Brother fucks virgin sister stories

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Always wanted him.

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I never said anything never told him my feelings never told him that I watched him undress and watched him fuck his girlfriends. Maybe he would think I was sick maybe he would feel the same either way I had never told him anything. Until now. My brother Raja was hot he was the sexist man I had ever seen. We had always had a close relationship, but not as close as I dreamed of.

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I have always wanted to fuck my brotherI watched him undress a few times and loved his body and his cock, it was at least 8 inches and that was 5 years ago. When he got there I rolled up a t and we smoked it then talked a little. I asked him if he wanted to watch porn.

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He laughed a little I think out of embarrassment that his little sis watched stuff like that but then said he wanted to see one since it had been so long since he saw a naked women. The whole time I was thinking of how I wanted him to see me naked. We watched the porn I could tell it was turning Raja on and just knowing that was turning me on. He was getting a little fidgety and rearranging his cock, damn was it big it looked at least 9 inches maybe I wanted to see it for real.

I told him to go ahead and take it out if he wanted and beat it. He asked if he could touch them, I said sure go ahead. He was nervous and asked me if I was conformable with this. I told him it was cool.

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His hand on my breasts was wonderful. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had.

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He pushed my hand aside and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I took this as my cue and spit on my hand and started stroking it and masturbating him.

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I was right about the size it was at least 10 inches long, hard. While I was playing with his huge cock he unzipped my pants and pulled them off of me, he started playing with my pussy. I had never felt a mans hands on my pussy I was a virginand it felt good I was loving every moment of this.

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I stood up and sat on his lap and we kissed a while. Until he asked me if I wanted to fuck. I said yes and stood up. He stood up after me and threw me onto the couch, and started eating my pussy. He ate my pussy like a Dog; he was damn good at it. He knew I was about to cum and licked faster and faster. Home Incest stories Virgin sister fucks her brother. Spread the love. s: 1 2. Next Post Got sister coincidentally Next ยป.

Brother fucks virgin sister stories

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Virgin sister fucks her brother