Cuckold honeymoon stories

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Jack ended up staying in our suite, in my honeymoon bed, the rest of the honeymoon. After the second night I would get tired and fall asleep on the sofa only to be woken by the sounds of Karen screaming. She was addicted to Jack and could not get enough of him and his big fat cock.

They would shower every morning, she would wash his cock, suck it, and he would wash her tits. He was always groping her, fondling her breasts, her butt cheeks, and she let him. They walked out of the bathroom in towels and got onto the bed and started to Cuckold honeymoon stories TV. When I got out however, I heard the familiar moaning and screaming of them fucking. Jack pulled her face to his and whispered something to her. Karen giggled and got off of him, it was always amazing to me when she would get up and I would see how much of him was inside her. It was so ridiculous on one level, yet on another level I was on cloud nine, my wife was going to touch my penis.

She withdrew her hand, walked back to Jack and wiped her hand with a towel. I sat there with my limp cock and cum all over me when I realized I would never again be able to satisfy my wife. I started to question my life, my world. After we parted ways with Jack in a few days, who was going to satisfy Karen, meet her needs…. Would Karen want a divorce, an annulment? My head was starting to spin and I quickly got dressed and left the room to think this through. I walked around the resort, sullen and trying hard to understand what had happened and what would happen and of course I did not resolve anything.

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I was sitting on a bench by the beach when Karen walked up to me. She sat down and wanted to know what was wrong. I told her what I had been Cuckold honeymoon stories and she admitted that she had been thinking the same things. But then she looked at me and told me how much she loved me. That what she had with Jack was sex and nothing more and that she was still madly in love with me and always would be.

I felt so happy at that moment, so elated, but I knew there was a white elephant in the room and that we had to discuss it. I told her how I had my doubts that I would ever be able to satisfy her sexually. She pretty much agreed, that sex with Jack was like nothing she had ever imagined and certainly so much more than the sex we had had. I guess it was at that moment, knowing I was horny listening to her talk about sex with other men, that I was prepared to do whatever she wanted to save this marriage. My Boss made a pass at you?

She told me how she told him no, and that she was devoted only to me. I was wearing that white halter you told me always drove you crazy, and I thought about it, and I thought I could, you know, just give him a quick look and get out of this mess.

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He just stared and stared at them, and you know how the air conditioning makes it so cold in your offices, my nipples got so hard and when he saw that, he…he…. But then he took my hand and he, well, he put it on his crotch. The front of my shorts had a wet spot from where I was leaking pre-cum. I was rock hard; it felt like I was going to cum in my pants. But Karen saw the hurt on my face at the same time and she hugged me, kissed me, told me how much she loved me and took my hand and walked me to an empty, secluded cabana close by. She pulled me in and started to pull down my shorts, my little dick was all wet and red it was so hard.

I had all but given up on the thought of it when she hiked her skirt and pulled her panties down and bent over a table. Her pussy felt so different. It was so much looser I assume from Jack stretching her. My tiny cock met no resistance yet not from the friction of me in her pussy, but from the idea that she would actually Cuckold honeymoon stories me in her, I came on the very first stroke.

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Cuckold honeymoon stories

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