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Nephew My sister-in-law and her husband have a son who is smaller than normal for his age and who has been a hand full for years. They live a few blocks away from us and our families spend a lot of time together with my three daughters and their son growing up seeing each other almost every day. Both of our families firmly believed in discipline so all of our children received bare bottom spankings on a fairly routine basis when they were younger, but her son was spanked throughout elementary and junior high school on his bare behind when he misbehaved, which was often.

These bare bottom spanking usually took place at either their home or ours and were often given in front of his friends and family and occasionally in public, especially before he turned Because both families were at each other's houses so much of the time our three girls one a year older than him and twins one year younger were used to witnessing him getting his bare behind blistered on numerous occasions over the years, until it became routine. When they were 8, 9 and 10 years old the four of them were all spanked on a fairly routine basis and always on their bare bottoms often in front of each other, so none were too embarrassed by being spanked in front of the others.

When he turned 10 the spankings continued with one or Girls spanking boys stories occurring weekly in front of our family. My girls continued to be spanked until they turned 12, but after the age of 10 they were spanked at home, in private or in front of their sisters. As the boy got older and entered junior high school his mom continued to blister his bare behind several times a week and these very frequent spankings were often given in front of my girls and his other friends.

His behavior caused him to still be occasionally spanked in public, and when this occurred his pants were taken down and he was turned over his mom's knee, then she pulled down his underpants and his bare behind was blistered, on the spot where he had misbehaved.

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During these years my girls saw him getting his bare behind spanked at our neighborhood McDonalds on numerous occasions, but most spankings were given at the video arcade in the mall, at the park near our house, or at our church. Throughout junior high school and during the first two years of high school, my girls often took their friends to their cousin's house to study or to play and sometimes while these girls were there, he was spanked. Their cousin's bare bottom spankings by his mother were a major subject of discussion when my girls and their friends got together, and they obviously thought it was exciting to see how red his behind got and how hard he cried during and after a spanking.

When my girls got older they told me that their cousin would deliberately get into Girls spanking boys stories so that he would get his bare behind spanked by his mom, especially when Girls spanking boys stories had friends over. He had told them that he got excited by having Girls spanking boys stories pants taken down and getting his bare behind spanked in front of these neighborhood girls. In fact he asked them to bring friends over to play or study and then he would deliberately cause trouble that would get him a spanking from his mom.

About half way through the first semester of the year he started High School, I was taking my sister-in-law to the store when we spotted her son and two friends on their bikes at the park near the elementary school, during school hours. We watched the three of them goof off for a while, before she went over to confront them. The three boys were visibly upset by her arrival and started making up Girls spanking boys stories about why they were not at school. She grabbed her son, sat on a park bench, turned him over her knee, pulled down his pants and underpants and proceeded to spank his bare behind in front of a playground full of elementary school kids who stopped playing and came to the fence to watch the spanking.

When she finished his spanking, his behind was bright red and he was crying for her to stop. She then proceeded to spank each of his two friends in the same manner, on their bare behinds. After the three boys had been spanked soundly, she put them into the car minus their pants and underpants and took them home, where she gave the three of them a second even sounder bare bottom spanking with a ping pong paddle.

The boys were then made to stand in the corner with their red behinds on display while she called the other two boys moms and discussed what to do next. After 30 minutes she got their pants out of the car and brought them into the house, but before allowing the boys to get dressed she used the ping pong paddle to blister their bare behinds for the third time. The boys were allowed to put on their pants after this third spanking and then we all drove to their school for a meeting with the school principal and their three teachers.

The school staff was obviously concerned with their cutting school and began to discuss disciplinary measures they should take when my sister-in-law informed them that discipline had already been administered, but that it was not yet complete. She told the boys to remove all of their clothes down to their underpants. The three boys complied immediately and everybody in the room could clearly see their red behinds showing through their underpants. She then pulled her ping pong paddle out of her purse and proceeded to turn each of the boys over her knee one at a time for a fourth bare bottom spanking in front of the principal and their teachers.

