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First Time Sex Experiences. Single's Escapades. X - Promotional Support - X. Submit A Story. It was amusing in a way to think that while I had managed to keep a very personal secret from my folks for 18 years, a few hours up here and I was exposed. I had made a friend really fast, which was not all that unusual for me, and I suspect that this kid must have been pretty perceptive because he figured me out in no time. All I knew about him was that he was my age, his name was Mike and he was as bored with spending Grandpa grandson sex stories around these parts as I was although he lived out here which was even worse.

We were out behind my grandfather's barn where I was supposed to be straightening up the clutter that had accumulated, and Mike decided to take a leak. Me being the inquisitive type, I decided to take a look at my new friend and when I looked at what he was using to irrigate the land I was very impressed. I bit my tongue though because there was no telling how this would end up.

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Mike was obviously showing off his stuff for my benefit and maybe wondering if what he might have sensed about me was right. By the time his peeing was ending I was standing a bit behind Mike and reaching around to offer assistance. I shook his meaty organ dry and then kept shaking, discovering that while he was well hung he had already been somewhat aroused so after a few pulls I was holding an erection.

I stayed behind him, pressing against his back while looking down at my fist stroking his 7 or 8 inches of uncut cock and wondering whether I should just go down on him when I felt his cock surge as he groaned. Mike either had no self control, was real horny or I gave a great hand job because his cock was spurting, sending a barrage of cum onto the dirt in front of us.

I don't think the entire event lasted even a minute, and I spent more time pulling on his manhood after he came than I had before. I was happily milking Mike as his cock deflated, stretching and pulling in an effort to get every drop out of him while wondering whether or not he would reciprocate or not when I happened to look up. He was Mr.

Preston to Mike but he was Grandpa to me, and while he turned and walked back from where he had come from I had a feeling this was not the end of this. I mean, I'm not a kid and not his kid Grandpa grandson sex stories. Too old to be spanked but not too old to have him tell my parents that their pride and joy is gay," I explained.

You want me to do you? Mike decided to leave at that point, hightailing it the long way around so as not to run into my grandfather while assuring me that we would meet again soon, only somewhere else. I spent the rest of the day working back there, doing whatever I had to do to stay out of Grandpa's sight. The only consolation was that it could have been Grandma instead because she's had heart issues and that might have been a sight to trigger something along those lines. Nothing was Grandpa grandson sex stories by my grandfather during dinner and judging by the way Grandma acted she didn't get told about my activities, so after we ate I excused myself and explained I was exhausted and was going to take a shower and got to bed.

In retrospect I had been stupid, pretty much attacking Mike like I had behind the barn, although him flaunting himself like he had certainly didn't help the situation because when it came to well hung guys I had already proved I had next to no willpower. Just thinking of standing behind Mike like I had and holding his cock made me hard.

Maybe it was the idea that I was pretending that it was me with the big cock that excited me so, since Grandpa grandson sex stories was painfully average in that regard and had always envied the guys that had been blessed. Mike was blessed, and as I stroked my cock to what would be a happy ending in my mind I was looking over Mike's shoulder with my fist wrapped around that stiff hunk of manhood of his. My orgasm came just as my mental replay had me milking his deflating cock, and as I did the same to my own dick I conveniently ended my recollection before Grandpa came around the corner and ruined it all.

What woke me up I don't know. All I did know that when my eyes opened I wasn't outside with Mike but was in the guest room of my grandparents house, and while the room was pretty dark I was able to make out the shape of somebody standing beside the bed. I know that I let out an audible gasp because for some reason the shape looked like the main character in a movie that I had seen the week before back home on the Midnight Creature Feature show on channel 10, The Thing From Another Planet. Obviously The Thing, or the actor James Arness was not in the bedroom with me, and the person that hushed me before I screamed was nothing like the hulking actor but was a slender senior citizen with grey hair who was just about my modest height.

We need to talk. Through the house we walked, two guys clad only in their boxer shorts, and when the back door opened and Grandpa stepped onto the back porch I was glad that it was a warm and muggy night. I was about to ask where we were going but within a couple of strides our destination was obvious. The barn. I had been taken to the barn by Grandpa before during a visit when I had accidentally used "the f word" in front of Grandma.

