Cat tf story

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Acrobat Portable Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. A date completely turns on its side when the woman in the relationship decides her boyfriend would make a better girlfriend than she would. Today was my day off from Cat tf story with the gang with a little lovely lady. Now if only she was here. It was hard enough to this Mohawk gelled up and the old leather jacket was starting to chafe… so had to get a new one, but how else was I going to show off my roguish good looks?

It's been 2 hours and my stomach was starting grumble at me angrily. Was that bitch doing something with her girls again? Or was she out somewhere? And then I saw her, just out of the corner of my vision. LeZeLee was the name I'd given her when I made her mine. She wore torn jeans, and a golden chain around her neck.

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Her hair was tipped with neon pink highlights that could glow in the dark. I leapt or my seat and stupor a few whipped up some of my old fashioned charm. What took you so long? I patted my woman on the shoulder and let it be known how I felt.

Fancy shmancy. You'll like it.

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She hesitated and for a moment she wouldn't spit it out. I wish she still kept her mouth shut. That was a verbal slap to the face and she knew it.

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She was dumping. I looked at her and rage bubbled in my blood. Who did this bitch think she was without me? My anger bubbled but now I was getting confused. We've been an item for… 6 months at least. Why didn't she tell me sooner? It wasn't because I was deaf or shut her up. First she tells me Cat tf story into ladies and then she's saying that she's not homosexual.

What does a guy have to do to get a date around here. She looked at me for a moment and I could see be of sweat going down her face. A moment now she was going to break and then she was going to beg for forgiveness. I think you should be my girlfriend. Being her girlfriend? She was out of her mind. And then she touched me in the shoulder and I felt an odd tingling noise. She did something to me and I pushed her back.

I really hope the cops don't show up. It'd be a pain to deal with. But LeZeLee kept laughing and pointed at my chest where she touched me. Two breasts slowly expanded from underneath my leather jacket, pushing up the fabric and making it seemed Iike I was taking those drugs transsexuals get.

LeZeLee suppressed laugh after laugh and I knew she was to blame. Was going on? LeZeLee went in closer and I noticed that her breasts were deflating, as if she had given me hers. My hands grew more and more slender, their thickness and girth traded out for vulnerability. I wasn't a body building but that was concerning. I really wanted to ignore it all. I could see her arms and biceps enlarging, muscle growing underneath her shirt.

I put my hands over it, but nothing I could do was saving me. I felt I'm my manhood, my pride and joy disappearing underneath the fabric to be exchange by some other organ. My hips realigned to make room for it and then… I knew I was the woman in the relationship. I saw her crotch bulge underneath her jeans… was she a he now? He seemed so much broader, stouter, stronger.

His hair lost the highlights and receded Cat tf story it basically was as short as it could get without it being gone. But then I saw my clothes changing, boots morphing. My jacket basically turned into red silk. This was too much. Why was nobody here paying attention?

This had to be some sort of dream?

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LeZeLee continued to bulk up, becoming stronger, taller. His jeans and shirt became some sort of white formal wear, embroidered with gold and fancy metals. I felt strange as he Cat tf story that and I realized that… I was not some sort of biker or gang leader, because I never was. LeZeLee was changing me in not just body but also my past. I whimpered and felt so absolutely helpless as I continued to decline and become a woman by my boyfriend's desires.

My pants and shirt fused together to form an elegant dress made of fine blue cloth, maybe even silk. I felt the drafty air climb up my dress as a catlike tail sprouted from behind me and awkwardly raise the level and felt so after conscious. Meanwhile my jacket lengthened and became some sort of a scarf or ribbon, wrapping around my neck and parts of my arms.

Lyon approached me, his face twisting Cat tf story turning, becoming like the face of a black cat, in contrast to his almost white attire. His face darkened, whiskers sprouting from near a small button nose. As Lyon approached he gently took me by one of these arms, and felt very weak just from the strength in that gesture alone.

I imagine my face looked something similar to his by now. All of my…. Boys, they were now my handmaidens, my caretakers, feline women must like myself. It wasn't my real name my new real name, but it was what he called me. And always were. I wept a little and brought my arms around him. I didn't understand what happened, but I wanted comfort. I think this was… mine? I wiped the tears from my eyes and was in awe. Don't you? And then he led us away. Lyon smiled at me, as he always did, even as LeZeLee. He leaned closer to me in a romantic gesture, a smile creeping across his face.

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Cat tf story

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