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They decided to go there this year instead of dealing with the mobs and hassles of Spring Break in Palm Beach, Florida they had experienced the year. On this particular day, though the pair decided to check out this quaint little lake he had heard about from some of his friends who had been there before. So packing up a rented Jeep with a picnic lunch Rick and Amanda headed to the lake for a nice day of swimming and exploring the lake they had heard about.

It took a couple hours driving over a not so smooth "road" to get to the small lake, but once they were there, Rick set up a blanket close to the lake and they changed into their swimsuits to take a dip in the inviting waters. After about twenty minutes of splashing and kissing and swimming in the lake, Rick had to go find someplace to relieve himself.

I gotta take a piss! He got out, leaving her to lounge in the warm water of the lake. Amanda was swimming around lazily in the lake when she noticed a dark shape in the brush on one side of the lake. She thought she would swim a little closer and take a look. The cave looked like a nice place for the two of them to have a little fun so she turned around to swim back and Erotic tentacle stories Rick.

Suddenly she felt something grab her leg. Her first thought was that she had gotten tangled in some underwater weed or something so she tried to kick free. But whatever it was held on tightly. She tried using her other foot to push the restriction off her leg but it still didn't work. Then she felt another snag on her other foot. She began to panic and struggle harder but still, nothing worked. I'm caught on something! Amanda turned around to try to free herself from the underwater weeds.

But then she saw it wasn't weeds at all The tentacles quickly seized upon Amanda; one catching each of her arms, one wrapping around her slim waist, and one more moving up to cover her mouth making any further screams just muffled sounds. The creature began to slowly drag her backward heading to the cave she had found moments ago. That must be the creature's lair!

Amanda thought for an instant. She began thrashing violently, trying to make as much noise as she could to be heard by anyone. But there was no one around to come to her rescue, and quickly she tired and her futile thrashing slowed. She decided to rest a bit and perhaps when they got into the cave she could find solid footing and be better able to fight this monster off. She looked back at where their blanket and picnic basket sat on the beach - she hadn't realized how far away it was!

The lake didn't look all that big when they first got there, but now under these terrifying conditions, the safety of the beach seemed a million miles away! The tentacled monster dragged her to the entrance of the cave and she Erotic tentacle stories up seeing the sky disappear as she was pulled inside. The creature pulled her deep into the cave towards the very back where it felt safe. There in the inky darkness, Amanda could barely make out the walls of the cave and the entrance was merely a small hole of hopeful light.

The tentacle monster moved slowly around Amanda positioning itself at her feet. Still holding her arms and legs in its tight suctioning grip, it raised her legs up holding her head up out of the water and spread her legs wide. It moved her arms around behind her back where one tentacle held them both handcuff-style. The now freed tentacle began exploring her body, feeling her all over and leaving a slimy residue on her skin. The tentacle slipped under her bikini top and with a quick hard tug, ripped it off her, leaving her in only her bottoms.

The beast then ran its cold slimy tentacle over her bare tits to Amanda's horror. But then it did something she wasn't expecting. The tip of the tentacle opened up and it closed over her nipple, hard from the cold water and the fear she was feeling, and began to suckle her! She struggled again, but it was still hopeless for the young girl. Another tentacle appeared and it attached itself to her other nipple the same way. Amanda was horrified at what this monster was doing but wait - there was another sensation slowly creeping into her consciousness.

She was getting Could it be that being restrained and violated like this was turning her on? It couldn't be! This was a slimy, cold monster! Yet her nipples were hard and she could feel a warmth in her belly that she couldn't explain any other way. Amanda held still and stopped her struggling for a moment as she tried to reason with the sensations she was feeling. But then she felt a new and different one. Another tentacle was slowly moving down the inside of her thigh! It crept along leaving a slimy trail as it went. When it came to the edge of her bikini bottoms, Amanda held her breath - but the tentacle slipped underneath her bottoms!

The tentacles slipped under her bikini bottoms and slithered up to the very entrance to her pussy! Oh my God! This monster wants to have sex with me! It's going to fuck me with its tentacle! Amanda thought to herself. She struggled and screamed again but that only seemed to excite Erotic tentacle stories beast and it tightened it's grip on her and opened her legs wider. Wide-eyed and totally helpless against this terrible creature, Amanda felt the tip of the slimy tentacle part her tender pussy lips.

