Breast expansion interactive story

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Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.

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No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Interactive Growth Story! Chapter 1: Introduction 2. Chapter 2: Refreshing Minerals 3. Chapter 3: Ruby Spring.

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At the end of each chapter, there will be several choices given, and if a chapter has been made using that choice, the chapter will be shown. There is male growth in this story, but plenty of female growth as well. There may be some chapters that include futanari for those interested, but for your convenience those chapters will be marked with Futa so that you can avoid them. The main characters are: Matt and a half years old 6'0", skinny at lbs. He is very smart but also very shy, and has dirty blonde hair.

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He has a girlfriend, Ruby. Ruby - 18 years old She is 5'8" and is lbs. She has a great hourglass figureand has naturally bright red hair that goes to her hips. She is very kind and gentle, and loves Matt with all her heart.

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Kelly - 18 years old 5'4", and lbs. She also has an hourglass figure, and has black hair that goes to her shoulders. She lusts after Matt after hearing rumors of his manhood. Let me know what chapter your story continues from and from which choice, and then the story text.

Don't like Breast expansion interactive story current set of choices? Add your own! Just let me know. I can also do chapter suggestions as well. Content rules: Make the story segment a good length. Chapters below a certain length will not be added due to the site's restrictions. If there are spelling errors, I can fix them, ir there aren't too many. The story has to focus on either Matt or Ruby, or both.

They should be the ones growth is probably focused on. If there is - next to a choice, that means that I'm going to add a chapter from that choice. Shrinkage is allowed, but if the main characters are the ones shrinking, they must return to normal or bigger by the end of the chapter.

Sex is allowed, but only if growth is involved and even then don't make the story revolve around it. Killing and thus crush and vore is not allowed.

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No scat either. No gay stuff. No breast expansion with males. No transformations other than growth, shrink, and futa. If you have a futanari in your chapter, there are additional rules: No sex If there are any encounters with males, then the futa's penis must either be smaller than at least one of the males' Matt if he is involved penises, or if it is bigger, than at least one of the males' again, Matt, if involved penises has to grow bigger by the end of the chapter.

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There was a large tropical resort in front of him, and the sea not too far away. Looking behind him, he saw his sexy girlfriend, Ruby. Their parents had let them come on this trip by themselves since they were technically adults. Their friend, Kelly, was already at the hotel, waiting for them. Ruby was wearing a bright red bikini that nicely showcased her D-Cup breasts and her butt.

It was actually a little small on Ruby. Matt was wearing green swimming trunks, and had quite a decent bulge. Matt hadn't told Ruby how big his member was, and they haven't had sex, but Ruby could tell he was above average.

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The island they were on was named Gurro Island, and it was a fairly small. It also had a small jungle on one end of the island. There had been mentions of strange occurences in the tabloids, but nobody believed them.

The two walked to the hotel, holding hands. They had been friends for a while in high school, and when Matt worked up the courage to ask Ruby out, they started dating. After they arrived at the hotel, something happened Options Report This. You must register to review. Skin by Artphilia Des. All rights reserved.

Breast expansion interactive story

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