First time sex with grandma stories

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When my grandma was 13 she gave birth to my mom. When my mom was 13 she gave birth to me but died shortly after.

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When i was 13 and my grandma was 39 we went to see a movie. In the movie there was a sex scene and when we got home i ask her what they were doing and she told me what they were doing and how good it felt for both people. Later that day my grandma called me into her room. She told me to lie down with her because she needed to tell me something. She told me to just lie down and just go with it. She went under the covers and sucking my dick then when i cummed in her mouth she swallowed every drop and said hold on one second.

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She went to the kitchen got naked then grabbed the whip cream and chocolate sauce. She asked me if i wanted dessert and i said yeah. She whip cream over her pussy and boobs and said eat up to me. When i finished she said u missed some and sprayed it in and on her mouth plus a little in her pussy. When i was done she said put the chocolate sauce anywhere u want so i poured it on my dick and she licked it up.

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We then went to having sex and poured chocolate sauce all over us and got sticky like crazy. From then on we have crazy dessert style sex every night and i always eat strawberries from her pussy and i buy her sexy lingerie. She wears them all the time because she is my homeschool teacher and she texts me every day in every hour on sex. She did a test on anal sex and let me fuck her in her tight ass which felt amazing. I love her so much. We still fuck today and she is giving me one of the worlds best blow job right now.

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When we go to a table cloth resteraunt i go under the table and eat her out and make her cum in my mouth and i love making her feel young and sexy. Her and i sleep in the same bed with my dick in her pussy and if i get a boner at night while we are sleeping we fuck eachother for the rest of the night. Straight by master on December 28, Processing your request, Please wait Rate your experience on a scale from 0 to Report Abuse Other.

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