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I can still remember the first time I raped another woman, it was a few years ago but the sexual thrill it gave me is still as vivid now as it was then. As I got older I began to play with myself while fantasizing about being in bed with her. So shortly before my 16th birthday I decided I would visit one of the sex shops in the city and see what magazines about lesbians there were. I have to admit it was a bit disappointing, just a few magazines amongst a pile of very non-pornographic stuff.

The few male customers when I entered quickly left, which made my job a bit easier. To my delight there were quite a few of these types of magazines so I grabbed 3 at random, and hurriedly paid the assistant who probably made more from me than he would have done from the men I frightened off. They were all brilliant; all featuring very beautiful girls capturing, binding up and generally abusing other equally beautiful girls.

I could almost feel the jigsaw pieces in my head Forced lesbian erotic stories into place, very dark thoughts were swimming round my brain and my hand slipped between my legs in response to the delightful sensations there. I got so excited that I had to frig myself off there in a cubicle of a back street pub in a dodgy part of the city. I spent the next 6 months constantly re-reading the stories and imagining myself in the dominant role, I no longer fantasized about just being I bed with the Angela; now I wanted her tied and helpless and unable to stop me doing whatever I wanted.

Gradually, what had started out as a nice fantasy to help me get to sleep became a very dominant thought; I really wanted to do this. At some point over those six months the fantasy crystallised into a definite plan. I was always good at sports such as Judo at school. The first thing was easy I just had to spend a few days observing her house to know that her husband went out to work at about 8.

I imagine she thought the broad grin on my face as for the hair-dryer, stupid cow I thought. During the summer holidays I finally decided to go through with my plan, I was Forced lesbian erotic stories in the house, both my parents being at work and I was getting increasingly horny at the thought of having the gorgeous Angela naked, bound and gagged in front of me. I knew I had the physical strength to rape her, what I had to build up was the mental strength as well. One Wednesday I just woke up and decided to do it. I spent 90 minutes from 9 a.

What if she was out for the day? Would I still feel able to do it tomorrow? The relief I felt when she got out of her car can well be imagined. I gave her a few minutes to sort herself out then took a couple of deep breaths and went over to her house. As she made me the coffee I made an excuse to use the toilet which I knew to be upstairs near her bedroom, I tiptoed into her room and quickly slipped the dressing- gown cords off and fashioned them into slip-knots Silently thanking my parents for making me the Girl Guides.

I slid one under a pillow and slipped the other into my pocket. After flushing the toilet I reed the unsuspecting Angela in the kitchen, she was still washing-up so I sat down to drink my coffee and try to focus m mind on the general chitchat she was offering.

It was no use my mind was fixed on her body; while her conversation washed over me I felt a sudden detachment as I stood up quietly, felt in my pocket for the cord and prowled towards her. I pinned her against the sink and grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, she was too surprised at this point to even struggle or cry out as I held her wrists tightly and slipped them into the cord and pulled it tight.

Now she began to struggle, but I pressed her harder against the sink easily subduing her feeble efforts. At least there was one of us who thought I might use the weapon. I moved my hand from her mouth and grabbed a handful of her golden hair causing her to Forced lesbian erotic stories out in pain, I could already feel my pussy tingling so wanted to get onto the real action straight away.

I pulled her away from the sink and, with the knife still at her throat, started to guide her through the house, at the bottom of the stairs I let the knife drop and pushed her upwards. We crashed through the door into her bedroom and I let our momentum carry us over to the bed and I made sure she fell on it with me on top. I held her very tightly and buried my face in her long, blonde hair.

This display of helplessness merely served to fire me up more. Then I started to undress her, I took off her shoes and slid her jeans down and off, then I ran my hands over her flimsy knickers before giving them a quick and savage tug, which to my immense satisfaction ripped them clean off. As I caught my first glimpse of her pussy my own started to ooze again, but before I could spend too long gazing at it Angela started to try and get up.

