Giantess wife stories

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Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Lisa The Giantess Wife by Boniboy. For Christ? He had been caught again, despite the difficulties they already had in their marriage. They had been married for a couple of years and the sex life had been wonderful throughout their courtship but things started to turn sour after they bought their new computer and Mark discovered his ultimate fantasy on the net - the phenomenon of the giantess.

She was truly a beautiful woman - 6 foot in height, well formed bust, lovely rounded backside and legs that she would often show off because they looked fantastic, especially in high-heeled pumps, which obviously emphasised her already curvaceous figure. She looked great again today and he loved it too but he couldn? She could not understand how his fantasy had taken over his life and it was starting to make her own sex life suffer. She thought about having an affair and she often would become aroused at Conferences she would attend, when a handsome man would take an interest in her which often happened.

She had caught him masturbating on many occasions whilst surfing through the GTS s and she had warned him not to do it so often but he was weak and couldn? This time she really was mad. She was at the end of her tether and this time she would not forgive him.

With that, she threw down the groceries Giantess wife stories left the house, slamming the door behind. Good, fuck her?

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He did care for her and he loved her company and her body - he just wanted to be small. Lisa screeched the tires on the car and left, pondering her thoughts. She had been out with the girls from the office the week and they had gone clubbing. She met one guy there. He was about 6 foot 4 inches, handsome and very well built. She loved tall, well-built men and she dreamed of having an affair with just such a man, so unlike her own husband, who was slightly built, although reasonably tall himself. She had made up her mind. She was going to leave Mark and go in search of Tim, the guy from the club.

She felt warm with him. She had danced with him close the week before and she had felt his manhood against her. She loved it? She was desperate and she wanted a good fuck more than anything else. She pondered her thoughts and wondered just how she was going to get rid of her husband. She had some interesting ideas Giantess wife stories she was an intelligent woman and she knew what she wanted to do. The following week, after moving in with a friend, Lisa returned to the family house, knowing that Mark would be at work.

She booted up the computer and connected to the net. She quickly found his favourite s - all giantess and crush related and started to scan. After reading a few of his favourite stories she grinned to herself. She knew what his ultimate fantasy was, and she wanted to give it to him. She had always known interesting friends from around the world when she travelled as a student - one in particular she recalled lived in South America and she remembered her talking about strange black magical powers that could make people change their relative size. One call was all it took for Lisa to get what she needed.

She had no idea what the outcome would be but she knew she would have fun trying anyway. All she had to do now was find the right timing. Of course, he was aware that his wife had been in the house because some of her make up and clothes had been taken and the occasional message left but he had no idea where she was. He made good use of the time whist she had been away and immediately connected up to his favourite s.

He started to read one of his favourite stories, posted on Giantess Shrine, and prepared to masturbate, dreaming of the impossible. Hi Marky!? He jumped up, scared stiff! Where had she come Giantess wife stories

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Lisa stood behind him, smiling beautifully and holding a glass of what looked like a blue cocktail - it was fizzing a little but looked tropical. She looked fantastic. She had dressed up in beautiful white silky lingerie, with stockings and white high heeled pumps. The sensuous lingerie emphasised her already perfect form - god, she had such a wonderfully smooth complexion and her lips were big and full. Despite being caught red-handed again, he started to get hard.

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He wanted her and he wanted her now! I don? He didn? Mark wanted to give her a good fuck and relieve himself. He was overwhelmed by his wife? He took the cocktail from her. She raised her glass of what appeared to be the same drink.

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They touched glasses and he gulped down the cocktail, unaware of what was going to happen to him. She sipped her Blue Monday and smiled at him gracefully. They embraced and she kissed him hard on the lips. Take of your clothes, sweetheart? He duly obliged and stood in front of her stark naked, his little cock poking out in front of him.

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He felt nervous about her sense of power Giantess wife stories had about her but it felt wonderful. She unclipped her under wired bra and allowed her beautifully rounded breasts to pop out, shaking a little, but firmly.

She sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs, allowing the silk stockings to glide over each other, licking her lips as she did so. Her breasts looked fantastic. She always had played sport and was particularly proud of her body. Her nipples, naturally pointing upwards, became erect in the cooler atmosphere and she saw him looking at them.

Come here? I want to feed you as if you were my baby, taking my milk from me? Mark did not hesitate. He adored this fantasy and he carefully positioned himself upon her lap so that his head rested between her legs in the dip between her thighs.

He looked up and saw the two firmly rounded orbs and the two erect nipples that looked like football boot studs. Come on, suck me!? Suck my milk? With that she bent forwards and placed the erect nipple into his gaping mouth, cupping his head in her arms, stroking his head. Mark felt the hard nipple in his mouth and the smoothness of her perfect breast on his face. He closed his eyes and sucked. It was fantastic and he couldn? Lisa knew it wouldn? Mark felt pleasantly dizzy.

He thought it was merely the effect of the cocktail he was right but also the sense of euphoria he was having from sucking his wife?

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Everything started to go blurred and he felt hot and sweaty. He opened his eyes but all he could see was a blurred vision of something big and round in front of him. The nipple in his mouth became bigger and bigger. Soon he couldn? He could no longer feel the dip between his wife? He felt drugged - like he was very drunk and so dizzy. He closed his eyes and called out:? Lisa, what?

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She said nothing. It happened suddenly and almost very quickly. She felt him reducing in size and his mouth tightening around her nipple, until it popped out of his mouth with force. She cupped her hands, scooping up the child sized Mark in her hands and still he continued to shrink. It was amazing for her to watch and she felt excited from the experience.

Still Mark was shrinking and she wondered at what height he would Giantess wife stories. He could now fit onto one of her cupped hands but she still held him close to her breast so that he did not panic. She didn? He was the size of a cockroach when he squeaked something to her, which she could barely make out. His vocal chords obviously shrunken as well. She brought her ear closer to him and she heard the tiny voice. She grinned and whispered to him.

Giantess wife stories

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Giantess Wife Stories