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for Free! My affair with a loving lonely wife 21 Votes Score 4. Famous Story. Lonely wife sex stories 9 years ago. I was never good with the girls. I didn't have the physical appearance to sweep a girl off her feet nor did I have the personality. I was shy. But years of rejection had taught me something valuable. To be able to be a good listener and to be patient. Anyway I came to Japan for my studies.

The land where men work long hours and wives stay home, desperate, vulnerable and in great need of some emotional affection. Like many others, I used online chats to find women and I only put my efforts into mature women, firstly because I like mature women with full bodies and know what they want, and also because they seem to be easiest for my calibre. I never jump the gun at first. I talk with them, listen to them, make them tell me their stories and make them want me. I give the emotional support they need and in the process make them fall for me.

I was having a good run. I was able to get many women to have a serious online sex relationship. Erotic chats, exchanging sexy pics and what not. But none went farther than that, except Yuka. Yuka was a woman in her early forties. Full figured body and a great personality.

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But like many women she was in an ignorant relationship. He wanted slim figure of a teenage Japanese girl. We started things slow. Daily chats about how our days were and what not. She was good in English conversation and she enjoyed the opportunity to converse in English. I waited for her to open up. And she did. She started telling me about how she was in an unemotional relationship.

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I still waited. Most of the times I took the side of her husband. Our online chats moved to telephone conversations. She would call me late nights and we would talk. Slowly we were falling for each other. Still we never talked about sex. Weeks and weeks passed. We started to exchange pictures every once in a while. Lonely wife sex stories sexy. Just normal photos.

And I started to want her really bad. One night we were talking on the phone and I dropped it. It was photo of her in front of a mirror, right out of a bath, in her towel. It was the first photo she sent of that kind. I look fat in that, don't I? I waited enough. And that was what it took. This was by no chance. I waited weeks for this moment. I had known that she wanted this from sometime but I waited.

It was wonderful. Another few weeks passed. We started exchanging naked pictures of each other and had online sex regularly. We were falling in hard but there was a problem. She lived in the other corner of the country. More weeks passed and the day finally came. She came to see me. Being married with children meant that she couldn't just pack up and leave to another city. And being a student meant the same to me.

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But an opportunistic business trip brought her closer to me. We were both nervous. Although we had done many a nasty things to each other online, meeting in person was a completely different thing. I was waiting in a cafe 15 minutes before our agreed time. My phone rang. And there was a pause.

This was the first time we are talking in the same city. Just few hundred meters away from each other. You are here? Can you meet me in the station exit? I walked, probably the most nervous walk I have ever walked. Heavy feet, my heart pounding.

She was waiting. I could see the anxious look on her face too. She extended her hand for me. We shook hands, as strange as that might be, and started walking. We made small talk, her flight, weather, and all that nonsense. And we came to her hotel. We both knew what would happen next. We had talked about it many times. We were going to go to her hotel room. She had really eased me with her easy personality. I wasn't feeling anxious anymore. I just wanted her so bad that moment. I wanted to hold her and press her body to mine and kiss her. I slowly took her hand. But I could see she liked it.

We got in to the elevator. And soon as the doors closed I pulled her slowly to me and kissed. This was Lonely wife sex stories unexpected. I wasn't planning on doing anything until we were in the room. Even then I was thinking we do some talking, maybe have a drink first. Her full lips felt good on mine.

Lonely wife sex stories

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