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Also from writers who thanked me for steering them to better methods. I've only gotten three negative responses, but they've given me the sense that some hardworking and sincere authors feel like I've attacked their work in general and that I'm a wet blanket who doesn't understand fantasy. I am not against stories that defy the rules of the real world. I am against stories that do these things in unoriginal ways or ways that flatten the drama of the story.

I absolutely LOVE man-boy rescue fantasies. I wouldn't take the time to write this guide unless I cared about getting more good stories for my own enjoyment. I wanted to read new setups with new conflicts and with ripples and wrinkles in the relationships between the men and boys. Also, I don't think that the ordinary world and rescue fantasies are incompatible. My article was half a challenge to writers to be creative and find a way to make the two things mesh. The internet has allowed wide access to a new type of literature: boylove rescue fantasies.

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Stories that seem deed solely to get a boy living together with a boyloving man BL for shorteither for a 'father-son' relationship or a sexual relationship or both. Usually the guy meets a needy urchin on the street and takes him under his wing, giving him the loving home he never had. These stories serve a spiritually nourishing purpose for BL's who cannot experience such a relationship in real life. However, I don't believe that just because the primary purpose of a story is BL wish-fulfillment that the storyteller is allowed to abandon common sense and the duty of telling an original story.

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I'm gonna run down the list of some of the worst I've noticed. I know I may end up sounding bitter and cynical, but fuck it. It's the writer's fault if a story hits too many false notes. Realism in plot and character is essential to make a story work. Why is it that the main characters in these stories are all conveniently wealthy? Either they hit it big in the stock market or they're some Infotech hotshot or their parents died and left them rich at an impossibly young age. And of course there're the countless lottery winners. I think BL's must win the lottery more than any other group, if these stories are to be believed.

The writers seem to think that if their BL is to create a wonderful new life for the boy, he needs to have money to lavish gifts on him and buy him new clothes and take him on trips. Unless there's some kind of criminal behavior involved, rich people are boring. Like if he had to forget about buying a new sports car so he could pay for the kid to go to soccer camp or if he had to sleep on the couch in his one bedroom apartment so the kid could have the bed.

So often the BL man is cut off from any familial relationship. Most likely because the writer killed his family off for the inheritance money. So we end up with a guy living all on his own in a room mansion on a acre estate and no one to call on the phone. I think in part this reflects the secrecy and isolation that BL's feel in their daily lives, but more often than not it seems as if the writer thinks this will make it easier for the man to incorporate the boy into his life. Complications make a story interesting and also give the man an opportunity to prove how much the boy means to him.

I want to see how a guy deals with his boss advising him he shouldn't take the boy in because it'll interfere with his job. Or suppose he's already got a family of his own and his kids aren't happy about adding the boy to their life sharing their room for instance? What happens when a single man has to give up wild nights on the town with his buddies so he can stay home and help little Billy with his homework? How will his friends respond? This guy is amazing. He can get adoption papers filed and approved in a week while regular people have to wait years.

He should have his own action figure. So just why does our poor little boy need some BL loving? That's the classic setup for these stories. They boy is given a nightmare home life, which is why I term these stories 'rescue fantasies' in the first place. Now I've got no problem with the idea Boy man love stories the boy needing rescue, but sometimes the portraits of the parents are so one-dimensionally evil that they cannot be believed. Also, I think I'm going to scream if I have to read another speech that goes anything like this: "My Dad found me and my best friend playing with each other's dicks and he slapped me around and told me to get out because he didn't want no 'fucking faggot' living in his house.

I'm aware that that kind of thing is, tragically, all too common, but it's overdone. Find another way of putting it over. I acknowledge the evil of this world, but really, there're other ways to show a kid in need of help. Suppose the kid's mom gets sent to jail for dealing drugs on the side to have money for her kid in the first place and the kid gets left on his own? Will the boy still stay with the man who's taken him in after his mom gets released? How about if the abusive dad isn't an out and out monster, but a man having a genuine struggle to control his rage?

Then you'd have a boy torn between the BL taking care of him and the father he loves, but who is bad for him. The point is that while it's necessary for story purposes to give the boy an unfortunate past, there's no need to make the people in his life into caricatures.