When she finished spanking the three boys she gave the paddle to her son's teacher and let her spank his bare behind with the paddle, followed closely by the other two teachers spanking the boy from her class. She then informed the principal and the teachers that all three parents had given the school written permission to spank these boys if they misbehaved in the future.

These written permission letters were to be posted on the office bulletin board for everyone, teachers and students alike to see. The boys spent the last two hours of the school day standing against the wall in the principal's office with their pants and underpants piled next to them displaying their very well spanked red behinds. The principal kept her office door open during this time except when she had a meeting, so the sight of these three sore red behinds became a subject for discussion for many kids who visited the school office that afternoon.

It was especially talked about by the 6 kids who had conferences with the principal during that time and who spent the time of the conference getting a good eye full of these three well spanked boys. My sister-in-law and I went back after school to pick up the boys. Before we left she spanked each boy again and then watched as the principal, followed in turn by the three teachers took turns spanking each of the boys.

Each boy received five sound bare bottom spankings before they left school that afternoon and when they finally left they had very sore red bottoms and were in tears. The other two boys were spanked again by their parents when they got home, and my nephew spent every minute that he was not in school for the next month, restricted to his house without any Girls spanking boys stories or underpants on, and usually with a sore red bare behind.

My daughters spent a lot of time every day at his house that month so they were with him a lot when he was wearing only a smile, and during this time they witnessed him receiving numerous bare bottom over the knee spankings. I know from discussions with my Sister-in-law and my daughters that the high school teachers followed the parent's instructions and spanked her son and his friends if they misbehaved throughout their freshman and sophomore years of school. These in school bare bottom spankings by the boy's teachers and sometimes by the principal were always accompanied by a note home, which resulted in a second even more severe spanking from the boy's parents.

My girls heard about these spankings at school, because the boy's teachers made no secret of the punishment the boys were going to receive after school, so everyone knew they were going to be spanked. In addition, one or two of their teachers would administer the spankings in the coatroom during class, so that everyone could clearly hear the sounds of a bare bottom spanking being administered. Back to the Top Spanking Other People's Children I got an idea two years ago and posted an add on bulletin boards in stores, at apartments and in my neighborhood library, which featured a color cartoon of a boy across his dad's knee Girls spanking boys stories his bare behind blistered.

The caption of the add read "Is your 8 year old in need of some old fashioned discipline? Within two days I had my first call from the single mother of a 9 year old boy who was driving her crazy. She told me that he had 6 friends over for the day and that they were playing in the back yard, but that he had been rude and sassed her continuously in front of his friends.

I agreed to come over to help her take care of the problem for her and she asked if she should send his friends home now or wait until I arrived. I told her to let the friends stay at her house for the day as they had planned, because the embarrassment of being spanked in front of his friends would add to his punishment.

She said that three of the kids were girls and I repeated my advice. When I arrived at her house we discussed his behavior and agreed upon the spanking he would get. I then put on a baseball cap and a small mask that would hide my identity from the kids and went into the den to await her son. She went into the yard and got Scott and brought him into the den, telling him that she wanted him to meet someone with a gift for him. When Scott saw me standing their wearing a mask, he asked us both what was going on and after walking to his side I explained that his mom had hired me to give him a good spanking.

Scott tried to get away but I led him to a straight back chair in the middle of the room and after I sat down I turned him over my left knee until he was in the proper bottom up position I wanted. I then pulled down his pants and underpants before I held him in place over my knee with my left hand and using my right leg to clamp his legs between mine. His mom then told him exactly why he was going to be spanked and I informed him that he was going to get 10 swats for each year of his age, which meant that he was going to get 90 swats.

