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My family moved from California to Texas four years ago, during the summer before my freshman year. Amanda made it easy. I met Amanda the day after we moved in. July, in Texas, is hot; the sun lives here, I swear. The doorbell rang, I opened the door, and there she was. Wearing shorter shorts than we wear in Cali, a skimpy little tank top that halfway covered her bikini top.

She was 14, same age as me. That afternoon she would become my first friend in my new home. Freshman year breezed by, thanks to Amanda. We played together, studied together, talked about boys together. Our bodies became more developed, filling out our bikinis a bit more nicely. We were both on the volleyball team, skipping cheerleader tryouts, at least for freshman year. Sophomore year was more of the same.

Amanda talked me into trying out for cheerleader. We both made it! More studying together and talking about boys, and practicing our cheers. My first kiss, my first real kiss, was with her. She was freaking out.

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And then we laughed hysterically. And then we tried again. Both of us, wearing white cotton panties and a tee, made out in her bedroom. She dated this guy for a couple weeks, and that was that. But Spring Fling was fun. We both got our first kisses from guys, and a little more. Second base was gone, for both of us! Then, meh. We just kind of stopped. Sophomore year ended and summer began. We were among the oldest in our class, both 16 and would be turning 17 in October.

And I think, this was when he first noticed me. I caught him checking me out at the pool one day. I never told Amanda. I decided to have some fun with it. I got a new bikini, a little more revealing.

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It was time for a new one anyway, my boobs had outgrown my old one. He was definitely checking me out; all summer long. And I liked it. Summer ended and junior year started. Amanda and I celebrated our 17th birthdays together with a giant Halloween party at her house! To say our costumes were sexy would be an understatement. I was Little Red Riding Hood and my costume oozed with anything but innocence. He was tall, super hot, and his costume was amazing. I had no idea who he was, but by the end of the night I knew what his lips tasted like.

He pulled me into the library their house is magnificentclosed the door, and we made out for quite a while. His mouth went lower and lower, and I leaned back on the mahogany colored leather sofa, arched my back and moaned. His mouth got to the top edge of the red lace that was peeking from my white linen top, and he traced his tongue along the edge.

I remember thinking this is it, I am about to be fucked for the first time, at a Halloween party, by the Big Bad Wolf. And I was more than fine with it. In my mind, I was begging for it. His paw squeezed my tits through my top, hard. I sighed, heavily, and told him to not stop. He kissed me again, long and sweet, and he left the room. I never saw him again.

The next day I told Amanda about it. She said she never saw a big bad wolf. I exclaimed that he was there! She teased me and said it must have been a wet dream. So many people were there, she could easily have missed him. Our junior year trudged along, like junior years do I suppose. We were just waiting to finally be at the top of our class, and graduate!

And her dad, sigh. We still worked on our cheers at her house, and I caught him watching a few times. Our cheer skirts were fairly short, but of course during performances we had on matching shorts underneath. He had gotten hotter. Or perhaps my sexual desires were getting stronger. I think that made it even hotter. Junior year ended, and the summer went by way too fast. Soon, we would Best friends dad sex stories 18!

That summer I kept daydreaming about her dad, and I know he wanted me. I made sure I revealed more than a little when I knew he was watching. I liked being a tease. Senior year started and it was awesome! We owned the school! Amanda was captain of the cheerleading team, and everyone wanted us, and wanted to be us! It was great!

We celebrated our birthdays together again, 18 was special! We went on a cruise, by ourselves. Her parents paid, of course. We could never afford it! So much fun, and so much alcohol. Time to party! And we did. I kept thinking about last year though, where the hell was Big Bad Wolf. I had done things before, but never all the way. Amanda only did it once, I let my guy Best friends dad sex stories me three times. Each time it got better and better.

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I loved sex, so much! Why did I wait so long?! I walked into her house without ringing the doorbell because I never do.

Best friends dad sex stories

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