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Home » Group » My cum bath. Here is my story for the first time. Actually the diwali episode that Manisha described was not the first ocassion for me. I was taken before that night by the ever horny trio of Rakesh, Rohit and Raghav. I enjoy sex a lot and in fact me and my hubby regularly swing together or by ourselves.

New year party at our house are often fully blown orgies. So when I ed this company and learnt from the other girls Cum bath stories the activities I started looking forward to it with anticipation. I love to wear sarees and blouse whosing my tummy which is flat despite my age and accentuates the gorgeous swell of my breasts that are simply mind blowing to say the least.

That day when rakesh told me to stay back late for a review I knew what it implied but smiling I said no problem. I was wearing a off shite color saree and matching blouse that day that showed my killer figure. I entered their office at 9 where Rakesh,Rohit and Raghav were already waiting for me. Rakesh offered me a drink that I declined and waited for them to make a move. I could see his erection through his clothes. I smiled ans Cum bath stories to ensure that the door was locked and then smiling and looking at the 3 men in eyes dropped my saree pallu.

They went wow when they saw my full breasts straining against my sleeveless blouse. Smiling still I pulled the saree out of my waist and allowed it to drop to the floor. Rahgav sat on the table and unzipped his fly. They all saw my breasts straining agaisnt a cream colored front open bra and ogled.

By the time I took of my brassiere they all were stripped to their shorts. All 3 had bulge of the size of tents in their shorts. He cupped my right breast in his hand hefted it. I closed my eyes and sighed a little as I felt my flesh hardening and my nipple feelig fuller than usual. Raghav removed his short and stepped aside. I went on my knees on the soft carpe and held my breasts like twin guns to them. They all stepped forward and stood in a semi circile around me like a pack of hyenas. I saw three rock hard dicks literally slappingmy face.

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They started to masterbute on top of me. I obliged them by stayting on my knees with my fae upturned so that when the semen came I could catch it in face.

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They all were busy shagging themselves while some was runnig hands through my hair or touching my breasts ocassionally. I obliged him by taking his cock in my mouth and sucking on it like a lollipop. I also extended both hands and started to masterbute Rakesh adn Rohit at the same time. The bosses were obvioosy impressed with my multi tasking skills and soon the room was full of men panting.

I felt the first load landing on my shoulder and breasts adn closing my eyes I turned my face upwards. Pichak pichak, there were sounds as all three of them started shooting cum in my face. I was literally drenched in it in a minute as hot load after load landed on my face, in my hair and on my upturned breasts and nipples. Raghav finished by wiping his dick on my face while Rohit moved behind me to give me a healthy shot on my bare Cum bath stories too. This was the first part, Rohit told me, now comes your beautyful round ass, smiling I moved towards the adjecent bathroom to clean up.

In mirror I saw that my whole upper body was sokaed in semen, it was streaking through my hair it was on my face and my breasts and nipples were all sticky with it. Smiling I turned the tape of shower on. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2.

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Cum bath stories

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