Adults in diapers stories

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That was quite accurate. After stripping Laura naked and checking her, the college graduate was bound back in a straitjacket along with a diaper as she was injected with drugs that had diuretic characteristics. She was tape gagged this time as a she would have choked on a panel gag or plug gag. The next morning, Nurse Jodie managed to bathe and change a struggling Laura and strap her in the chair. He received a grunt in return. Clarence calmly pushed a button which sent a mild electric shock on Laura, giving him just enough time to re-gag her. Instead he received the same round of protests and swearing.

Sighing once again, He pressed another button and Laura collapsed unconscious. An hour later in a darkened room, Laura was strapped firmly but not tightly to a wave-less waterbed, heated precisely to her skin temperature to help and sever any sensory input. She was covered with only thin cotton sheets over her breasts and crotch to keep Adults in diapers stories from dripping on her those areas and awakening her. An intravenous drip with a computerized metering device had been started in her left arm, which alternated a special sedative, kept in tune with an electroencephalograph.

A tube was inserted into her mouth both to deaden Adults in diapers stories taste buds and to keep her teeth apart—the sound of teeth grinding was carefully controlled and to keep her from swallowing her tongue in case of an induced epileptic episode.

A catheter was inserted into her urethra to drain any urine, though there was hardly any. On her head was strapped a pair of headphones, through which instructions, messages, propaganda, noise, news, information, and other aural stimulation were introduced or, if desired, no sound at all was allowed.

More wires were attached to measure her brain activity, breathing and hearth rate. Stephanie stepped away in protest but then stayed, watching him alter more dials and pushing various button, as well as listening intensively onto a set of headphones. Even as she left for lunch and returned, she still found Clarence stuck at the station, only drinking some protein drink. While she appeared motionless, in her brain, there were a multitude of shapes. The hours crept by, then the shapes turned to human figures, then natural surroundings appeared then just after Clarence poured another drink, his monitored recorded a sharp spike.

She was still straitjacketed but instead quickly found herself bound back down on some soft pillows and the absence of a thickness around her waist and over her crotch meant that she was no longer in diapers. Instead of a panel or plug gag, a strong piece of medical tape was wrapped around her jaw.

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Just as she tried to say something, there was some noise and Dr Bebbington appeared. I feel…my brain feels like it went through a huge carwash. Clarence Bebbington smiled. He loosened the bonds allowing Laura to get up and help her sit up. He carefully talked to her about topics he detected from his monitoring of her brain then dropped a question.

Why yes, I love nature. How about me? Soon enough, doctor and patient were out in some greenhouse area. As per regulations, Laura accepted she had to be gagged again with a panel gag and still straitjacketed but still walk amongst the various flora and fauna. Just as they turned a bend, they came in contact with other straitjacketed and gagged patients guided by other nurses. Suddenly, Laura tensed and resisted to move. As the other patients and nurses moved away, Laura suddenly relaxed. Back in the new room, Laura wailed through her gag as she was blindfolded. But just an hour later, the blindfold was removed and she found herself face to face with a very familiar person.

Robin was a guy she always wanted. The girls she met in college and her wider life never let him near her and that triggered her condition. She quite fine now, but needs to see Robin constantly. Laura Granger was allowed to talk to Robin, then her straitjacket was removed in placed of a medical gown and hospital leather restraints, then after final examination, she was back in her own clothes and escorted out by Robin and her father.

Soon enough, Dr Stephanie Blymire was bound in a straitjacket and gagged. As Clarence Bebbington secured her in a cell, he sent a WhatsApp message. Filed under bound and gagged Adults in diapers stories, Continuation of Laura's 72 Hour HoldnappiesNappyStoriesTena Slip Tagged with adult diaperAdult DiapersBlindfoldbondagebound and gaggedbreastContinuation of Laura's 72 Hour HoldcrotchDiaperDiapersGaggedhaloperidolIV dripleather restraintsmedical gownMedical Restraintsnakednudepanel gagPCPphencyclidine hydrochloridestraitjacketstraitjacket bondagetortureurethrawaterbed.

She always loved sex in the early morning; it helped provide her with the energy and commitment for the day. Several floors away, her patient was quite the opposite of the doctor. She had a horrible sleep, not just due to the constrictive restraints, gag Adults in diapers stories diaper she was in but also due to her nightmare. In the first half, she dreamt about her great time studying at college, making friends, working temporarily at various eateries and stories.

