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Tamil Ponnu Ambala V. Turned into your own. Rebooting the universe of bodyhoppers. From: Alliemonths, post 1.

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Hey guys! No, Allie has not gone Hollyweird yet. But on a serious note, I will be rebooting the entire world of bodyhopping to set the ground rules and basics back to what they were intended to be. For the last three years the idea of bodyhoppers has gone way off track and now people are making their own rules and new powers and whatnot. Having all of Ardvark's stories on file I went back and read them all over again. Those stories are what bodyhopping is about.

Now, no disrespect to Toby -as I had brought this up to him and he agrees- but his stories do stray off what the original ideas are. And with all of this Body hopper stories about the ideals of bodyhopping I am hoping this will clear the air as well. So that being said, I have already begun to work on the Body hopper stories that will hopefully cement the basics of bodyhopping within the TG Fiction community. That's something that I think should have been done a long time ago. The bodyhopper stories have seriously gone down hill, and with you writing the reboot there is no why this can go wrong.

So now there's a canonized bodyhopper universe and a mutant for lack of better word bodyhopper universe? Does this mean no more "Brian's Story" chapters from toby, because despite the small changes to the bodyhopper power mythos I really liked those.

Slashy, powers added? There were instances of shifting the face so that the mounts face was always visable. I really am too tired to think of the others. The voice change one. For the gambler. Yes and no. I viewed it like that as well, but it is simply people just adding what they see fit. And to Fan, this does not mean no more "Brian's Story" chapters.

Toby and I have discussed what he can do to accomodate it, and he is working on it as we speak. Gambler, I think what Allie is saying is that some stories stray away from the bodyhopper rule, yet continue to call them bodyhopper stories. Prime example is on the BodyPossession group on Yahoo, there are bodyhopper stories which differ drastically from what a bodyhopper story is. The possession is different, the method is similar but if you take the word bodyhopper out of it, they would both be two different stories. Granted, on the group it is said that they don't follow all rules of the universe, it just feels like a different story as well.

So, as a roundabout way of saying it, Allie, you are going to really help out the community with this, Please replay ASAP. It seems a key part of their universe, though, and I can understand why those who find it titillating rather than annoying would want to preserve it and sharply limit the exceptions. Convenient for "bodyhopper' photos, too: slap some guy's mug on the starlet or model of the day, and voila'!

That's "wa la! You've got bodyhopper fantasy fuel, if somewhat low-octane. I wonder whether the doctored photos came first and created the idea: it seems likely. I think I'll just stick with ordinary body possession: guy's self possesses a gal, the gal looks like the gal to everyone, though she might use her voice differently, act differently, have the wrong memories in her head, any or all of that or more I love the body hopper universe but never liked the whole see their male face in a refelction or camera since it any shop with cctv will catch them out and all reflections in a window would cathc them out and by if body hoppers were real it would have been known by all by now.

Just like my friend Max Delta, I believe that the body hopper can decide which face appears, his own or the female victim. Personally, a bodyhopper should also be able to have the victim's face and voice be caought on all kinds of electronic devices as well as mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Max Beta I agree that the hopper should be able to see the host face, and hear the host voice, Body hopper stories nothing beyond that.

I want to manipulate everything I've stolen when I hop a girl including her face and voice. But I still need to see and hear other hoppers, and they need to see and hear me. I understand what you are saying neptune.

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It is just that I feel that it makes it easier to fool other potential victims. I agree that hoppers should be able to see and hear other hoppers. Also, as a hopper gets more practice at doing their kind of thing, I feel that they can improve their abilities. I know I want to. When myself and Ardvark Body hopper stories started chatting I'd been doing the photoshopped pics for a few years. When I first came online there were a couple of personal sites that had been created by two people called Estee Chavez and Imposterbabe.

They posted lo of pics with their faces photoshopped on and that inspired me. That must have been late s I guess. Anyway Ardvark just started writing stories to go with my pics, which was pretty cool! We thought 'bodyhoppers' was a good term and we just sort of swapped ideas. It seems each person who contributes brings something new to the table. I must admit that that there are plenty of flaws in my idea of a bodyhopper, the reflection thing is a major one but it fitted using my pics at the time.

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