Incest slave stories

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Of course, I can not resist sharing another incest sex stories that I role play with clients, and this is one of my hotter calls. Frustrated, I look in the mirror making sure Incest slave stories looked professional. Professional, what a joke that has become. During the day I am still that professional, but at night, I am his property, his fuck toy, his sex slave.

Thinking back to the last party, I shiver. I remember the marks on my body when they were done with me. It took days for the lash marks on my breasts to fade. My ass was so sore from being flogged and fucked I could not sit the next day. I had trouble sitting down on the hard chairs at work for a week. Damn, I think, if only I had not borrowed all that money. At the time, I was positive I could pay it back!

But, he had no mercy for my situation. In fact, I think he was thrilled.

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In his mind, he had just acquired a new piece of property to control and command. Tonight, he has rented me out to a lesbian party. Once again, I will be on my knees crawling from pussy to pussy. Further, I will be licking them, sucking them and fingering them in their pussies and asses until they cum. In any event, when someone rents me, I do absolutely anything they want. I never know what I will be expected to do. Those are always the hardest parties and I am so ashamed when I cum during them. Now, instead of being a respected conservative woman raising a strong and independent son, I am a sex party favor.

Then, I check the time. He was clear about the rules. NEVER be late, or say no, or Incest slave stories panties in the bedroom, or decline to fuck anyone or anything, and never be disrespectful. That night he showed me how painful disobeying him was.

I never want to experience that degradation, pain, and fear again. I make sure I obey all his rules down to the letter.

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In a flash, I was headed for the door, when I see my son sitting on the couch watching me. Honey, I say. I was Incest slave stories expecting you this weekend. Just then, my phone rings. Hanging up the phone, stunned at my change of fortune, I walk over to the couch and sit next to my son, who is sitting on the couch with the blanket over his lap. For the first time in months, I feel happy. Unfortunately, my happiness does not last long. This is a tone you will hear in the next part of this Incest Sex Story.

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Incest sex stories -Torn, I look to the door and back at Michael. TheQueen Nicole has been leading the phone sex industry since Related kinky kingdom stories. Just before the COVI When Simon bought his new home, he bought it sight Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Incest slave stories

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Incest Slave Stories