Forced to be a girl story

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I feel like I need to share this especially after learning about Desmond. Lucas was born in Western Australia. She got several roles as an extra, and a few parts in some low budget indie films, most of her income came from tips she earned for waiting tables at a diner on the boulevard. She met his father on an online dating site. They got married and had one child; Lucas. It took me a few weeks before I got over it and starting making new friends. She took him back to America where he would live with his mother and his grandparents until she could afford to rent a place of her own.

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I was pulled out of school and was taken to a strange country where I had no friends. Lucas was told terrible things about his dad.

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How he basically abducted his mother and held her captive in Australia for 8 years. Words like sexist, redneck, and rapist were often used to describe him. They had painted an image of a monster and, for the longest time, I believed he was.

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It was inLucas was only 9-years-old, when his mother started putting make up on him and dressing him in dresses. It was at this point when his mother went into his room and pulled out all of his clothes. It took me a bit to figure out that I was Lucy, or at least that was the name my mum had given me. She put make up on me and put me in dresses. She called me Lucy.

She was my mother, so I just believed her. His mother covered him in glitter make up, and made him wear fishnet leggings with a shiny hot-pink dress and a matching bow tie in his hair. The teachers absolutely adored me and used me as an example all the time. I got special treatment. I could never do any wrong. I guess I really enjoyed the attention so I started to embrace it and play it up a bit. Teachers grant special privileges for trans. According to Lucas his mother was enjoying the attention just as much as he was. She even gave an interview to a popular news magazine where she discussed the abuse they allegedly suffered through with her Australian ex-husband.

She said my dad beat me and called me homophobic slurs. It never happened, though. In the Lucas claims that from the age of 11 to 14 his mother would take him to parties and other social events where there would intoxicated adults. A lot of these guys would always say nasty things to me and touch me inappropriately. Lucas was pressured to take the stage and dance erotically in front of a lot of man.

I refused.

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I cried. I screamed. It was around this time that Lucas started to reject his new identity. The biggest turning point for Lucas was the way his mother reacted to seeing him flirt with a girl. Forced trans boy had a crush on girl and played Xbox with her at her house. I was my self around her. It was great. I loved it. Reminded me of what life was like in Australia. But still, I was old enough to realise what was going on. It made me feel sick. Lucas refused to wear dresses and put on make up which angered his mother, but, unfortunately, all he had was girl clothes. She was furious, Lucas said.

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She forbid him to see his crush again and pulled him out of school. I got two jobs; one was at a fast food place and the other was washing dishes at a small restaurant. Lucas, the year-old boy who was once forced to be trans by his mother, is visiting Perth, Western Australia to see his dad with his girlfriend in December.

He would Forced to be a girl story up at AM every morning and not get home until PM or later on a weekday. Mum worked part-time at a pub close to where I lived but only on the weekends. One weekend when my mum was at work dad found out that she had been sending naughty messages and pictures to some random guys on the internet. He told me that he confronted her about it, and when he did, they got into a big argument and broke up. He never called his son a homosexual slur, either. Lucas is planning on visiting his father in Western Australia with his girlfriend for Christmas this year, that is if travel restrictions ease up.

Now year-old Lucas proudly identifies as a boy and says his days of being called Lucy and being forced to be trans are over. He hopes his story helps somebody that may be experiencing the same thing. He understands that there may be a lot of children who are trans but also believes that there are many children out there that are being forced into being trans by their parents. What are your thought on Lucas and his shocking story of being forced to be trans, wear make up, dress and act like a girl by his mother? Let us know in the comments below. Home Entertainment Lifestyle Tech. Incredible Incidents During the Summer Olympics.

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Forced to be a girl story

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