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Another tiring live performance. These performances always took a lot out of Jennifer. Dancing and running across the stage for this amount of time was always exhausting. But besides being exhausting these dynamic performances sometimes also had another effect on Jennifer.

So as soon as she got off stage, she went straight for the girly potty room.

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She went into a stall, closed the door, lifted her miniskirt and lowered her panties. The wetness of the panties she had grown accustomed to. The movements were causing the crack of her ass to sweat and after two hours of dancing, the panties were lodged completely into her brown crack, soaking up all of the sweat present.

Jennifer sat down, and allowed her insides to do most of the work. Where usually the bowel movement was quick and smooth.

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This time it was like it struggled against being forced out. The sultry singer and actress heard the woman sliding down her panties, snapping the elastic band. Jennifer knew the voice. It belonged to Natasha, a stunningly beautiful black dancer, recently added to the group. Jennifer heard the girl wipe her privates, pull up her panties and flush the toilet.

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Then she spoke again. Jennifer unlocked the stall, and saw Natasha entering. Once again Jennifer was in awe of the beauty of the girl. Her chocolate skin was shiny from the sweat of the performance. Wide eyes and a wide smile. Jennifer felt somewhat awkward. Although she was a closet bi-sexual. And had been in this position with several guys and some girls, she still felt a bit weird. But the girl wanted to help her out with her problem, so Jennifer leaned back against the wall, lifted her legs, and Jennifer lopez sex story her feet on either side of the girl against the door of the stall.

Natasha made no hesitation in dropping to her knees and staring at Jennifer crotch area. Shaven at the sides so no hair would be visible in bathing suits, but hairy on top and on the lips, lips that were long and thin. A dark, wrinkled pucker that was pouting outward. You see, by fingering your. And it loosens up easier. So what your saying is that. Natasha noticed and knew she gained the desired effect as she started sliding her finger in and out with increasing speed.

At one point there were even faint sounds of sloppiness as Natasha was really frigging Jennifer butt. Natasha knew she had the singer almost where she wanted her. Keep fucking me with your fingers. I never knew it would feel this good. Well, fucking a beautiful ass like yours with my fingers is never dirty to me.

She then looked at her fingers and noticed her fingernails had a little bit of shit on them. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All. Twitter RSS. Wednesday, October Desi English. Article Helen Hunt on the hunt. Related Stories.

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