Evil is much more menacing when it's believable. So what happens when the man in the story falls for a boy who isn't being abused? Who, in fact, has a happy home with loving parents? Well, the writer kills the parents off, of course. Drunk drivers and mysterious inoperable cancers are the main culprits. Are we that desperate to have a boy in our house? I mean many of these stories have the boy and man develop a relationship quite happily with the parents around and then the only story purpose for getting rid of the parents is to have the boy move in with the man after he's been named as legal guardian in event of the parents' death in a corny 'You're the only one we'd trust with our son' scene.

Is it really that difficult to show a deep man-boy relationship that develops alongside a loving family environment? After all, most BL relationships are like that. This obsession with having the boy all for ourselves can't be good.

So, the man meets the boy, takes him home, cleans him up and promises him he'll be safe from now on and our boy responds by hugging him and saying "I love you". Excuse me? These two met about what, 24 hours ago? In one story, Boy man love stories boy was declaring his love for the man about 6 hours after they first met. I hate to sound like a grinch, but love don't work that way. Especially when you're talking about abused and neglected children. They tend to have all kinds of trust and intimacy issues.

No matter how nice you are to them, they will wait a good long time before deciding that you aren't a threat much less that they love you. Of course, winning the love of a boy is kind of the whole point of the story fantasy, but I find many writers, especially inexperienced ones, rush right to it. They're like a teenager rushing to bust a nut. Good sex, like good storytelling, needs a build up to the payoff. It defeats the whole purpose of the winning-a-boy's-trust-and-affection concept if it takes hardly any time or effort. They aren't over-eager to hear those magic words so they take their time to portray realistic bonding in a man-boy relationship.

One with setbacks and wariness. That's why the relationship in The Sixth Sense worked Boy man love stories well. Bruce Willis had to work and work and work to get the boy's trust.

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And think how much more amazingly better a BL story would be if the boy in the story didn't instantly see the BL as his savior. Maybe even saw him as a potential threat. It's very popular, especially in the stories that tend to a sexual nature, for the boy to be gay. No problem. But what I can't stand is the staged dramatic scenes where the boy comes out and declares "I'm gay! I know you probably hate me now. I'll pack my things and leave.

If the boy in question thinks the man would hate him for being gay I'm pretty sure he'd just hide it. He's got no reason to tell a man he thinks is homophobic that he's gay, especially if he's been a victim of gay-bashing before. We all know from experience how easy it is to keep that kind of thing secret from people you love, much less a stranger.

It would make much more sense for the kid to feel out the man's opinion on the issue first and then tell him when he felt safe, if he told him at all.

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Well, many writers have fed us this same recipe before already, and our stomachs are kind of full. And if it isn't the boy telling the man he's gay, then it's the man telling the boy. Usually, it goes something like this: "Well Billy, I'm gonna take you home with me and get you something to eat, but before we go, I need to tell you that I'm gay. What's more, I'm attracted to young boys like you. You don't need to worry, though because I would never do anything to hurt you. Yeah right! What man in his right mind reveals that he's a pedophile to a boy he's only just met?

It only makes sense to do this after he trusts the boy. That's logical.

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Still, I'm getting kinda tired of the whole extended bath scene, especially in stories where the purpose is to let the man have a peek at or touch the boy. Boy man love stories people are boring. The main character in many of these fantasies is, of course, an idealized representation of the writer, so we end up with a perfect BL. A man who is a gourmet cook and who drives a Mustang and who knows just the right thing to say to lift a boy's spirits.

But storywise, it makes no sense that the man would be perfect realistically either. A man's sexual orientation doesn't affect his personality. I know that being attracted to boys makes BL's more sensitive to the moods and emotions of boys, but it's dumb to think that we have all the answers for every situation. The story would be much better if the man ended up frustrated and confused sometimes. Even with the fact that most of our story BL's are stinking rich, they all seem to have a whole lot of time on their hands.

They're always available for the boy. Why can't we have some men with real lives? Real personalities? Consider for instance that lots of straight men are so career driven that they don't have time for romance. What about a story about a BL who's devoted to his job who has a boy he doesn't want forced on him? Sounds strange, huh? Imagine how unique a story it would make. How about a BL who's emotionally reserved and has trouble showing affection to a boy who needs it?

Or how about a man with a criminal past? Or better yet, a criminal present?

Boy man love stories

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