Butt plug training stories

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We e-mailed a few times discussing our interests, exchanging photos and personal information. We agreed to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat face-to-face. I have a need to be submissive; he has a need to be dominant. He gets sexually aroused from being sexually dominant and using discipline. He agreed to train me after we talked and after I stripped for him so that he could see if my body pleased him.

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I passed his inspection. He likes petite women with large tits, small waist, generous butt, and large pussy lips.

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We have met several times, once a week or so. I can usually get away for a few hours every weekend. He started out slow and gentle and is gradually increasing my limits for domination, pain and sexual torture. He Butt plug training stories bringing me great joy and I am pleasing him. Late one Sunday afternoon, we met for a picnic on the beach. He brought wine and cheese and grapes, a blanket, some towels, and his toys. I wore a short khaki skirt and a tank top sweater. I had on no panties as I am never allowed to have my pussy covered when I meet with Master.

Before I left my car, he made me pull off my top and bra, then put on a long-sleeved shirt of his. He didnt want me to get sunburned. He allowed me to button one button as we walked down to the beach. He found a spot away from the other people, close to the dunes, and spread out his blanket. Before I sat down, I had to pull up my skirt. He likes for me to sit on my bare ass. I sat turned away from the water facing my master, knees up and legs spread. I unbuttoned the button on the shirt and spread it. I must always present my pussy, breasts and ass for inspection at the beginning of every training session.

I have a special position I use when I am naked. We must be more creative in public. Master likes to use and train me in public sometimes. He sat across from me and looked me over thoroughly. I must be clean, my pussy smoothly shaven, make-up and nails perfect for every session. He fingered my pussy and was pleased to find me already getting moist. He called me his horny cunt. I love it when he calls me slut or slave or cunt. Master was wearing only a baggy swimsuit. Master is a gorgeous man, 6tall, with thick chest hair, rippling muscles, and a very large, thick cock.

His cock is fairly long, 8, and extremely thick, as I told you, as big around as a coke can. I am fairly petite and small-boned. I like feeling small and helpless near my master. He started right away. Master doesnt waste time. He fondled and then pinched my nipples, then attached a clothes pin to each nipple. It hurt, but it felt so good pleasing Master. He is always happy when I am able to accept and master my pain for him. He opened the wine and poured me a glass, then fed me cheese Butt plug training stories grapes with his own hand. Every minute or two, he tweaked the clothes pins so a new pain would flow through my nipples.

The wine was good, the day was hot, Master was in such a good mood. We chatted pleasantly together. After a few minutes, he attached a clothes pin to the inner lips on my pussy, clamping them together. I moaned and whimpered, but Master inserted a finger into my pussy and felt how wet I was. He told me I was such a slutty whore. He rubbed his fingers in and out until I was craving a fucking. He rearranged his baggy swimsuit, so that his big cock was sticking out.

My moaning and getting wet was making him hard. He asked me if I wanted something to fuck. I begged him, Please, master. He ordered me to suck his cock first. I got on my knees, legs still spread because I am not allowed to close them, and put my head in his lap.

I sucked him in and out, my Butt plug training stories licking up the oozing drops. I love to suck cock and Master tastes delicious. He dribbled a few drops of wine onto his cock for me to lap up. He grabbed my hair and rammed into my mouth and down my throat hard a few times, then ordered me to stop. By this time, we had finished the wine. I sat back, knees up, legs spread. He ordered me to lean back on my hands. He checked my nipples again and removed the pins. They hurt even more as the blood rushed back into them. He rubbed and pinched them, twisting them between his fingers.

I was so hot and wanted to cum, but I am not allowed to cum without Masters permission. He put the clothespins back on my nipples and focused his attention lower. It was time for anal training. Master has butt plugs in graduated sizes, 1 is the slimmest, 6 is the same size as Masters cock that he got from loveplugs. I had mastered 2 on our meeting, so this time he pulled out 3. Let me see what I can compare it to. I guess 3 is about as big around as a size D battery. Of course, they are long and tapered, with a blunt point at the tip, growing fatter in the middle and then skinny near the base so my anus can close around it and hold it in.

Master praised me for moving so quickly through the sizes. He reminded me that when I can take size 6, he will fuck my ass with his cock. He greased up the plug with K-Y jelly and inserted it. I must relax and bear down to let him push it in.

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Size 3 was pretty big for me that day. Tears ran down my cheeks. He worked it into my tight asshole slowly. Once he got it in, Master pulled me forward and held me against his beautiful chest, rubbing my back and ass, until I was able to handle the pain. It was worth it all to see Masters proud face as I took it for him.

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He leaned me back down to sit on the plug. I have to keep it in for at least an hour. If the pain is too bad, I say my safeword and Master will remove the plug. But then the next session, I have to drop back down to a smaller size. Master would be disappointed with me.

I never want to disappoint him. I want him to fuck my ass with his big, hard cock. That promised fucking is my incentive to overcome the pain and hold in the plug.

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Master tweaked my nipple pins again and then turned his attention to my pussy. He removed the clothespin and rubbed my pussy lips.

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I squirmed and begged him to allow me to cum, but he refused. He told me if I wanted him to fuck my pussy, I should beg him. I begged and pleaded.

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