Human dairy farm story

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Add to Wishlist. ISBN Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Amy is the consummate party girl. Unfortunately, clubbing every night left her so sleepy tired at work, and she worked as a lab assistant to a scientist.

Mistakes happen, and Amy's mishap leaves her with heavy, milk-laden breasts. If her boss finds out she might lose her job, but who else could help her? What happens when she reveals her condition?

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When he insists she say "moo" her life completely changes. After she discovers her true nature will role-playing become real life? Warning: This word story contains explicit descriptions of a BDSM human dairy cow roleplaying scenes, complete with milking, suckling, domination, and submission, not to mention lots of warm, sweet squirting milk. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Ana Thalia is a Texas writer. By day she is a hard working IT Professional, but at night she lets her hair down and writes to relax and entertain. She loves to write Fantasy, of the epic type, but sometimes she has other little fantasies that need to be told.

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Human dairy farm story

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Making the Milk Maid (A Dairy Farm Human Cow Story)