Anthro transformation stories

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Hide Works-in-Progress. Include Tags. Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Unexpected Changes by hiart Rated R. Published: Oct 7th, Tags: tail 0 anthro 0 tail growth 0 female 0 tailgrowth 0 hooves 0 donkey 0 anthro tiger 0 ears 0 tiger 0 paws 0. This is about two girls that partially transform into a Donkey and a Tiger respectively, it focuses mostly on tail growth, but also includes paws, hooves, and ears, beware. A Hero in Another's Legend by gabrielmoon. Rated X.

Published: Sep 8th, Tags: nonconsensual 0 mental 0 lion 0 masturbation 0 body swap 0 anal 0 league of legends 0 fan-fiction 0 anthro 0 rengar 0 fantasy 0. A man playing his least favorite League of Legends character ends Anthro transformation stories in another world and, in his opinion, the worst possible body A Soft Spot for Strays by gabrielmoon.

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Published: Aug 26th, Tags: anal 0 dog 0 rimming 0 male 0 musk 0 canine 0 pet play 0 straight to gay 0 anthro 0 romance 0. A man takes in his 'stray' friend, only to find he made a wish to be loved and cared for as the man's new pet! The Anthro transformation stories New Groove by gabrielmoon. Published: Aug 10th, Tags: anthro 0 fan-fiction 0 masturbation 0 water buffalo 0 musk 0 muscle growth 0 male 0 clothes ripping 0. A passive police is exposed to a certain chemical that helps remake his imagine into a more confident chief from fiction :. In Stitches by gabrielmoon. Published: Jul 21st, Tags: male 0 anthro 0 stitch 0 masturbation 0 alien 0.

A surfer dude accidentally exposes himself to an alien chemical that changes him into a familiar form that he just can't quite place This Beast is a Beauty! Published: Jul 1st, Tags: musk 0 reality shift 0 muscle growth 0 anthro 0 masterbation 0 cock growth 0 ball growth 0 beast 0 ass growth 0. A man lost in the woods comes across a familiar vacant castle and pricks his finger on a magical rose Aerosol Skunk Spray by gabrielmoon.

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Published: Jun 22nd, Tags: experiment 0 musk 0 male 0 skunk 0 anthro 0 spray 0 unwilling 0 feral 0 drug use 0. A man, looking for his next fix of a new drug, is willing to try an experimental formula, not knowing the real experiment he was ing up for Unleashing Scaly Pleasures by gabrielmoon.

Published: Jun 11th, Tags: anthro 0 gator 0 herm 0 lactation 0 foot fetish 0 male 0 snake 0 mental 0 shark 0 straight to gay 0. A Weekend Swim by gabrielmoon.

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Published: Jun 4th, Tags: anal 0 ace 0 willing 0 female and female 0 dolphin 0 male and female 0 seal 0 moray eel 0 shark 0 female and male 0 otter 0 sea snake 0 anthro 0 sea slug 0 slug 0. A group of men, getting ready to change into the anthro sea creatures, are unaware that they aren't the only ones looking to life in the sea Ovidia Pt.

Published: May 12th, Tags: latex 1 ptf 0 chicken 0 woman to pussyball 0 multiple breasts Anthro transformation stories pig 0 man to latex chicken 0 egg-laying 0 anthro 0 absorption 0. The stakes are raised in the transformative card game, forcing Ann to show off her competitive side. Tags: virtual sex 0 age regression 0 m2f 0 incest 0 vaginal sex 0 transgender 0 teenage 0 female to hermaphodite 0 anthro 0 girl to Anthro transformation stories 0 oral sex 0 futanari 0 bestiality 0 transgendered 0 multi-breast 0. A year-old man first dared to discuss his perverted sexual fantasies during phone sex.

The consequences for him and his year-old daughter were unexpected. One Eye of the Tiger by gabrielmoon. Published: May 11th, Tags: male character 0 tiger 0 anthro 0 were beast 0. A Lover's Gift of muscle cream to aid his gym regiments had some very unexpected, if not unwelcome side effects! Moments To Hours by drachronic. Published: Apr 29th, Last Updated: Apr 29th, Tags: gay 0 muscle growth 0 slight horror 0 horse 0 tf 0 bend 0 donkey 0 weight gain 0 romantic 0 age progression 0 reality 0 male 0 men 0 relationship 0 anal 0 hyper 0 anthro 0 transformation 0 warp 0.

When physics fails, a man learns about his past. Invasive Pet Pt. Published: Apr 17th, Tags: anthro 0 slime 0 multiple breasts 0 woman to sluggirl 0 pregnancy 0 slug transformation 0 slug 0 wrestling 0 willing change 0.

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A sluggirl gets to be a wife and a mother, showing her friend all the perks of becoming a cephalopod. Ari-gator by darkness Published: Apr 9th, Last Updated: Apr 26th, Tags: hybrid 1 an 1 alligator 1 ftm 0 anthro 0. Singer Ariana Grande and her trusted assistant Melissa experience a new product. The Cashmere Seed: part II by rinzler. Published: Apr 8th, Tags: sheep 0 horns 0 fur growth 0 anthro 0 man to sheep 0 sex 0 wool 0 ram 0 spreading changes 0. The Cashmere Seed: Part I by rinzler.

Tags: magical 0 wool 0 sheep 0 ewe 0 anthro 0 masterbation 0 fur growth 0 goat 0 woman into sheep 0. A woman gets a strange tuft of wool from a shaman to help save her sheep farm. It Anthro transformation stories out to have powerful transformative properties. Ripping through the Tides by gabrielmoon. Published: Mar 22nd, Tags: hemipenis 0 shark 0 nanite 0 anthro 0 muscle growth 0 masturbation 0 willing 0. A second outing into an underwater world requires gills, a long tail, and a HemiPenis!

I only dream in black and white by gabrielmoon. Tags: nanite 0 anthro 0 male character 0 masturbation 0 willing 0 orca 0. Another nanite-based change that has some unexpected muscly ! Learning to Fly by gabrielmoon. Tags: eagle 1 anthro 1 nanite 1 masturbation 0 male character 0 bird transformation 0 willing 0. A sky diving instructor finds a new more effective way to do his job via nanite technology.

Anthro transformation stories

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