Gay toilet slave stories

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Collected by mikeking. Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. These 2 punks have been screwing up all year and their parents believe that Dr. Blume and his staff have just the medicine to make them more obedient Black and Jeff : by dale10 Synopsis: High school student Jeff becomes a webcam slave to a ring of perverts. If the perverse coach isn't busting his ass, then his nasty parents are messing with Gay toilet slave stories body and mind. Comment: Rubberized shit slave : by bootlicker Synopsis: An overworked stressed out executive is captured and turned into a tortured abused rubberized pain and toilet slave by a dominant bear.

Comment: Blue collar Master, white collar slave. He is dominated and modified beyond his wildest nightmares until his Daddy tires of him Comment: Look how I have turned out Sir! Comment: City Analyst to Naked Property : by Andy C Synopsis: Cocky straight jock boy is blackmailed into full slavery by his work rival, and a whole host of humiliations follow. Comment: The Making of a White Sissy Slut : by AfroerotiK Synopsis: A white boy is transformed into a sexy, desirable, cross-dressing, sissy, and insatiable, cum-crazed whore for black cock. He begins her training as a submissive.

Synopsis: A factualtrue of how to make the most of your time alone! Starting mild then morphing into nullification and other freakyness over a two year period.

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Starts a bit slow, but picks up after Chapter Two. Comment: The story of sissyslave gunnarsub : by gunnarsub Synopsis: I am not gay but a straight male slave who dreams getting forced to do things which I never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances. They all share great pleasure in exposing and compromsing me more and more as slave and slut. Being sadistic by nature they do their utmost to humiliate me not only in privacy but also in front of others, they force me into crossdressing and becoming a slut for males and females, and into much more.

Through its leader, Tom, we learn about the facility and see some of the training methods used to produce quality slaves for their Masters and Mistresses. The slaves are trained hard and punished for every infraction.

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It is a hard school but the speak for themselves. Comment: His Master's First Acquisition : by 2nn Synopsis: Simon gets kidnapped and turned into a plaything, a mere object. His life is controlled and regulated dowm to the tiniest details and things Gay toilet slave stories get worse with time.

Comment: Harem : by bootlicker Synopsis: An American businessman is turned into the personal sex slave of an wealthy Arab. Comment: A New Batch Of Stallions : by 2nn Synopsis: Master Dave grabs two new pairs of slaves and transforms one pair into ponies and the other pairs into perfectly trained house slaves. The transformations get more and more extreme as time goes on This story is sort of a sequel to my story "Stallions". Comment: The Pumped Pony : by 2nn Synopsis: Mark's lover tricks him into slavery and soon Mark is being subjected to brutal pony training, where no measure is to extreme.

Comment: Joe is trained as a doggy-slave : by 2nn Synopsis: Joe's master trains him as a doggy-slave and takes him to a brutal gangbanging session. Comment: Snips And Snails : by Kallie Thomas Synopsis: A rich teen and his best friend find themselves at the mercy of sadistic kidnappers. Comment: Stallions : by 2nn Synopsis: Mark meets his true Master and gets turned into a pony boy in the most brutal fashion.

He is taken deeper and deeper until he is no more than a mere plaything, an object. Comment: Mr. Black in a suitcase.

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A Thirteen year old boy. Comment: Pinkybell : by nom Synopsis: A man gets turned into a femme slave by an old school friend. Comment: Back from Christmas break : by SG Synopsis: College student comes home drunk and tries a risky self bondage adventure in the dorm showers. Comment: Go-go : by Emile Synopsis: Carlos doesn't like being a go-go boy. Comment: Alias's adventures- Turning over control : by SG Synopsis: For so long I have written fictional stories as an author but never lived any of my tales out.

In the trusted hands of a friend I turned over control. I am quickly learning, never anger your key holder, especially if they are a friend. Comment: A Pointless Existence : by Andy C Synopsis: Short story of a guy who is imprisoned naked for life, for no reason other than to amuse his captor. More Links.

Gay toilet slave stories

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Gay Toilet Slave Stories