Scott tried to move when he heard how many swats he was going to get, but I had him firmly in Girls spanking boys stories over my knee with the target area sticking up in the air. I then asked his mom to invite his friends to come inside to witness his punishment. This news really got Scott squirming, but still to no avail. Two or three minutes later six of his friends were sitting on the floor of the den watching Scott's bare behind across my knee and wondering what was going to happen. I informed them that Scott had been misbehaving for quite a while and that his mom had decided that he needed a good, sound, old fashioned bare bottom spanking.

I then told Scott that he was going to get his first 30 swats, and I proceeded to apply 30 swats to his bare behind which turned it bright pink and drew a lot of protesting and hollering out of him. After the first 30 swats I paused for a second to watch his friends, who were squirming uncomfortably, but who could not take their eyes off of his bare red behind.

I then applied the second 30 swats, even harder that the first 30 and by the time I was finished Scott was crying for me to stop and his behind was bright red. I then told Scott that the final 30 would be even harder and I proceeded to turn his already bright red fanny, to a scarlet red which left him sobbing like a baby, but his friends eyes never left his fanny as I blistered it in front of them. When I had finished spanking Scott, I removed his pants and underpants and sent him to stand in the corner of the den for 15 minutes.

This meant that he had to walk past his friends without any pants on. Scott was so sore and crying so hard as he tried to rub the soreness away from his bare behind, that I do not think he even noticed his friends sitting there, but it was obvious that they noticed him!

When the 15 minutes were over it was and time for me to leave. I explained to Scott that his mom had agreed to institute spanking as the normal punishment around her house and in the future, and this meant until he turned 14 and went to high school. I told him that when she told him to drop his pants for a spanking in the future that he better do it quickly and bend over her knee without argument. He had better comply with her instructions, no matter who was there or where they were at the time unless he wanted her to call me and I could solve his problem with a repeat visit.

I then had his mom turn him over her knee and give him a good spanking with her hair brush, just to prove to him that she knew how to administer a spanking. When she had finished spanking him and he was standing in the corner in tears, I suggested to his mom was not finished. Part of his punishment was that he should not get his pants or underpants back until after lunch, which meant that he would play with his friends for two hours without any pants on.

His mom thought that this was a good idea, but she told him that he could not have his pants or underpants back until his friends went home at Scott loudly protested this decision, until his mom turned him over her knee and gave him another 30 swats on his already sore red behind her big wooden hairbrush. His mom later told me that his friends, especially the three girls, seemed unconfortable for a few minutes as they played together in the yard after lunch, but after a while they didn't seem to notice that he wasn't wearing any pants or underpants.

They did however notice that his behind remained red for the remainder of the afternoon, partly from the spankings he got from me and his mom, partly from the sun and partly from the two additional spankings his mom gave him later that afternoon I checked in with Scott's mom that night and other several times during the next two years and was happy to hear that he was doing well and that she was not having a lot of trouble with him.

She informed me that he was a normal young boy who required discipline, which she administered by spanking his bare bottom when he needed it. When he was 9 and 10 she had spanked him two or three times a week and these spankings were often given in front of others and she had even administered a few spankings in public. I asked her where the public spankings had taken place and she told me that she had spanked him in the park, at McDonalds, and several times in the mall. Scott was now about ready to turn 12 and she still bared his behind about once a week and turned it bright red with a firm hairbrush spanking.

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She no longer spanked him in public, even though she still spanked his bare behind in front of his friends on occasion. The next call I got was from a divorced mom who had twin boys who were 10 years old and a daughter who was thirteen. The boys had been giving her a lot of trouble all summer and she wondered if my solution might make her life easier. I told her that just having me spank to boys would help, but unless she continued to discipline them by spanking them when necessary we would be wasting our time. I went to her house that afternoon and we got the boys in the playroom and explained what I was there to do.

I grabbed the nearest boy by the hand and led him to a chair near the wall while his mom held the other twin by her side on the couch. I turned the first boy, Sam, over my knee and pulled off his pants and underpants before explaining that he was going to get swats, 10 for each year of age. With this announcement I proceeded to blister his Girls spanking boys stories behind with the palm of my hand, as he squirmed and yelled for me to stop.

