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Introduction: Abby and her son and daughter were watching TV when the door was kicked in. Abby was 37 and her daughter, Joy was 18 as was her twin brother Billy. Abby was considering suggesting that they try a different channel when suddenly the side door of the house was kicked in and four men burst into the home. Each man had a semi-automatic pistol in his hand. One of them was over six feet tall and the others were a little shorter. Three were white and one was black. Abby and the kids were quickly overpowered and secured with plastic zip ties.

Now they sat on the couch with their hands bound behind their backs with zip ties around their wrists and their feet bound together at the ankles. One of the men stepped in front of Abby and told her that if the all were quiet and co-operated, that they would all survive. Abby loudly told the invaders that they had better leave, that her husband was going to be home any minute and that when he saw that something was wrong, he would call the police and they would be there in just a couple of minutes.

The man standing in front of her slapped her face, hard. We know that your husband is out of town on a business trip. He looked at the two that were on his right and told them to find the master bedroom and see what was there. Then he looked at the other one and told him to check the other rooms. The two found the master and tore it apart looking Home invasion sex story things of value. They found her jewelry box and in one corner of the large walk-in closet they saw a safe. In one nightstand drawer they laughed when they found a large dildo.

The other man had found a fancy wood box with what looked like expensive silverware in the china cabinet in the formal dining room. He grabbed that and showed it to the man guarding the family. He said that he thought the paintings looked like they were real and was told to put them and the silver in the truck.

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He started taking down the ten paintings that were in the living room, hall and family room. Meanwhile the other two came out with the box and told about the safe. Only my husband knows it. Then he turned slightly and slapped Joy hard on the face. The combination is right 24, left 10, right 14 and twice around left to 2. The two that had found the safe went back to it and soon came out with an envelope. We want you to take your clothes off. Now please leave. Billy doubled over but did not fall off the couch. Get me real mad and we will castrate your precious son. Abby turned her back Home invasion sex story the kids and started taking her clothes off.

First she unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Then she stepped out of her pants. She stood there in her underwear. Finally, she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She had large nipples and very small tan lines from her bikini that she wore at their pool in the two acre back yard. The leader smiled when he saw that her nipples were hard. Her cheek was bright red where it had been slapped. Abby got down on her knees, reached out and unbuckled his belt, undid the button, unzipped the zipper and pulled his pants down.

He was not wearing underpants. His hard cock popped out in front of her face. She took about two of his seven inches into her mouth, twirled her tongue around the head and started bobbing up and down on it. He moaned, then twisted her around so they were side to Joy and Billy.

Next he grabbed her head and pulled her face tightly to his pubic bone. He Home invasion sex story pleased that she did not gag when his cock went down her throat. Joy and Billy were in shock but they watched their mother, naked, getting her throat fucked. One of the other men had gone back to the master bedroom and gotten the dildo that she had in her nightstand and he brought it out. When Abby hesitated, he slapped her again. Her face really stung.

Abby turned, spread her legs and with her eyes closed, worked the dildo into her cleanly shaved cunt. As embarassing as it was to be doing sexual things in front of her children, Abby did as instructed and for several minutes fucked herself with the pretend cock.

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She had to work hard at not letting them realize that she was enjoying the feeling she was giving herself. Abby did as she was told. He removed his shirt and the others also got naked. A second man got behind Abby and lifted her ass up and kneeled behind her. Joy and Billy watched. Then the last two men, one white and one black, walked over to Joy and put their cocks in front of her face.

Joy started trying to do what her mother was doing but she needed a lot of practice to get good at it. Tears ran down her cheeks. Both men fucking Abby came almost at the same time, one filling her pussy and one filling her throat. They pulled out and watched Joy doing the best she could, sucking the two cocks till the men finally stroked themselves and shot their cum all over her face and blouse. Joy sat there sobbing loudly. Abby cried also. All four men stepped back a step.

The leader looked at the others. Joy was the spitting image of her mom, just an inch shorter and with one cup size smaller tits. Hers did not sag at all and she had no tan lines as she sun bathed nude out by the pool when she thought no-one was home. Billy had snuck looks at his sister when she was out by the pool so although he had never seen his mother nude he had seen Joy several times, both when she was laying on her stomach and when she was laying on her back, working on her tan.

Once Joy was nude, Abby moved to Billy and undressed him. His thin five inch wiener was rock hard and wet on the end as it escaped from his shorts. Abby shook her head and wondered how it could be, from what was happening. She easily took it all in her mouth without it ever reaching back to her throat.

In less than a minute his little pecker exploded in her mouth. His cum was thin but it shot out with great force. Abby swallowed it without spilling a drop and pulled off him. He was still hard. He took Billy by the arm and pulled him so he was behind his mother. He kicked her legs apart. Billy got between her legs and found his target. For the first time, he was inside a woman, only it was his own mother.

The longer he did it, Home invasion sex story harder and fasted he did it till he finally came in her. In the mean time, Joy was on her knees with three men standing in front of her. She was a fast learner and she was switching around all three cocks in her face giving pretty good head to each of them.

The black man decided Home invasion sex story he had not had a chance to fuck anyone yet so he pulled Joy away and laid her on her back on the floor and got down between her legs. Please, please. She nodded yes.

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He pushed his thick six inch black cock fully into her cunt in one thrust. Joy screamed in pain as her cherry was popped but he just started pistoning in and out of her hole. Her black fucker lasted a long time. Long enough that Joy started to enjoy the feeling and her body reacted.

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Everyone watched. She had her first orgasm other than by her own fingers. She cried out again but this time from pleasure.

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Finally her cunt was filled with his black sperm. He pulled out. I hope you have my black baby. The kids were bound again. At one point she had cocks in all three of her fuckable holes at the same time. She was filled with come at least seven more times and found herself coming noisily each time. Do it. Fuck me hard. Make me come. She sucked them all clean. Joy and Billy were cut loose again. OK little one, pee. When her bladder was empty they let Joy get up and told Billy that it was his turn.

He quickly came over and happily did it. He intentionally missed with part of it and pissed on her face and in her hair as well as in her mouth. Suck him off. By the time he came again, the men had dressed and were headed out the door. The family was safe but they would never be the same. Abby thought about what, if anything, she would tell her husband. She knew that she had to tell him about the robbery because of everything that was gone, but should he be told about the rapes or should they keep that part quiet and could the kids keep that awful secret.

Abby talked to Joy Home invasion sex story Billy and they agreed not to say anything about the sex part of the invasion. She realized that she had to have the family room carpet cleaned before her husband got home. The change in their lives became apparent when Abby and Joy fucked the two black men that came to clean the carpet the next day. About five weeks later Joy started being sick in the mornings. Abby knew that Joy was pregnant and that the only three men that had ever fucked Joy included a black man.

She took Joy to a doctor that takes care of unwanted mistakes. About a month later Abby got a phone call. Leave the back door unlocked. Home invasion ends in rape and incest Please rate this story:. Teaching Carol, Ch. Search for:.

Home invasion sex story

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