Erotic prostate exam stories

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I'm 40 years old and in good shape, however, I had been having trouble in bed keeping a stiff erection during sex. My wife suggested I go see my doctor and look into a prescription for Viagra because many of our friends were now using it. So off I went to my doctor's office for a lunchtime appointment during a busy work day. In the examining room I was greeted not by my doctor a male but a female doctor who explained they were busy and she would do my physical exam. She was roughly the same age and we chatted as she took my blood pressure, weight and began asking me questions about my sexual trouble.

I had explained that I wasn't totally impotent, I could get an erection, but sometimes wouldn't last long enough for me to have an orgasm. I asked her about Viagra. She jotted all of this on a laptop and as I was describing my sex life to a perfect female stranger, I was getting slightly aroused.

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I could feel sensations in my cock as we talked. She agreed to write a prescription and mentioned my condition is sometimes stress related or it could be a physical problem, 'And so let's do a quick check of your prostate,' she said as she put the laptop on desk and moved across the room. She instructed me to remove my trousers and underwear while she stepped out for a minute to fetch supplies. She said when she returned, she would knock and that I should stand in front of the examining table while she examined my prostate.

While she was out of the room I stripped out of my business clothing, wearing a t-shirt but naked from the waist down and moved to the examining table, still standing. And my cock was getting thicker. I had a prostate exam once before by my male doctor and I wasn't aroused but something about a female doing it was turning me on. I was feeling foolish about my cock getting harder and harder because the whole reason I was at the doctor was a limp dick! A knock at the door, a pause, and she entered the room behind me. I was too embarrassed to turn around with a stiff Erotic prostate exam stories when she must've noticed and broke the ice, 'Oh well you're improving already,' she said with a friendly banter.

We both laughed. She asked if I had a prostate exam before. I said yes and she explained this time it might be different. She said that if I feel pain as she presses on my prostate, then there's probably an infection and she can give me antibotics. She said if there isn't pain, then, 'You might want to release. It would be okay and prudent for you to ejaculate. Did I hear her correctly?

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I even confirmed while I was facing away but looking over my shoulder, 'You want me to cum? She kept encouraging me to relax and assured me she would go slow.

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It felt very erotic. It was good to have a hard cock again. Then I rocked back and forth on her fingers, as if she was fucking me. She went with the rhythm of it, pressing and massaging as I picked up my pace. I could feel a surge and waves of orgasm approaching.

She pressed deeply into my prostate and said almost in a whisper, 'I'm ready whenever you are She supported me, and looked over my shoulder. She slowly removed her fingers bummer! One she used on my ass and then she asked me to turn around and she cleaned my softening, dripping cock.

The wet warmness felt great. Still standing there as she cleaned me up I said, 'Yeah once in awhile.

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It can give you a more complete release,' she said with a knowing smile. You can get dressed now and I'll have that prescription waiting for you at the front desk.

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It was a routine question, however, there was deeper level to it. She was acknowledging that she had helped me in a way that even my male doctor wouldn't have or couldn't have done for me.

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Erotic prostate exam stories

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A Prostate Exam with the Naughty Nurse