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Swinging has become a little more normalized over the years, more so than it ever has been before. Frankly, I'm not sure what it is about the swinger lifestyle that draws me in, but I've always been curious about it. It's probably the luxe vibe that gives off an air of mystery, but whatever it is I want — no — I NEED to know more about swinging.

I've always fantasized about going to a swinger party. I've even Googled to see how you can go about getting an invite Of course, I don't know that I'd ever be ballsy enough to participate, and I'd certainly have to work my way up from being a voyeur!

I could just spare myself the possible humiliation and continue to live vicariously through erotic stories, which seems like the best option I have at this point. However, I did the hard work of rounding up the very best of the best that Literotica had to offer in their swinger sectionand you know what?

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Be prepared for Free erotic stories swing between your legs, because the characters and the plots are enough to get you totally right for the night. Get ready to live out your wildest dreams through these erotic but realistic tales, because that's exactly where you're about to do with these. I blushed and quickly moved to put my feet down from the coffee table, smoothing my skirt. I looked up at him, trying to figure out what he was doing. He stroked my hair and pulled me in for a deep kiss. My puzzlement faded away as his mouth melted into mine — he was giving me permission.

He broke the kiss, looking over to Michael, who was still watching us silently. Continue Reading. Their sex life was fulfilling and still mildly spicy, but it had been a long time since they'd indulged in an all-night love making session. If this was the effect his new neighbor had on his wife, Ray wasn't complaining by any means.

About a week passed as the Sheppards got settled. The other neighbors were accepting of the unusual couple that had moved in, introducing themselves and bringing over housewarming gifts and dishes. Although John and I had discussed it in an abstract sort of way, I'd never really given it any real thought before. However, listening to this goddess trying to persuade me while gently caressing my body, I couldn't deny finding the idea sexy.

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Her hands cupped my breasts and my doubts wavered. Tom glanced over at Julie, realized the top she had on showed the obvious bumps of her nipples since she had no bras with her at all.

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Those were in their luggage somewhere. Then Tom glanced at Katrina; her outfit was every bit as thin as Julie's was, and her breasts were far bigger. There was clearly no bra there either, and it popped into Tom's head that those were likely enhanced some. Her bust appeared a bit too high and firm to be natural. He blushed when he realized that she had caught him looking, but she just smirked. I placed my hand on my own crotch to feel my cock harden. The woman moaned and gasped convincingly while her playmate quickened his thrusts before a grimace and a grunt on his part indicated that he'd shot his load inside her.

He breathed deeply for a few moments, then raised himself off her while ensuring the condom didn't slip off his cock. As he retreated to the back of the room, the woman stood up, smiled at those of us watching through the grille and said, "You wanna come and play? Her waist cambered to a delightful re-curve over her hips, between which sat the bump of her firm tummy, adorned by the pea-size pit of her navel.

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She smiled and hooked her thumbs beneath her panties. The five gathered around her as she tugged the dainty garment over her thighs and stepped out of it. A well-trimmed triangle of golden scruff marked her pubic crown, wedged in the confluence of her fit pelvis and the tops of her long, lanky legs. They traced a line across the top of the corset and his fingers dipped inside to caress my erect nipples.

He stroked his fingers over them and then moved his hand down to cup each breast.

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I felt him lift my breasts out of the corset cups and rest them over the top. One hand kneaded at my breast and rolled the nipple between his fingers, and I felt the hot warmth of his mouth over my other nipple.

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I gasped and started to writhe under his touch. I don't think I have ever been as aroused as I was at that moment. I felt him left my breasts out of the corset cups and rest them over the top. O felt one hand start to knead at my breast and roll the nipple between his fingers and I felt the hot warmth of his mouth over my other nipple. in. YourTango Experts. Photo: weheartit. Kiarra Sylvester. Suddenly Sam asked, "Are you looking at my wife's legs, Mike? Subscribe to our newsletter. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning.

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7 Erotic Stories About Swinging That Are SO Hot You'll Want To Give It A Try