Furry rape story

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This is more of a anime con story than a furry con story but it kinda comes into play.

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There was a fairly big anime con going on in the city and a few of my friends invited me. I had been to a few furry cons before and figured it would be fun all the same as this would have been my first anime con. One aspect that I like from both types of cons is the night dances and the EDM they play, as I like glowsticking. My friends also assured me that they had seen others spinning at the dances so I took my gear and went.

During the day the con went well.

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Saw quite a lot of cosplayers and even picked up some Japanese culture while I was there. Soon it was the time I was looking forward to and they opened up the dance floor. My friends knew how excited I was to try spinning in a different fandom. I also had my tail with me as a form of identification since I did the same at other fur cons before I got my fursuit. After I found some room on the floor I started to do my thing, the music was great and the atmosphere was energetic.

By the way, your spinning sucks. Now get out. I told them what happened and suggested I the con opts about this. I did the next morning and never received a response back. A year later, my friends were going back and asked if I wanted to go. I told them I never planning on going again, which they respected and went without me. Curiosity did get the better of me and I wondered if the rules changed after what happened.

When I checked the rules, there was still nothing about glowsticking at the con dance. Yeeeaaaah sorry guys for not posting the submissions and answering asked for a very long time long time, a lot of stuff is going on so we never had time. Background info : I am a tiny 5 feet tall cis female. I was 19, and my best friend of 5 years had a boyfriend who was a furry. So we decided to go to anthrocon together. A couple months before the trip, my best friend who will now be known as B decided to come along with us.

I thought that was cool, because her boyfriend who is now H made me uncomfortable. I thought, yeah! So I made him two for free. The first one was awful, so I scrapped it. The second one, he kept wanting me to make changes that I could no longer make at certain points. He also said he really wanted to fuck a husky. Like an actual dog. He kept insinuating that I was having sex with my dog as well? And my brother. He just liked to insinuate I was fucking everything, now that I think about it, and he knew me before I was So everything was in order, we get to the hotel room after a shit ton of trip related awfulness, and immediately B calls the roll away bed.

We even had a long conversation about how nothing sexual was going to happen on this trip. I wake up with his hand down my pants, among other things. I freak out, drama happens. They kind of ganged up on me saying it was my fault because I was grinding on him in the night while I was having a nightmare, and I just kind of agreed. So we stand outside the panel and wait. We are then accosted out of the blue by the chihuahua twins. I was not prepared for this at all, especially after all the shit that happened last night. They start handing me stuffed animals, left and Furry rape story, telling me to put them in my mouth?

So I kind of hunkered in on myself, got his arm off my shoulder, and started handing back the stuffed animals even though they kept trying to put more in my arms. She saw us, and without stopping, moved through the crowd, grabbed us by the arms and tore us away from the group. My hero. But Furry rape story So I no longer speak to H, him and B broke up after the trip. I will be at anthrocon because it was an amazing con, and it honestly outways the bad that happened.

And now I know to sleep in my bed alone, no matter what. Furry rape story know that cute suits almost always demand petting, but I wish people would learn not to be rough. I had a young lady walk up and dig her fingers behind one of my ears hard enough to twist my head and pop my neck! I was at a local furmeet, debuting my self built fursuit. My character is a female which went well with the fact that my chest area is quite large so it showed even through the fur. Sorry if that sounds weird. Her friends however try to get her to stop her screaming. So now the girl is screaming at her friends and my chest.

It hurt like a motherfucker and I lost some fur from my chest. Oh geez! Hopefully you can get everything fixed. Keep reading. A Horror stories blog about the troubles one might face at a Furry Convention! This blog is by the furries, for the furries.

Every fandom has it's bad apples, and the Furry Fandom is infamous for being no exception. Posted 4 years ago. Kicked out from a animecon. Tagged: HarassmentCon Etiquettesubmission. Sorry for going dead for awile. Posted 5 years ago. Okay, so my story is going to be my weekend at anthrocon Background info : I am a tiny 5 feet tall cis female.

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The con : So everything was in order, we get to the hotel room after a shit ton of trip related awfulness, and immediately B calls the roll away bed. The first night was fine! Nothing happened. Second night… I wake up with his hand down my pants, among other things. The next day happens. Second I would of not kept my composure in the hotel situation, I would of gone ballistic -frosty mod. Realmscon Whoopty fucking do. Tagged: fur meetpublic outingdramarabid furriesassaultviolenceabuseharassmentfursuit etiquettesubmission.

Whoops- wrong blog. Sorry about that! Posted 6 years ago. Anonymous: On reporting creeps. Reblogged 6 years ago from conventionhorrorstories. Ask Us Stuff! Submit your stories! My blog All of Tumblr.

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Blog Time. RSS feed. Are you interested in fursuiting? Still deciding. If someone got me one I would wear it, otherwise no.

Furry rape story

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