In the second half, she was accused by her roommate, her hallmates, her teaching assistants, her bosses on being rebellious, shouting fighting, nearly burning down her room and damaging public buildings. At each accusation, she shouted accusations back, but each excuse made her more confused, more confused…. Laura mind was filled with the juxtaposing parts of the nightmare that Nurse Jodie had to call her name five times before she snapped out of the nightmare and opened her eyes. Hear the or your test from yesterday?

After another series or turns, she was helped standing up in what looked like a shower area. It was stark white with only two hoses hanging from the ceiling, a small drainage hole, a seat-less toilet and table at a far corner.

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But after being wrapped up for almost a day, Laura muscles were too Adults in diapers stories or aching to be able to give any resistance. One by one, the nurse undid each buckle then the crotch strap and yanked the straitjacket free. It took Laura two minutes before her arms dropped down to her sides. Before Laura could shift or move a step, Jodie drew her hands behind her back and Laura winced as leather handcuffs secured them together.

Next some almost scent-less liquid soap was sprayed all over her body, including her dishevelled hair. Using a loofah and more water, she wiped away the soap then wiped her with a rough towel. Still restrained at her wrists and ankles, Laura was led to the bed and gasp.

Finally, the nurse suited her up in the same straitjacket. Wheeled out of the bathing area, Laura found herself back in the dining area. With instructions not to talk, she was fed a small breakfast of watery oatmeal and water. The doctor unbuckled her gag, wiped her lips and repeated the greeting, no answer. Laura only blinked in response.

Blymire asked the same question twice but still received no response from the college graduate. Then you very quiet initially during project work with your female course mates only to burst out in anger later. But with some classes, your anger was less frequent. Can you now say why? She spat twice more but that was it and her throat was immediately dry.

The panel gag quickly was locked on and with a stun gun, Laura was immediately knocked out. Ok, your move. Laura was strapped down to a metal table. She was just in her diaper and an almost transparent sheet covering her breasts. Wires were attached to all over her bare body with nearly one hundred of them around her head.

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Her eyes were covered in some futuristic googles while a tube was inserted her panel gag. Dr Blymire was on platform above her and as soon as she turned a dial, Laura immediately jolted as if she was being electrocuted. Over two hours, later, the full set of her sophomore year appeared but that resulted in Laura experiencing more shocks. At much fiddling and shocks by Laura, she managed to a fuzzy set of images on her screen.

It was way into her dinner time, but Stephanie Blymire still could not get anything on her screen. Just as she reached for the dial, Laura started shaking non-stop and several of the well-adhered wires came off. Stop, stop now! Even weakened from the lack of proper food and tight bondage, Laura managed to swing at one of them but she was again knocked unconscious and quickly carted away. Filed under bound and gaggedContinuation of Laura's 72 Hour HoldnappiesNappyStories Tagged with adult diaperAdult Diapersadult nappiesbound and gaggedbreastContinuation of Laura's 72 Hour HolddefecatedoctorGaggedleg restraintsmedical bondagemental Adults in diapers storiesnakedNappiesnudenursepanel gagpsychiatristShowerstraitjacketstraitjacket bondageurinate.

She then heard something from the nurse about not being allowed to see the route to her new quarters. On that note, Laura was literally dragged as fast as her bound ankles allowed through a five-minute walk. The hood was finally released and Laura found herself in a brightly lit room. It was void of any amenities except one small padding in the corner. But no, Nurse Jodie instead led her to an opposite side and helped her sit down, legs bent at a degree angle. The nurse peeled off a section of the wall and Laura heard a soft click.

Do stay in this position, will you? Blymire is ready. Laura let out a muted wail but the nurse had already exited the room, the door closing silently behind her.

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This is a nightmare, Laura thought bitterly. I was supposed to be cured and have a happy graduation in a nice gown, blouse, skirt, sheer pantyhose, and cute underwear. All because of the series of outburst she had. Why oh why did she have them? And now what on earth will they perform on me? Cut my brain into half? Hours later, Laura was stiff from the extremely tight bondage as well the cold temperature of her room or rather cell. Yes, Dr Blymire and Nurse Jodie has lowered her room temperature and pumped a special gas into her room. Just as Laura thought she would roll over frozen, the cell door shifted open.

The nurse aled to someone and a hooded figure brought in a wheeled stretcher. Laura was yanked off the wall tether and the nurse checked her pulse.

Adults in diapers stories

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