Drunk girlfriend sex stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I came home from the club at half one. I'd left early as you'd sent me a garbled text telling me that I was about to miss the show. We'd both been out for the evening but with different friends. Yours was a birthday do in the city. It was Ryan's 35th and he'd hired out a function room above one of the bars in town. All night I'd had a feeling this might happen.

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I'd watched you put your stockings on earlier and you had that mischievous twinkle in your eye. You really didn't have to say a word. I knew that you wanted to attract attention and you already had mine as I watched you bend over and pull on your black silk underwear.

We teased each other as we chatted about what we'd be getting up to. You see occasionally we would bring the odd play thing home for our amusement.

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You winked at me as you left. Total giveaway. As I drank with my friends i couldn't help but wonder who you were flirting with. I slowly become more jealous as the night progressed however your text changed all that. We liked to play but always together and now I was part of the nights fun. You'd typed hurriedly and drunkenly, your text littered with typos. You'd text that he was being pushy and that you probably wouldn't be able to stall him much longer.

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He'd already pinned you against the front door as soon as it had shut and pushed his hand straight down inside your knickers. You had to go. He was banging on the bathroom door. I climbed out of the taxi and gave the driver a note "Keep the change" and then I walked as quickly as I could to the front door. I didn't want to run. It might attract attention. My heart was racing as I climbed the steps and got to our flat door. As I turned the key in the lock I wondered what awaited within.

What sights were in store for me? My imagination was on fire.

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I opened the door and could hear your moans straight away. The living room was empty, so too was the bedroom but your moans grew louder as I made my way through the flat. I walked down the hallway and saw the bathroom door open. I walked closer towards it and slowed myself savouring every step. As I turned the corner I saw you both. He was stood up directly with his back to me, each side of him your your legs stretched out, spread wide, knickers hanging off your shoe, dress hitched up.

He must have burst in on you and lifted you onto the ledge by the sink. The fact his jeans and boxer shorts were dropped around his ankles told me that this hadn't a particularly sensual encounter. He was fucking you hard and his buttocks tensed with every thrust. His grunts were ungentlemanly and animalistic. You had your hands clenched against his chest his as though at some stage you'd tried to push him away but ultimately failed and were made to open up to him.

Your head propped on his left shoulder rocked back and forth as he slammed his shaft into your helpless slit. At first I was going to charge forward and pull him off you my fist clenched at the ready but then you opened your eyes. Your face half pain half pleasure. Our eyes met and we stared for a moment before he grabbed your hair. Your eyes rolled up into your head as he snatched it back. We'd made eye contact, I'd seen enough to know what was going on. I announced my presence. He stopped and span his head round. Well you certainly did like them rough. By the looks of him he hadn't shaved for couple of days and if you swapped his shirt for a high viz he would have looked perfectly at home on a builders yard.

He stepped out of his jeans and placing his hands under your buttocks he lifted you off the sink. Your arms moved round and gripped him and I moved to one side allowing you both to Drunk girlfriend sex stories, his dick still inside you, the aroma of alcohol on your breath. I followed you Drunk girlfriend sex stories through down the hall. He carried you like a doll. Your expression not changing.

Your face shining with sweat, mouth pouting beautifully as you caught your breath. Your expression one of a cruel tormented ecstasy.

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He threw you down onto the bed and your dress fell down over your thighs. As he looked down on you he showed little emotion. He started to move but I shouted "Wait! I walked over to you as you lay prone on the bed. I put my hands on your chest as it rose with your breath and felt your hard nipples through the thin fabric. Then moving my hands slowly up to your throat I grabbed hold of the material around it and started to tear. With rough sudden movements I tore through the fabric exposing first your breasts and then your stomach until finally as I went through the bottom hem you became totally exposed.

I looked at him and he looked at me. Again little changed in his face. I waved my open hand along the length of your pale body presenting you to him. The precious gift of your sex. Nobody said a word. He grabbed you by the ankles and dragged you down the bed until your arse teetered on its edge. He quickly knelt on the floor and you closed your legs. He tried to open them but you resisted. He tried again but you shuffled a little up the bed pushing him away with your feet.

He simply pulled you back down the bed and grabbing both your knees he forcefully parted them but as he did so you pushed your hands down between your thighs. He moved up between your legs causing them to part more and tightly grabbing your wrists he lifted your hands away. Then shifting his grip to restrain your arms easier he forced his rock hard dick into your reddened and tender pussy. You must have angered him as Drunk girlfriend sex stories fucked you hard and ruthlessly. I could tell by his demeanor that it wouldn't be long, he was Drunk girlfriend sex stories close to orgasm.

You moaned and gasped as your body jolted with each thrust of his cock. I took off my jeans and boxers, unbuttoned my shirt and climbed onto the other end of the bed. I looked down at you. Your eyes pleaded with me but I knew you were consumed by this brutal pleasure, your face and chest flushed with excitement. You didn't move. He suddenly pulled out of you and rolled you over onto your stomach.

You pushed yourself up into all fours and immediately made a futile attempt to scramble away. He grabbed you by the hips pulled you back and buried his face into your rear pushing his tongue as far as he could inside your pussy to taste you.

Drunk girlfriend sex stories

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