with 1 being horrible, and 5 being terrific, I would give it a 2 at most. Bottom line…. Watched it. Not much there. Would never recommend to others. Like Like.

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All of these had happen. The only thing sam imagined was the second choice that he made up himself in his mind. The woman sam met earlier was just an ordinary woman which he claims to be the wife of Dame as he imagined. His bose at work was just another man, but same related that name as his wife speak. But the fact is its just simple story that writter wanted to twist at the end so that people may have their own opinion. It was just a story of a guy finding out of his wife cheat and he killed both of them.

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Adulterers movie real life story

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Adulterers Movie Review