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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. When Ariel emerged from the water she took a moment to test out her new legs. She stumbled and fell into the water, blowing her bangs out Disney princess sex stories her face in a huff. She was cute, Eric had decided. He vaguely wondered how she had gotten into the water naked without causing a spectacle. But thought faded away into nothingness as she moved her hair to the side and he caught sight of her ample breasts and perfectly round nipples delicately placed at the center.

His eyes wanted to wander but he had to hold at least some sort of respect for the maiden of the sea. How could he take advantage of her in this state? He made a move to address her when she stood and he realized she was more than topless, she was naked. Her pussy bare for all the world to see. How had he not seen her staring out his window last night? A maiden so fair all the stars paled in comparison. His trousers became tented and a hand fell down to conceal his arousal from the prying eyes of the crab perched on a rock beside the girl. Ariel hoisted herself onto a rock and collapsed, legs spread and breasts dropping over her toned stomach.

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Eric bit his lip in frustration as he began to softly rub himself over the loose fabric of his dark pants. She was practically teasing him. He groaned lowly. Oh, fuck it. He thought, pushing the waistband of his pants so they were just low enough for his solid cock to spring free. He could bend her over and fuck her so well.

So damn good. Her hair, her gorgeous long red locks. How amazing would it feel to wrap them around his rough fingers and yank it back so hard that her face would find his. The prince threw his head back, leaning against the boulder behind him for support. Just holding his hand around his cock gave him so much relief.

And a woman like that has probably had her fair share of creeps wandering after her. He risked a glance from his hiding place. Spread out for him like a feast on Thanksgiving day, she glistened in the sun. Whether it was perspiration or merely ocean water he did not know. But it was close enough. Her finger lazily circled her nipple as she frowned in thought. How good the rough pad of his tongue would feel on that nipple. A drop of ocean water ran down her clit, hitting her right where it mattered.

She squirmed and giggled, she thrust into the air in surprise and closed her legs, a hand over her most important part. This, to Eric, was even better than her position. He could get a good look at her with her hand to her pussy to help aid his problem downstairs. How often did she touch herself, he wondered. Twice a week, four times a day? And it was true. It was like he was talking to her, talking to a fair maiden on her knees with his throbbing dick looming over her face. Suddenly, Disney princess sex stories began to inspect herself, holding the lips of her pussy open wide, peering into it like it was some sort of thingamabob that could be kept in a drawer.

She used both of her hands to pry open her pussy lips and that was when the Prince got a real look at her. She was tight, the hole there only being the size of her own pinky.

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Ariel was tentative with her newfound lady parts. She was almost scared they might break. If she touched her nipple too much would it fall off? Would her downstairs lips get stuck shut? Why do I have these?

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She tugged at one of her nipples, biting her lip in the most innocent but seductive way possible. From his hiding spot, Eric officially gave in. He was going to fuck his hand to the image of this naked girl tugging at her nipples and toying with her cunt. He was just fucking going to. Play with your clit, play with your clit for me. Play with your clit for me, please.

As if she heard him Ariel began to touch herself, which caused Eric to slow his pace, wanting to soak up every minute of this most glorious sight. What do you do? She flicked the bud of nerves on her nipple and immediately felt the effects. She let out a low moan and let her head fall back. It felt so nice.

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So nice in fact, that she decided to try it again, but on both nipples at the same time. Toy with yourself. Oh, my. She breathed. Eric whined in protest as she stopped her slow assault on her body. My cock is pounding for you, maid. Let me see you touch yourself. And on a whim, she decided to taste it.

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She hummed in response and smiled. Of course, the former mermaid had no idea that what she was doing was erotic. She especially had no idea that someone was getting off on watching her do it. She sat up straighter, wanting to see where exactly the strange substance was coming from. When she did, her bare pussy brushed against the jagged edges of the rocks. And she loved it. What was that strange sensation? And why did it feel so good?

Eric began thrusting into his hand as Ariel slowly moved her pussy along the rock. The crab had moved long ago and was somewhere wandering the ocean floor and for that he was thankful. He stepped out of hiding but she still did not see him. One hand flew to her hair, holding it up and the other hand cupped her breast, feeling the contours of her nipple once more. With closed eyes, she sped up the movements of her hips. The princess was a mewing, moaning mess in front of him.

Her pussy lips folding over themselves, then spreading out again with her movements. Arms stiffened as she leaned forward and moved to the edge of the rock, rubbing herself even harder and letting out many audible gasps as she felt a corner of the rock dive into her like a swimming pool. Her ass was shoved into the air and Eric thrust his hips forward to match them.

Those pink, bubblegum colored lips parted, releasing some of the most delectable sounds as she continued pleasuring herself to the same beat as his thrusts. Eric released himself onto the sand, thick ropes of semen bursting from his rod and onto the sand.

Some say it was a pile but to Eric, it was average. Using his boot, Eric kicked sand over top of the white liquid. No one could see him like this. It was wrong. Wrong on so many levels. No, he was committed now. He had to watch. He walked around the side of the rock to get a real look at what was going on down there. Bubbly dribbles of cum coated the side of the rock, fleeing the erotic scene into the depths of the ocean as they escaped her beat red opening. She would have Disney princess sex stories, had she had her voice.

She gripped her lips and held them to the side so she could feel the full effect Disney princess sex stories what was happening to her body for the very first time in her life. My god, this feels good. I only wish father could be here to experience it with me. She began bouncing on the corner of the rock, letting it stretch and penetrate her as she finally came. Her pussy spat out juices and throbbed wildly as she fell off the back of the rock and into the soft sand for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. Her hair fell in front of her face and she quickly moved it out of the way as Eric finally shoved his cock into his pants.

She squeaked realizing that someone was there. She wondered if he had seen it. Had he seen the way she had touched herself? Father had always made her put on her seashell bra before going outside, saying it was bad to be seen without one. Yet hers was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she had lost it somewhere on her way to the surface, the swim up had been a quick one, it was entirely possible. That voice. It was indeed the voice of the prince she had come to find. Internally she squealed. No voice, no talking.

Suddenly two words floated through her mind. Body language. She stood on the rock and opened his legs to him, she was still wet.

Disney princess sex stories

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