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We look at funny, comedy videos. Here you will see the best posts and comments across Reddit. Atthey should tell the kid, that child has every right to know. My mother still actively hides from me the fact that I'm not related to my father, and it bothers me immensely. The younger you tell said kid the better, that way they grow up knowing it and aren't ultimately affected by it. My great grandmother was raised by her grandparents believing her mother was actually her sister.

She died when I was 15 so I never really knew her all that well.

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Those half-siblings who use being 'r-ped' as an insult during an argument is a whole other low type of human being. I would prefer more attempts were made to explicitly avoid conflation between consensual incest, incestuous rape and non-incestuous rape. Ive never really understood why abortion used to be so frowned upon in the past and still even now, tho obviously not as much.

Incest story reddit never smoke again, fml. My dad is my mom's cousin, they got divorced and now she lives in Japan. While I live with my dad. I think it's safe to say I'm never going to Mexico unless im there to kill people like the grandfather. Can I just change species now. This one is shit. I didn't up to be part of this crappy humankind. There is no God. Everything that breeds is nothing more then gene vectors and the universe doesn't care how the gene vectors spread. Just or unjust. But Humans fuck anything even thier own offspring.

Nothing fucks more than humans. Hopefully we fuck ourselves out of existence soon. The second to last post. The whole fucking village let that happen Becuase of thier worthless culture. That whole village worth of people is is worth less then a cockroach. I cannot understand how people can be so utterly cold. Worse then animals and no integrity.

My grandma was raped at likeā€¦14 I believe. And got pregnant.

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They sent her to a girls home and when she had the baby, they raised my aunt as her sister for a bit. Same with her second kid, if im correct, likely also a product of rape. After she moved away she married my grandad and had two more kids, in which time they could actually raise all 4 as her own. When my aunts found their birth certificates they were pissed for a little while, but they understood. My brother and I were born from rape and I kind of found out on my own. I question if I or one of my two sisters or all of us are a product of rape because my father beat my mom a lot and super bad.

He was also an alcoholic so that adds to my wonder. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. June 27, Next Post. Comments 41 Tes yeet says:. God of the Cripples says:. Chloe P says:. Emil Ranfors says:. Yil Feliciano says:. Ishmam Ahmed says:. Mark Landrebe says:. Jakob H says:. J D says:. Liza Johnson says:. Mcrningstar says:. Barbara Seward says:. Seokjinism Cult says:. Omeg says:. TheIntrovert83 says:. Father potato says:.

Phat Pigeon says:. Aliens should just drop contraceptives on this miserable planet. UrbanRose says:. Nico Js says:. Diane Berg says:. So how do the on ancestry. Gaby George says:. One of these is Flowers in the Attic and the others are Chinatown. Dragon Demon Incest story reddit says:.

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Pale Pika says:. Meloscav says:. Ok so the sister as a mother thing!! That happened with my aunt for a while. My grandma really was fucked up from everything. Kat Diablankos says:. TigerLily says:. Aeva ley says:.

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Nathaniel Jernigan says:. Extremely religious family. Rape daughter, okay. Get abortion, not okay. Yep, just how the Bible wants it. Bbykak says:. Juliuhh says:. July 10,

Incest story reddit

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