Cum on food stories

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I told my wife about it, more jokingly than otherwise. But she as usual decided it was more fun to tease me about it by saying that the only reason I mentioned it was because I wanted her to do it for me. So I turned it around and told her that the only reason she was making fun of me was that SHE wanted to do it herself.

So we decided to try this kink Cum on food stories, just for fun. Having no idea how to make it work, we figured we would just experiment with a few different things. We gave it two weeks, during which it would be the main sexy-times activity. If for no other reason, you have to have the food item handy.

On the positive side, you can build up some anticipation. One morning, she came back to bed with a toaster waffle on a plate and tried her best to tell me to go jack off on it, but instead she ended up laughing hysterically. Anything temperature-dependent is risky. Aim counts. Geometry is important. Also of note: military statistical ballistics is not a very sexy academic subject.

My wife has never had an issue with swallowing, and she even tells me she likes the taste. But apparently anything acidic is not a good candidate for this kink. Best were obtained with the savory and sweet. Fourth of all, we learned that any cooking involved is guaranteed to fail spectacularly. We tried using cum as an ingredient in chocolate chip cookies, and omg the stench.

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Never again. Trial 1 — Cum in white wine: She gave me a blow job and pulled off at the last minute to direct my cum into a glass of white wine.

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The cum was super visible, which turned out to be really hot who knew? Maybe it was because it was the first thing we tried, she sort of put on a Cum on food stories show of it, sipping the wine slowly and trying to get just a little bit of cum each time not easy because it tended to clump. It was hard for her to hold the Cum on food stories without splashing. She said it mostly tasted like wine, but chunkier and with an interesting aftertaste her exact words — Variations: Red wine got a thumbs down for taste.

White with a soda spritzer got an enthusiastic thumbs up. Trial 2 — Cum in room temperature originally hot, but it had cooled off coffee: Same technique as above. But the cold coffee see below made it not taste good and it showed on her face. She basically chugged it and made a face. Despite the earlier practice, it was too easy to spill. The BJ had taken long enough for the coffee to go cold. Trial 3 — Hot coffee in cum: This time, cum went in the coffee cup first, then hot coffee was added. Wide coffee cup plus the practice from days made this a cinch.

Precision strike. No collateral damage to civilians or infrastructure. According to her there was absolutely no difference in taste from a normal cup of coffee. On the plus side, she said that she liked this a lot and would do it anytime I wanted. On the minus side, I thought it sort of defeated the purpose. Seven point deduction from the Russian judge! Wife gagged visibly and stated that cum would never end up on the menu at the mall food court Orange Julius stand.

My wife, who has only spit out cum without swallowing maybe five times in our entire marriage, declared this to be the vilest combination of tastes she had ever experienced. She downed it like a champ but it made her left eye twitch, and she declared that she would never go near it again. Being asked took it up a notch- a few notches, actually. Plus, she was able to have a little fun with it, getting little bit of cum with each spoonful of ice cream.

It might have also been that it was totally unexpected, but I definitely got a kick out of watching her this time. The only negative is that the ice cream got sort of melty during the topping procurement process.

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Future adventures need to be done with the bowl pre-filled and in the freezer waiting for the final minutes. Even I, the mad splooger, can hit a bowl! Trial 6 — Cum on pizza: This one was my idea.

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Not a good one. Execution is everything, guys. I ordered in a pepperoni pizza and speed-wanked onto a piece before she could get downstairs. She figured it out after one bite. In retrospect, I should have told her. I thought it was obvious from looking at it, but she just took the paper place from me and bit in. In the interest of science, she still went through with it, but she was not amused by my shenanigans. She said it mostly tasted like I had added mushrooms to the order.

The overall verdict was pretty positive. Over a two-week period, we tried a few variations on the above. Why should this be any different? That stated, writing this has put the idea in my head again. Or something. I have no idea how to ask her that without sounding like an idiot. Thank God I married a woman with a sense of humor. Source: reddit. Hmm I can see how having a woman willing absorb your essence is sexy. I think the icecream one might be the best option.

Anything salted caramel like would probably work since cum is usually salty ish. Maybe caramelized fruits with a cream glaze? post. Next post. He drove 3 hours hoping to hook up with his HS crush [F]. Instead, he got to listen to [M]e crush her pussy. post Cum on food stories home, let me eat your pussy. Next post He drove 3 hours hoping to hook up with his HS crush [F].

Cum on food stories

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