Brother impregnates sister stories

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Raju at 28 was tall and strong. He had not married yet for the simple reason that marriage meant only one woman to fuck but single meant free to fuck around anyone he wanted. He was easy going and had been free with his fucking around. His good looks and strong body helped him get any woman he wanted no matter what her status may be.

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In fact it was the married women who loved to give themselves to him. He was good in bed and damn understanding. He understood what women loved in bed and gave them just that as liberally as he could. Nothing was taboo to him once he had a woman in his bed. He reclined in his bed brooding. They want an heir to their family and they are not willing to wait.

The words shot through him like a knife. He was angry but he remembered his promise in time and kept quiet. He left his mom with his face ashen and had gone out.

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All through evening he had wandered aimlessly his mind in turmoil. He had enough sense to understand what his mother wanted him to do. He knew it is wrong and it is taboo, something the society will never accept and his mother also knew it perfectly and still wanted him to do it. But can he do it? Can he fuck his own sister? He was upset and was confused. His mother knew his affairs but had never said anything about it; maybe it was because being a widow and dependent on him she had no say or maybe it was because she loved him and was broad minded enough to let him enjoy life as he pleased.

He never brought any woman home and no one has ever complained to her about his affairs though most were aware of his easy ways. He took good care of her and was a good son otherwise. So she had stayed out of his personal life it seemed. Raju returned home that night afraid to face his mom.

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He had not yet made up his mind one way or the other and he hated to even look at his mom in this confused state. But his mother did not embarrass him by asking for his answer. Instead she was perfectly normal as she served his food silently and left him alone.

He was grateful for that and saw his mom in a new light. She has always been an understanding and caring mother to him and Aruna. He had finished his dinner and came to bed still confused and undecided. Now lying in his bed he thought of his sister Aruna. Even as a little kid she was a beautiful and spirited girl. They got along well and both loved each other whole heartedly. After three years of her marriage he still missed her presence in the house for she always made home lively with her presence and her cheerfulness. He now came to the crucial point; can he make her pregnant?

She is not a tall girl but had a shapely figure and a full woman.

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He tried to strip her naked in his mind wanting to know for sure if he could turn his sisterly love for her into something more so he can really fuck her. As he undid her blouse and bra in his mind and let her firm 36D young breasts exposed he felt a sudden heat in his body and his blood seemed to boil. He felt his cock stir and realize the very thought of his sister bare breasted was making him hard. He knew he cannot think of striping her further down as her shapely legs would burn him with hot desire. This was a shock to him for he has never looked at his sister with sex in his mind.

Suddenly he realized his love for her was overwhelming enough for him to fuck her for, now that he thought of her as a woman she was sexy and desirable. The thrill of the taboo in the experience was a challenge to him and the more he thought of her the more he wanted her.

It was shocking but satisfying to his conscience also and he slept peacefully. Morning saw him in a cheerful mood. His mother still did not ask him for his decision and Brother impregnates sister stories not even look askance at him. He did his morning chores cheerfully and got ready for work.

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Just as he was leaving for work, he stopped before his mom and hesitated wondering how to give her his answer. All through the day he was excited and had to try hard to concentrate on his work. His thought kept going to his sister and he was now seeing her as he would see any other woman and saw the possibilities with her in bed. After work on his way home he stopped to buy some flowers and sweets. This is nothing new since he always bought her favorite flowers and sweets when she visited them.

Things were normal at home. His mother opened the door for him and his sister came and hugged him as usual. Even the talk Brother impregnates sister stories quite normal as was fit for the occasion. He enquired about the welfare of her family and her own well being. She in turn asked him about him and as usual teased him about when he was going to marry. All was well and he finished his bath and sat down for dinner. Aruna sat before him in the dining table and he looked at her with new interest as she chatted. His mother served with a smiling face and did not force the issue at hand.

All during the dinner he kept looking at his sister and admired the way she had dressed to show off her feminine charms in a decent way. After the dinner he came out on the porch and sat there a little anxious about how he was going to proceed. It was one thing wanting to fuck sis sister even if it was only to save her marriage, but it was another matter to make the first move.

His mother Brother impregnates sister stories out and ed him. Raju, I have already talked to Aruna and she will come to you after you go to bed, just relax and see her for the woman she is and forget for the time being she is your sister, all will be well. His mother left him alone and went inside to clean up the dining table and the kitchen. He sat there and tried to relax. It was not easy and the very thought of fucking his own sister was too exciting for him. Women were always been his weakness but he never looked at home for sex and his sister though beautiful had never stirred him until now.

It must have been because he had never looked at her that way or because of the strict traditions and the taboo idea of having sex with blood relatives. He was beginning to feel better and decided he would enjoy this new experience without any remorse. With a clear and relaxed mind he went to bed and waited for his sister to come. A little later his sister came in and closed the door behind her.

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She stood against the closed door and looked at him with a shy smile on her lips. It was obvious she was waiting for him to make the first move and realizing this; he got out of the bed and came forward. As he reached her he switched off the light and lifted her in his hands like.

She was small enough for him and effortlessly he carried her to his bed and laid her down gently. He did not dare talk and did not even know what to say. But he knew Brother impregnates sister stories to do and proceeded to do it. He pulled the sari that covered her breasts and traced the hem of her blouse below her neck and looked at her in the dark. There was enough light to see vaguely and at his touch she closed her eyes. He wanted to arouse her fully before he entered her so he could be sure she will conceive.

With that in mind he put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them gently and moved his hands up to take her face in his hands. Even in the darkness he could see her cheeks blush and lips quiver. Bending down he kissed her forehead and then her eyes. When he kissed her nose she moaned and he pressed his cheek against hers to feel her soothing softness.

Brother impregnates sister stories

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