Girl gets fattened up story

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C MichaelsAugust 14, in Your Stories. Hi a weight gain Story i originally posted on deviant art, its my first go at this so its not brilliant but i hope some people find enjoying. The sun was shining as Mel, Elise and Amanda walked off the plane and down onto the runway and into the airport. The girls were on a three week long vacation to the Gold Coast after completing there high school and were ready to take it easy with a holiday of relaxing and eating. All three girls were relatively thin and played netball back home. Mel was 5ft6 with blonde hair blue eyes and a large firm ass, and was about pounds.

Amanda and Elise were taller both around 5ft8, Amanda was quite thin weighing pounds with long brown hair and a few freckles. Elise was also blonde with blue eyes, she also had a large ass and thick thighs, although not fat she was the heaviest of the three and weighed pounds. Inside the airport they stopped in the food court and bought a snack as they were hungry after there flight. They bought a large box of donuts to share as they walked to there taxi.

After swimming in their skimpy bikinis the girls sun bathed for most of the afternoon. So Amanda walked up to the bar and ordered two large bowls of chips and a basket of fried chicken legs. The order came within 10 minutes and the girls dug in to there greasy fattening meal. Leo the bar tender who served Amanda looked on at them while they were eating by the pool.

He was a fan of larger girls and saw lots of potential in these three. Leo was tall and handsome, he was very charming with women. He decided he would make sure these three ate very well over the coming weeks. Elise, Mel Girl gets fattened up story Amanda were sleeping off there large meal from the pool when they realised that they almost slept through dinner.

When the girls got down to dinner the were shocked by the massive amounts of food that were on offer. Rows and rows of bay-mares were filled with every kind of delicious food imaginable with a whole row for dessert.

The girls failed to notice the lack of vegetables or healthy options as they piled there plates up. Leo watched as the girls ate there dinner, he thought there appetite was not bad but he also thought that they could maybe use a bit of encouragement. He went up and introduced himself to the girls and chatted with them.

Then he watched as the girls slowly finished off there massive slices. When they finally finished half an hour later the were so full that the struggled to stand up straight. They said good by to leo and slowly walked back to there rooms where they fell asleep and digested there meals. The girls awoke late the next morning there stomaches returning to normal after there stuffing.

They arrived down to breakfast and were greeted by Leo who showed them a table. Over the next few days the girls settled into a lazy life style of eating lazying by the pool and sleeping. There was a never ending supply of snacks as the girls had food delivered to them or the pool. They had dinner with Leo on the fourth night all three girls were getting close to him and he was edging them on to eat larger portions. By the end of the first week the girls were beginning to see the affects of there lavish lifestyles. The girls were getting up for breakfast on there 7th day and Elise was having trouble buttoning her booty shorts.

Where there had been plenty of room to button her shorts a week ago she met resistance with a jiggly belly. Mel watched across the room, she had also found her clothes were getting tighter. Elise soon buttoned her shorts now with a muffin top and the three girls headed off for a massive fattening breakfast. The girls continued to eat with reckless abandon into the next week, they went shopping and clubbing with Leo and frequented the buffet in between main meals as well now.

Leo also delivered food to their room everyday which always was eaten. By the middle of the second week the expanding beauties had put on about ten pounds each and were enjoying double burgers and fries by the pool in there bikinis, that were slowly disappearing into there chubby bodies. Over the next few days the girls were forced to go shopping for some new clothes as they had grown out of there booty shorts tight dresses and tank tops. Although this was merely a nuisance for the girls, as the continued to eat with no care as they spent their days by the pool with out any exercise.

The continued to get fatter as there bellies were becoming used to eating large quantities of food. By the start of the third week Amanda, Elise and Mel had gained up to 15 pounds and were overflowing there bikinis as they lay on the pool side chairs eating there third large meal before lunch. The next day the girls and Leo went to the beach at surfers paradise they swam and sunbathed. As they were eating Amanda got a call from her mom. The girls were delighted to hear that there parents would let them stay another two weeks.

The girls were delighted to stay on longer and they all knew now that there gaining was inevitable. Leo was very impressed with the amount of weight the girls had gained since they arrived. In three weeks the girls had put on almost 15 pounds and were looking decidedly chubby. He personally fancied Elise the most she had now developed quite a belly to go with her big jiggly ass and rippling thunder thighs. He was planing to take the girls to his house that night for a massive dinner he had prepared.

Leo owned a nice apartment overlooking surfers paradise, there was also a large rooftop spa that he suggested they could use later. He offered the girls champagne as they started on entrees. The girls had figured out Leo by now they knew he was trying to make them fatter and they were willing to participate.