I do believe you were expecting me. I could have just left her wrists bound as they were, but I wanted her totally naked so I took a bit of a gamble and rapidly untied her wrists and started to pull her t-shirt up and over her head. Then I pinned her wrists together again behind her and secured them with the cord. Now she was mine, now I could savour her. As she lay trussed up on the bed, I stood in front of her and started to undress, chiding her all the while.

Whilst I was saying this I was getting down to jut my knickers, which were already quite damp. I knew immediately where they were going to go. I drew them off me and climbed onto the bed next to poor Angela holding them very visibly. All my plans of taking my time and enjoying her at my leisure went straight out of the window.

I pushed her flat on her back by her shoulders and covered her face in kisses, her tears tasting like sweet salt. My breath was coming in shallow gasps now as my excitement mounted. She tried to turn her face away as I brushed her lips with mine so I grabbed a handful of her hair and gave it a painful twist which produced a satisfying squeal from behind her gag.

For the first time in my life I was kissing another woman breasts, and there was nothing she could do to stop me.

I kissed and licked each one with a frenzy, squeezing the nipples between my teeth, relishing the reaction I could produce in my captive as I bit harder. I dropped one of my hands between my legs to relieve the delicious throbbing there and fingered myself towards an orgasm. I wrapped my legs around hers partly to pin her down but also to rub my pussy against her thigh as I came. For a minute I lay on top of her feeling her squirming underneath me. Despite her struggles I forced her down over my lap quite easily. Eventually my hand ached too much to carry on and I had to stop. I ran my hand down her legs and then forced it between them at her knees, then began to slide my hand up towards her pussy.

I pulled my fingers out and pushed her onto the floor, which she hit with a sickening thud. I sat astride her back in an instant and pulled her head up by her hair. Will you like it more when you have to lick my pussy? Then I grabbed her round her waist and forced her back onto the bed on her face so I could examine my handiwork on her bum.

That would be worth exploring in future. I slid Forced lesbian erotic stories finger inside her pussy again and moved it around until I felt a definite wetness. I could feel another orgasm coming on, so I rolled her onto her front and forced her lips apart and pulled my panties out, she gulped deeply a few times but not many as I held her head steady by her hair and forced one of my breasts into her mouth. And she did. God, it was heaven!

Pausing only to switch breasts I forced against her compliant tongue, this was too much and I knew I had to move on quickly. I swiftly moved up her body until my thighs were astride her neck and my pussy was only inches away from her mouth.

She had no option, and I felt a tentative tongue probe my wetness, an electric shock ran through me as a woman licked my pussy for the first time and I guess it was due to my inexperience that I came immediately, I clenched my legs on her face and pushed it into my pussy as I arched back. It was intense and by the time I let Angela come up for air she was almost suffocated. I slumped down across her, my lust finally spent. My thoughts finally came back to reality. What would happen when I let her go?

I decided to play the little girl card. I began to get dressed, watching her with as cold a look as I could muster. I loosened her bands enough for her to struggle out and walked out of the room then my bravado left me and I hurtled down the stairs and ran home. I knew then that women would never admit to being raped by women, a whole world of opportunities lay in front of me. I had sex on tap whenever I wanted and however I wanted, sometimes rape, sometimes just dominance, because I know now there is a difference.

Eventually I tired of the Forced lesbian erotic stories that Angela let me have her, a dark desire was on fire within me, and I knew that the only way I could get satisfaction was by taking women on my terms not theirs.

As I said at the beginning Angela was my first but by no means my last. The next time I might tell you about what happened a year later when I bought my first vibrator and paid a visit to the home of one of my teachers. See you then. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. The only two sounds in the room were my panting and her sobbing. Related Sex Stories: Norma Adams the slutwife His random victim at a Family Halloween party Wife's a bitch, Husband's a Rapist A daughter manipulates her stepfather into buying her a car A middle-aged woman is gangraped in front of a crowd….

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Forced lesbian erotic stories

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