That had been a very embarrassing situation with me standing there with my pants down around my ankles while Grandpa smacked my ass with a belt, and while it had hurt what was embarrassing was my reaction to the punishment which was something I never did understand. Was this about to happen again? I sure as hell hoped not for a of reasons but after we entered the barn and Grandpa bolted the door behind us the time for speculation had ended.

He HAD noticed what had happened when he spanked my ass with that strap that time. I thought that after he stopped smacking my butt I had managed to get my jeans back up before he saw the massive load I had filled my underwear with but apparently I failed. It was the way you did it," Grandpa explained. Well, like I said, if you're a man you have to take care of your business like a man. Like that bolt on the door for instance.

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Was he telling me to bring Mike into the barn and lock the door before fooling around with him? Grandpa knew I was gay even before this afternoon? Even my parents didn't know that. Now take them off. Take them off," he directed as I saw what the bottle was he was shaking. Cornhusker's Lotion, and when he saw what i was looking at he added, "I keep it in the back of the top shelf if you need it.

Like to pretend that you don't want it? Just pull them down. Up to that very moment I swear that I had never spent a minute fantasizing about my grandfather's cock, and it wasn't because he was an old guy because I liked men who were older. The first guy that had introduced me to sex was probably about Grandpa's age and it was great. I thought he was well hung too, and he was, but then I saw Grandpa. At first I thought I was seeing things in the weird lighting as he stepped out of his boxers, but after he straightened up and stood there with his hands on his hips facing me it was clear my eyes were not deceiving me.

Grandpa grandson sex stories was like a couple of gunslingers facing each other preparing for a shootout instead of two guys naked in a barn and if it was a duel it was obvious I was outgunned, and as Grandpa reached down and used a lotioned-up hand to pull on himself he nodded to me to do the same to myself.

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In less than a minute I was hard as blue steel despite me shaking like a leaf, and as my fingers stroked my boner I was hypnotized by my grandfather's manhood. It hadn't been my imagination when I saw his cock hanging down almost to his knees before he lifted it, and even though Grandpa was not much taller than my 5'8" so the distance wasn't like it would have been if he was Wilt Chamberlain, the fact remained that Grandpa was huge. Absurdly thick at the stump which grew out of a nest of grey hair, it tapered down a bit until the end where it looked like an apple was jammed under his long foreskin, and as the lotion slicked up the pale vein riddled shaft he seemed to relish the awe exuding from me.

Grandpa didn't jerk me off but just squeezed my dick as he humped me like a machine. The only sounds in the room were my gasp each time he thrust deep and his breathing. It was so quiet otherwise that when I came I could actually hear the first wad of semen hit the dirt below me, and he kept squeezing my dick while continuing to thrust into me, his hairy chest rubbing into my back as our sweat began to fly.

Eventually Grandpa let out a moan that just about suggested he was having a heart attack but was actually a al that he was coming, and as he stayed hunched over me I felt his seed coat my bowels with a soothing warmth. Grandpa rested on top me for a couple of minutes as his breathing gradually slowed, and after his cock eventually slithered out of my ass he let go of my dick and we stood straight up. This time for me my underwear were not on like they were the last time, and while the sting was now greater it was also better.

In between smacks Grandpa would walk around me making equally stinging comments, letting the belt rub Grandpa grandson sex stories my dick which was getting hard despite having already been drained moments earlier. Eventually Grandpa stopped using the belt and started to smack my ass with his hand instead, and while it stung less the sound was louder. Grandpa asked me if I was going to keep being a bad boy, and after I nodded he laughed. I came soon after with Grandpa standing at my side, his left hand spanking me while using his right to squeeze and manipulate the base of my dick savagely between his thumb and index finger, and I came so hard that I almost passed out.

Grandpa untied me and sat with me until I got myself together, and then we left the barn Grandpa grandson sex stories his arm around my shoulder, both of us knowing that we would be back again and again that week doing our dirt behind a locked door.

My folks, having come by to pick me up after getting their own vacation away from me, were talking to my grandmother before we left while I chatted with Grandpa out by our car. I see," Grandpa said. Jealous," I confessed.

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Your grandmother - well we get along but nothing happens between us, if you know what I mean. Hasn't in so long I can't remember. That's why I've reverted back to fellas. You're the last grandson I have and I don't have that many guys working the farm anymore. Isn't that right Brad?

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