Diaper pee stories

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Posts Archive. When I started to experiment, I would slightly pee my underwear, so I could feel wet, but also keep it hidden. Throughout my tween years, when I got the house to myself, I would take old pairs of pants and underwear, enter the shower, and purposely peed my pants.

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Wetting myself excites me a lot. It brings back young, childhood memories, and also there is a secret factor that I love that no one else knows about besides me. Long story short, I broke my knee and had surgery.

The hospital sent me home with protective bed sheets. On the first night, I woke up in the middle of the night, needing to pee. I remembered that I could just go where I was at. I went and the sheet absorbed most of it, making me lay in pee. I was hooked. The next night, I man-made a diaper and I put Diaper pee stories on myself.

During the night, I peed inside my diaper and I was instantly excited. I just loved the warmth around my crotch and behind, plus it made me feel like a baby. Now, present day, I still do both and not one person knows about this interest; not even my parents. My parents are super strict, and knowing them, they would take all my normal underwear and exchange with diapers forever, even making me go to school in them.

On March 24th, I had a great plan. I was going to wear a diaper to bed and use it, just like that one night. In the morning, I grabbed a protective sheet, that I stashed away, and cut the sheet just like a diaper in my basement. I told my mom that I was playing video games, so for many hours of the day, I was able to lay around in my diaper. When dinner time came, I drank tons of water, glass after glass. I went back downstairs and was able to relax some more in the diaper. It was now aroundand the only ones up still were me and my mom.

We watched T. It was so frustrating the whole entire time though. I was so anxious about my plan, and my mom would refuse to go to bed. It ended up being at night before she finally walked upstairs. I soon followed her up, to make it seem that I went to bed.

I got up, out of bed, grabbed two junky towels, tip-toed down the steps, avoided making creaking noises, grabbed a garbage bag, and Diaper pee stories down the steps.

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I went to the couch, and retrieved my diaper behind the back cushion. I put it on and tightened it.

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I decided that it would be fun to play a bladder control test to see what would make me urinate. So, I placed a thick towel on the couch, making sure I would not wreck the couch, and I fell asleep later. I got up, went to the back, and got super excited. My bladder finally went, and it came out rushing. Once again, I felt a warm wet feeling in my crotch and moving to my behind. The diaper was almost to its max. I felt so good able to pee myself twice. I waddled back to the couch, but before I sat down, I duct taped the edges.

It secured the possible openings for Diaper pee stories pee to escape, plus it helped to keep it in my diaper. In five minutes, I was sound asleep. I woke up to me peeing myself once again, in my diaper. It was about now, and I got super nervous. This was my third time peeing and my bladder would not stop. I got up, still peeing, and waddled to the back. Finally after a good 30 seconds, my bladder had enough. My diaper had a pool of urine, that was literally sagging my diaper. I took one step back into the entertainment area, and my diaper could not hold any longer. Pee was streaming out the sides, regardless of the duct tape.

The pool of pee once in my diaper, was now all over the cement. And before I could get the towel, I heard steps coming down from the second floor to the main level.

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I immediately panicked, and without intention, I peed a little bit. Step by step, I heard someone walking, getting closer and closer to the second flight of stairs. But, I was Diaper pee stories lucky. Whoever it was, one of my parents opened the fridge and returned back into their bedroom.

I quickly cleaned up the mess, and stored the evidence in a hidden spot. I waddled back in my damp diaper and went back to bed. Atmy alarm clock went off. I set it the day before, so I could clean up before either one of my parents woke up. I got up, sadly placed my ruined diaper in the trash bag and went back into my room. I got a clean towel, and got into a steamy shower to get rid of the pee scent of my legs. I dried off, put on some new pajamas, and went to my real bed. That night was one of the most fun, but stressful nights of my life.

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Diaper pee stories

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