Caught and spanked stories

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We continued petting, her playing with my cock through my jeans and me rubbing her titties and her pussy.

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She laid down and spread her legs as I got between them and tried to get my cock into her jole, after a couple of stabs she reached down and helped me get into her hole. As I entered her she cried out and I felt a pop as I moved back and forth, then for the first time ever I came in a pussy and as I did so her mother walked into her bedroom.

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She moved a chair to the middle of her room and then stood at the side of the bed and told me to get next to her. Then it was my turn, I received a spanking I will never forget, the brush set my rear on fire and I was begging for her to stop, after it was over I was ordered to the corner. Her mother got up and said do not get out of that corner until I call you.

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A few minutes later her mother called up and told us to get dressed and come down. We both got dressed and went downstairs. Her mother was sitting in the kitchen and she handed her daughter a small package.

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To our surprise her mother gave her condoms and told us next time we better use them or we would be spanked again. She then opened one and had me take off my pants and she showed us how to put one on.

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As she got undressed her mother left the living room and we did it again. We continued to date for a few more years, and I will never forget that first time, great sex, getting caught, a spanking and then more sex, a great day in a young boys life.

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Caught and spanked stories

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