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By the time I reached 50 swats he was balling like a little kid and just whimpered as each swat landed, but he no longer begged me to stop. By the time I reached 70 swats his older sister came in and sat down to watch the spanking and to make fun of how red his behind had gotten and how hard he cried. When I reached swats his behind was glowing like a stoplight and when I finished I sent him to stand in the corner. The only thing he could do was to cry and perform the, "I've just been spanked dance", as he tried to rub the soreness away from his sore red behind.

His brother was already in tears as he sat by his mom, because he knew what he was about to receive while his sister had a great time as she watched this spanking and she teased the other twin, Jim, about what he was about to receive.

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I then took Jim's hand and led him to the chair where I removed his pants and underpants and turned him over my knee and began the spanking. Jim was bawling like a little kid by the time I reached 30 swats and by the time I reached he could barely stand as I sent him to the corner to stand next to Sam. His sister, Carol, gave him nothing but trouble about how he cried and acted like a baby when he was being spanked. I suggested to their mom that I would throw in a third treatment for no charge if she thought it was needed, and she immediately agreed.

I then grabbed Carol's hand and led her to the Girls spanking boys stories, while she begged her mom not to do it, because she was too old. When I reached the chair, I turned Carol over my knee and then had her mom remove her shorts and panties so that I could begin the spanking. Carol was thirteen which meant swats, of which I administered with my hand and they left her in tears and with a behind that glowed as bright as her brothers behinds. The last 30 swats I gave Carol were applied with a short wooden paddle which turned every inch of her fanny bright red, and each time the paddle landed on her bare behind, she hollered and arched her back as she tried with no success to avoid the next swat.

When I had finished spanking her, both of her just spanked brothers were still standing against the wall with no pants on and very sore red behinds, but it was obvious Girls spanking boys stories they had enjoyed watching their sister get her behind blistered too. Carol then ed her two brothers standing against the wall crying, which left three very red and sore behinds on display. Before I left that afternoon, their mom gave each one of her three children a spanking with her hairbrush to ensure that they knew what they would get from her in the future if they misbehaved.

I talked to this lady several times in the next year and she assured me that she continued to utilize spanking to enforce discipline, with one and sometimes both of the boys being spanked 3 or 4 times a week and Carol getting her behind tanned about once a week.

The third call I received was one where a mother had an 11 year old son who was causing a lot of trouble that night as his nine year old sister was having a sleepover with five of her friends. When I arrived at her home she explained the problems she had been having with her son for some time and requested that I help her solve the problem. I went into the boy's room and found him in the hall, teasing his sister and her friends. His mom took him into his room where I took him to a computer chair and turned him over my knee, pulled down his pajamas and his underpants.

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I then explained to him that I was going to give him swats, ten for each of his 11 years. As I started to apply swats to his bare behind he began to holler and beg for me to stop as his behind began to turn red and he began to cry. The noise I made spanking him and the yelling each time my hand struck his bare behind, were enough for his little sister and her friends to come into his bedroom to watch him being spanked.

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When I reached 50 swats he was crying uncontrollably and his behind was bright red. When I reached 70 swats he was no longer resisting but was sobbing and yelping as each swat landed on his already crimson behind. By the time I had given him swats his behind was bright red and he was crying like a baby. His little sister and her five friends watched this entire spanking and they seemed enthralled by how red his behind became and with the entire spanking process, even though they did squirm a lot and seemed to be protecting their own bottoms.

When the spanking was finished I made this just spanked boy stand in the corner without his pants for 15 minutes after the spanking and then his mother gave him a second serious spanking with her hairbrush before putting him to bed crying and with a bare extremely sore behind.

The boy's mom informed me and the girls that she planned on spanking him again the first thing in the morning and then she was going to make him stay in the house the entire day playing house with his sister and her friends wearing only his underpants.

Girls spanking boys stories

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