They had decided that they were not going to leave until they had finished off all the food he supplied no matter how much there was. The girls finished the first plate very quickly and as soon as one went another appeared. After a few more glasses of champagne they started on main course which was a variety of meat dishes, chips and a huge bowl of cheesy pasta. There bellies pressed further out into there laps as they attacked there food with determination.

When they finally finished the main course Leo suggested that the girls let main course settle in the spa. They heaved their chubby and overstuffed bodies out of their chairs and made there way to the spa. They peeled off there tight clothing revealing there chubby bodies and there extremely tight bikinis straining against all there flab. In the spa they finished off another bottle of champagne the girls were all snuggling up to Leo as he stroked there bellies and told them how they should all continue to gain and how they would become beautiful obese BBWs. He also told them that after Girl gets fattened up story left if they gained another 40 pounds each he would pay for a holiday back to the gold coast.

Elise, Amanda and Mel became very turned on by this and pledged that they would continue to gain when they returned home. Leo helped them out of the pool and they ate their fattening dessert. The girls returned to the resort the next day as they were to stuffed and drunk to go home that night. With about a week to go for there holiday the girls continued to put on more weight, as the they were now were starting to look very chubby with jiggly bellies, softening faces and double chins, in four weeks they had put on 20 pounds of pure fat and were still enjoying a their lazy life style.

More food disappeared into their mouths everyday as the girls deliberately stuffed themselves to impress Leo. The girls had stopped trying Girl gets fattened up story buy new clothes and just wore stretchy sun dresses because they were gaining so fast. The desk clerk could not believe how much these three young girls had gained over the 4 weeks since they had been at the resort.

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He met them on the day they arrived and four weeks later they had grown so much he thought. In the last few days he had not seen them without some fattening treat in their hand as they came and went from the resort. With their holiday almost done, the last few days became a non stop stuffing fest for the three. They would stuff themselves all day before eating more at night then going again the next day.

When the arrived in the taxi the girls realised that the lift in the apartment was broken. The apartment was on the 17th floor and Girl gets fattened up story girls had to use the fire stairs to get up there. Now all the girls had gained 25 pounds and were sweating by the third floor as they struggled up the flights of stairs. Elise was gasping for air as the girls were about halfway up. As they struggled up. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon laying on their fat asses being fed by Leo. That night Leo treated the girls to their biggest meal of their life ending in all three girls being funnel fed by leo.

As Elise chugged the whipped cream mixed with weight gain shake down her throat she new she only wanted to get bigger for Leo as she grabbed her tight fat belly. The next day Mel, Elise and Amanda boarded a plane back home to Cliffside. They kissed Leo good by in the Airport and promised they would return bigger.

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Mel now weighed pounds, Amanda pounds and Elise The had enjoyed their holiday so much. When the three first walked into the terminal Trish had trouble recognising them. She was expecting to see the three fit athletic girls who had left five weeks ago, she now saw three chubby girls with jiggling bellies and thick twitching asses. Trish and Elise dropped Mel and Amanda back at their houses before they headed home themselves.

Trish had to work once they got Girl gets fattened up story so she left Elise to get her own dinner. Elise found some chips in the cupboard and ordered a large meat lovers pizza and a large coke. She was on the couch when the door rang. As she got up off the couch she felt her belly bunching up into fat rolls. Quickly she paid the pizza guy and returned to her spot on the couch. Five minutes later she received another one from Amanda showing her wearing the dress. The dress was pulled skin tight across her breasts and left nothing to the imagination as her belly bulged out against the fabric.

The outline of her belly button was also extremely obvious. The dress failed to cover all of it as the bottom of her butt cheeks poked out. This got Elise thinking she should try her own one on. She grabbed a block of chocolate to munch on from the pantry and then walked to her room and pulled her netball dress from her cupboard. As she stripped off down to her bra and panties she marvelled at how much she had grown in the last five weeks as she played with her belly that was now starting to droop over her panties. Picking up the dress she pulled it over her head but was met with immediate resistance at her boobs.

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Pulling tightly she made it down to her belly where it came to rest not even reaching her panties. She turned around and was shocked to see how fat she looked now. After the initial shock she became aroused at the sight of her chubby body. She then sent a full length Snapchat to both Mel and Amanda.

They arrived wearing tight nylon shorts and their largest shirts strained against their guts. As the girls walked into the Cliffside change rooms the was a silence as their team mates and coach were blown away by the three girls sudden weight gain. The silence was broken quickly but the team mates were still whispering about how Amanda, Mel and Elise had gone away for holidays and come back fat.

The girls then had to ask their coach for new dresses. Once the girls were sorted. The Cliffside team ran out onto the court and warmed up. This was the first time the girls had run in five weeks and were already breathing heavily after the short warm up. The game quickly started and the three unfit fatties were left behind.

Girl gets fattened up story

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