Embarrassing prom stories

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Ahh, prom. Prom is a formal dance event or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of the senior year.

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Students come in their best seriously! But as perfect as it may sound and despite all the preparation, there are still awkward moments and bad photos during this much-awaited event. I mean, nobody really looks great during high school, right? Just like the photos on this list! They were rocking their color-coordinated blue, green, and white ensemble, though. This couple was oh-so-serious posing in their feline motif.

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The tiger-skin rug behind them — as he held a kitty — was a defining touch. The beige couch was a good matching color choice. He also gets props for wearing a red tie to match her red-banded waistline. There are some questionable prom looks, but this one stands out.

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Not everyone was game for the gimmick, though. One guy neglected the bare-chested beefcakes and opted to wear a shirt. This couple looks like it worked really hard on the matching patriotic prom look. The addition of blue and white hearts either symbolized their love for their country or for each other.

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Her accessorizing with the headband and star earrings, along with his silver bow tie, is the bomb. Prom can be very emotional for parents who are struggling to see their kids grow up. Talk about bad timing.

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They clearly needed a do-over.

Embarrassing prom stories

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