Age regression hypnosis stories

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Discuss Images Stories Home. They may or may not be restored to their original mental age by the end of the story.

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NOT a fair story. NOT a fair ending.

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You guys should know this by now. Don't read this and whine later about it not having a happy ending.

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I won't care. Was it a mistake, or is there foul play in the works? Only something's off Reposted here for the first time. I wrote this years ago. Imagine if every time you had an orgasm at the hypnotic suggestion of your therapist you mentally regress further and further. I hope you'll enjoy it! Two young ladies find out it's not funny till you're stuck in diapers forever. Old spacing, so it may post oddly.

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I personally think the ending is not great and unbelievable, but I am leaving it as is. This story has a darker ending then MOST of my stories. If you like to read stories where the good guys win, do NOT read this. Contains SOME sexual content.

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Terms and Conditions. Username Password Remember me. Lost Password? Stories where somebody is made mentally younger but is otherwise unchanged. Hostages Author: wigibiscut Description: Mario and Luigi have been kidnapped and held hostage!

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Hypnotic Author: babiedboi Description: Here's a short story that was written by Little Trip based off a long age regression chat we had late one evening. Who's Online We have 14 guests and 5 members online.

Age regression hypnosis stories

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