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This is a recent December collection of six short stories by author Rollin Hand. All of the stories revolve around the premise of older women dominating younger men. First up is:. Curt works at an electronics store and one day Robin comes in to buy a home security camera system and hires him to install it for her. Curt takes this opportunity to secretly install cameras inside her bedroom which he can monitor from his bedroom. But then he soon learns her secret, Robin is a professional dominatrix who services clients in her home, which Curt watches over the course of the next week.

First he sees Robin spanking a young woman and then using a strap-on on her, which le to lesbian sex. Her next client is a young man whom she strips, spanks, forces to go down on her, and then uses a strap-on on him while jacking him off. Instead of calling the police on him, Curt agrees to let her punish him, and he is stripped and spanked by Robin, which is described in great detail. Afterward Curt is forced to continue to service Robin. Eventually the women take turns spanking him. And at the end of the party one of the women, named Martha, takes him into the bed Female spanks male stories and forces him to service her.

Soon after this Robin moves away, but Curt has regular weekend sessions with Martha, in which she dominates him. This is a good story to start off this book, but it could have been better. I would have added more sessions between Curt and Robin, and the decision to have Curt end up with Martha instead of Robin seemed odd.

Tim and Debby are cousins, both teenagers no ages are given, but Tim is said to be a High School Senior. Tim is visiting from Chicago for the summer, staying with Debby, her parents, and two younger siblings. This is very conservative Bible-belt town, and one Saturday night Tim and Debby were caught at a party where other teenagers had alcohol.

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This story focuses a lot on the fearful anticipation of getting spanked, almost more than the act itself. Gloria Denham is his latest client and potential conquest.

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He gives her tennis lessons while her husband is out golfing. At first Todd is baffled that she seems to resist his charms, and she turns out to be an even better tennis player than he is. Then she makes a bet with him, they play a game and the loser must do whatever the winner wants.

Todd Female spanks male stories her up on that, and is surprised when she soundly beats him. The she puts a blindfold on him, and handcuffs his hands behind his back, and he is surprised when another woman s them, a woman with a vested interest in making Todd suffer for his sexual counters with women at the spa. And then afterward, Gloria takes him to the bed for sex.

Told from the POV of Tommy, a year old who moved to town to attend college. Over the course of several weeks he meets and begins dating a very shy young woman named Sally, who lives at home with her parents, older sister, and two younger brothers. As Tommy and Sally continue dating for several months, Female spanks male stories learns that Evelyn keeps her children in line by spanking them, no matter how old they are. One night Sally describes in detail her latest spanking, and Tommy finds himself getting turned on as he pictures it in his head.

But one night they go to a party where there is a underage drinking and get busted by local police. When Evelyn finds out she forbids Sally and Tommy from ever seeing each other again, Tommy ple for forgiveness and offers to let Evelyn spank him in exchange for him being able to continue to see Sally. So Evelyn agrees. The other kids are out of the house, and Tommy is forced to wait downstairs and he can listen while Evelyn takes Sally upstairs and spanks her.

The sounds turn Tommy on. Then Evelyn comes downstairs and orders Tommy into the basement, where she strips down to her underwear, makes Tommy strip naked, then takes him over her knee and spanks him, first with her bare hand and then with a wooden paddle. I loved this story too. I would have expanded it to give us more sessions between Tommy and Evelyn. At the egging on of his coworkers, Bruce takes the challenge. He wrestles the woman and loses and then is spanked in front of the club.

Two of the women invite him to their place that weekend for a rematch, which Bruce accepts. First, Bruce watches as one of the women gets spanked in front of everyone. And then one of the woman uses a strap-on on him. The story ends with us being told that Bruce is invited back for the next weekend. As they talk and catch up Rory keeps remembering how she was known for paddling students in her class.

Rory himself never got paddled but he heard about other students that did, and the memory of it strangely excites him. One night, after drinking, sort of as a goof, Rory suggests Miss Tisdale get out her old paddle and try it on him. She does, mostly playfully, spanking him with his pants still on. Some days later, they do this again, this time she pulls down his shorts and spanks him in his underwear. This time she makes him strip naked before she spanks him.

This is probably my favorite story in the book. I loved the spanking scenes, and the final act where they have sex is well-done. This is a decent collection of stories. Some recurring flaws are the failure to properly document the passage of time in some of the stories.

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Female spanks male stories

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Ladies in Charge: Femdom Spanking Stories by Rollin Hand