Humiliating punishment stories

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My boyfriend James has always said I was a spoilt brat and always got my own way and to be honest I had him wrapped around my little finger. During the summer we went to stay with my best friend Sharon in Cornwall who had got herself a holiday job down there. After a long drive we arrived at her small rented cottage and I was surprised to find she had a found herself a boyfriend who was staying with her.

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I was even more surprised to find out he was only eighteen years old Sharon is Twenty-three and I am twenty-five and he was the typical beech bum type. I blushed in embarrassment and I was thankful when he invited James to go to the pub with him and Sharon and I were left to catch up on old times together. She shocked me by saying how she was just using his body for a while and actually made me blush with some of the things she said they got up to.

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That night just as we were getting ready for bed the bedroom door opened and in walked Greg, I was sat on the bed stark naked and he never even blinked. James just laughed at me sat with my mouth open in shock and told me to relax we were on holiday. The next day Sharon had to work and me and James spent the day on the beech. I had bought a new swimsuit and James took great pleasure in embarrassing me by telling me that he could see quite a lot of my pubes where it was ridding up between my legs as I moved.

I spent most of the day adjusting the material both back and front as it pulled between my bum-cheeks. They all thought Humiliating punishment stories was very amusing and Greg humiliated me more by offering to give my bush a little trim when we got back. All I could feel was the cool air between my legs as he knelt on the floor. Sharon and my so-called boyfriend were in hysterics as he moved my panties to one side and began to clip away.

I was powerless to resist and I even stayed there when Sharon and James let me go.

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Meekly I walked upstairs and put it on, I seemed to be hypnotised to behave in this Humiliating punishment stories fashion. Back downstairs I had to stand in front of each of them to see if they could see any stray pubic hair sticking out of my costume. Greg then walked up to me and took hold the sides of my swimsuit, with both hands he almost lifted my feet of the ground as he pulled it up hard between my legs. After being told to remain like that for the rest of the night and being made to fetch the drinks for everyone at last it was time for bed.

Despite the ridiculous ordeal I had just undergone I was incredibly randy. The fact was not unnoticed by my boyfriend and he took me on my knees across the bed much more forcefully than usual. A short while later he was screwing me again and he talked to me about what had just happened. With a feeling of excitement like I had never known before I agreed and as I screamed to the best orgasm of my life James told me that things were going to be different from now on.

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At breakfast they had me blushing again when Sharon said it was obvious that I had enjoyed myself last night. My whole personality seemed to have changed and I was no longer the aloof snob who was above everyone but a meek mannered little girl under the control of my so-called friends. Unfortunately for me things were going to get a lot worse and decidedly more painful. In the pub that night Greg started a conversation about the role of a girlfriend and it was full of arrogant sexist rubbish like all men dream of. He went on to suggest that men should put the girl over their knee for a spanking once in a while to keep her in her place.

They both went off like over excited schoolboys to get some and I was left alone with Sharon. For some unknown reason I found myself justifying my acceptance by saying you only live once and you should try everything at least once. The bitch was looking forward to this as much as the boys, she led me upstairs to change and she was right the bikini was minuscule. At the back there was just a strip of materiel between my bum-cheeks and the top only just covered my nipples. The first thing Greg said when I got downstairs was how he should get the scissors as some of pubes were showing again.

I felt absolutely ridiculous laid over an eighteen year olds knee waiting to be spanked like a four year old and in front of other people as well. The first smack seemed to bring me back to stark reality, what the hell was I doing here. As the slaps continued I felt I would die of the utter humiliation I was going through and how had I got myself in to this. Greg gloated triumphantly that this was fantastic putting a posh snobby bitch over his knees and showing who was boss. James ed in saying how it was about time I was brought down a peg or two and I could feel a tear of absolute shame role down my cheek.

I started to wriggle and squirm across his knee and he took hold of my arm behind my back to hold me still. He gave me a few much harder slaps and the exclaimed that he thought I needed something more than his hand Humiliating punishment stories see if I really liked it. I was told to stand against the wall and even had to put my hands behind my neck while Humiliating punishment stories decided what was next for my bum.

The whole situation was diabolical as they sat and discussed the merits of each item they had come across. The first one was a slipper and with me bent over with my hands on knees and my bum stuck out Greg gave me ten whacks with it. Before the last one I could feel my the bikini top fall away from my boobs and to be honest I am not very big up there and the top was a little loose on me.

Without thinking to adjust Humiliating punishment stories as soon as Greg said stand up I was reaching to rub my bottom. He then really made me gasp with humiliation as he said to the other two that they should have some fun with me and see if they could smack my bum until I begged them to take off my bikini bottoms.

James thought it was a brilliant idea and before I could contemplate the embarrassing implications of such a demeaning proposition I was again bent over waiting for more torment. This time I was touching my toes and a plastic cooking spatula had been chosen, the first smack took me by surprise, as it was much more painful than the slipper. Over the next few the mortifying choice I had went through my mind, suffer the pain or the shame. At the end of my ten my bum was really beginning to hurt and once again I gave them a good view of my jiggling boobs as I vigorously rubbed my behind.

At this particular moment I could not think of a more immodest ordeal. His crude reference to my body made me shudder with shame and the first stroke lashed across my bum cheeks. It was not as bad as the spatula but it did have a cruel sting when the tip wrapped around my right bum cheek. I still had to remain knelt on the floor and Sharon came to kneel besides me. I moaned as she reached out and ran her hands over my bum, she gently soothed the pain and told me how red my bum was.

James gave Greg a can of beer and told him how he had got me in my rightful place and Humiliating punishment stories him to continue until I was howling like a baby. Greg laughed and joked how he was trying to make it last as long as possible and he was trying to remember all his favourite positions out of the magazines to put me in. He went on to say how he was really looking forward to stripping me stark naked and seeing everything I had got between my legs and how when I finally begged to be stripped he was going to give me ten more with his favourite instrument.

Even Sharon gave me a smack as she stopped rubbing my bum and as I stood up I saw Greg bringing a chair in to the room.

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A plastic ruler was my next item and I was made to stand at the back of the chair and bend over with my hands on the seat. The back-rest pressed in to my tummy and Greg eased my Humiliating punishment stories apart. Then he announced he was tired of standing up and he sat on the sofa, I had to shuffle across with chair to where he was sat. When he was satisfied I was close enough he stroked the back of his hand up my legs and told me how he thought my bum could do with a rest and he thought my legs needed smacking. He sounded such a conceited bastard but I could not help feel a strange kind thrill how he had brought me under his total control and me a twenty-five year old woman.

He used the ruler to flick the backs of my legs and the sharp sting had me pushing my legs further apart. Absolutely fantastic! Just such a shame it seems to all have ended there. I sincerely wish you would write more about the humiliating treatment of Emma. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All. Twitter RSS. Wednesday, October Desi English. Next Article Slave Girls in Bondage. Related Stories. My Dirty Whore of a Mother October 5, View 1 Comment.

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Humiliating punishment stories

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