It slid just inside and paused for a moment. A thought flashed in her mind that maybe the monster didn't like what it found there. Perhaps it was too hot for the beast - it was used to the colder water of the lake. Or maybe it was too tight a fit and the creature didn't want to risk injuring itself.

Whatever the reason, she was hoping that it had changed its mind about entering her. However, her hopes were quickly dashed when after a moment or two the beast shoved the tentacle into her deeply in one sudden move. Amanda's breath caught in her throat as she was skewered by the probing, squirming tentacle. She screamed behind her tentacle gag but it was so muffled that it was all but useless.

As Amanda writhed and struggled against Erotic tentacle stories invading tentacle inside her pussy, two others reached up and tore the bikini bottoms from her body, giving the monster total access to her now. The monster probed Amanda's stretched pussy with one tentacle while another moved to her now exposed anus. She could feel it softly touching and feeling it's way to her virgin asshole and she screamed again, terrified.

She had never had anything in her ass before, not so much as a finger. Yet this Erotic tentacle stories seemed intent on shoving a large tentacle up her ass just as it had her pussy! Then it happened - with a quick, merciless shove, the tentacle touching her crinkled rosebud plunged deep Erotic tentacle stories her rectum!

At the same time, the monster must have thought that she was still making too much noise and the tentacle that was covering her mouth as a gag turned and pushed it's way deep int her mouth! Now Amanda was at the mercy of this terrible beast with all three holes stuffed full. The tentacle in her mouth held still filling her mouth to the point it made her jaw hurt, while the tentacles in her pussy and ass began to move in and out of her other holes.

They alternated direction - while one thrust in, the other would pull back, and then they would reverse order. All this while the two tentacles on her tits kept sucking her nipples and caressing her tits. As horrible as this was for Amanda, the actions of this monster soon began to change from terrifying to almost erotic Amanda was getting turned on by the tentacles fucking her!

It was like being gangbanged by several men at once - a fantasy Amanda had long held secretly. Her body began to respond to the creature's actions. Even if in her mind she still thought it the most horrible, terrifying thing that could happen, her body was beginning to enjoy being filled and fucked. Her screams turned to whimpers then soft moans and finally, she was moaning loudly as she gave in to the sensations. Unaware of it, the monster began to slowly move them both closer to its pull-out area - a soft sandy area where the monster could easily climb out of the water to rest and warm itself.

It moved them both up to the sandy little beach area and laid her head gently on the sand where her upper body rested on the sand and her lower body from the waist down still remained in the water. Still holding onto her the monster moved up her body a bit until it was over her hips. It removed the tentacle from her now dripping pussy and from her mouth. Amanda waited, not knowing what would be next, but she soon found out. The monster raised up a bit and Amanda looked under it to see a large dark colored protrusion appearing under the monster's body. Oh God! That must be it's It was huge - bigger than anything she had ever seen or even could imagine.

She couldn't tell for sure but it looked like it was at least a foot long and no less than four inches in diameter!

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She was sure this monster would split her wide open with that thing and she wanted to scream again but the tentacle in her mouth prevented her from making anything more than the gurgling sounds she was already making. The slimy creature hovered over her for a moment as if preparing itself for this final act. It removed the tentacle from her ass and positioned itself between her legs then released them as well. It used these now free tentacles to hold Amanda securely as it lowered it's body onto her and simultaneously plunged the long thick cock into her dripping pussy fully. Amanda screamed as best she could around the tentacle and arched her back as pain shot through her.

Her pussy stretched so wide she just knew she would tear but the beast kept pushing deeper and deeper into her. The huge bulbous head passed her vaginal ring and her womb somehow stretched to accommodate it as the cock Erotic tentacle stories deeper into her gut.

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Amanda could feel the pressure of this alien cock pushing against her internal organs. She had never been so full and stretched so wide.

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It was painful but yet in a good way. As the monster began to move inside her stroking in and out in her pussy, Amanda began to feel the stirrings of Was this monster going to make her cum? Sure enough, as this monsters thrusting got more rhythmic and settled, Amanda felt the pressure of an explosive orgasm building.

Erotic tentacle stories

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