Male belly stuffing story

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But I have stories like that in the making!! Jordan looked at the small box that the mailman just dropped off at his door. He closed the door and put the box on his kitchen table as he grabbed a glass of water. It was late August, and Jordan was still perfectly tanned from his multiple trips to the beach. His long hours at the gym definitely showed on his body, and his toned pecs and arms showed in almost any shirt he wore. He filled his glass with water and started sipping.

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His eyes glanced back at the mysterious box. His curiosity eventually got the better of him, and he delicately opened the box. Inside was a dark green pill bottle that rattled as he pulled it out. He turned it until he could read the name on the label and laughed as he saw what was on it. Take with water for best. But a free chance to give himself a monster cock?

Say less. Refilling his glass, Jordan tipped the bottle and let the 5 pills inside fall into his palm. Taking them two at a time, he drank until he drained the glass.

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Nothing remarkable happened immediately, and so Jordan sat down and scrolled through his phone. It took a while for the effects to kick in, but when he began to get hard after 10 minutes, he knew exactly what was going on. Abandoning his phone in the kitchen, he ran to his Male belly stuffing story and pulled his pants and underwear down to watch what happened.

His cock slowly continued to grow harder and harder until it finally stood straight up. He quickly stripped down to only his underwear and wrapped his fingers around his hard cock, shuddering at how heightened the sensation was. He slowly rocked his hand up and down his shaft and watched incredulously as his dick began to stretch upwards.

As his dick grew longer, Jordan grew hornier. As he jacked himself off, his cock began to stretch longer even faster, blowing up to 9 inches long and still growing. By now his cock was also beginning to thicken, making Jordan widen his grip on his throbbing boner. As his dick continued to grow, Jordan felt as his balls began to swell to match the size of Male belly stuffing story dick. He moaned as his balls grew larger and heavier, pulling down ever so slightly against his cock as they filled with cum. By now, Jordan was using both hands to jack off his dick, now over 10 inches long and thick as a beer can.

His breathing got shallower and louder as he continued to jack off his insanely sensitive cock, and massaging his swelling balls. He continued to beat off faster as he felt his sensitive cock swell and grow, head of his cock now higher than his belly button.

He could feel an orgasm begin to form as his cock blew up past the 12 inch mark. His balls were pumping shot after shot of warm jizz and he felt like he would never stop orgasming. Finally, after a whole minute of cum streaming out his dick, Jordan finally relaxed and sat down as it wore off. Wowhe thought, that was the fucking best, leaning over to grab the shirt and shorts he threw off minutes ago.

He got up to go clean himself off, and stood in the bathroom wiping his body down with paper towels. Jordan put his shorts back on without any issues but hesitated when his shirt caught on his midsection. Weird, thats never happened before, he thought, lifting his shirt to look at his abs. However, whatever abs he had were now covered in a definite layer of pudge.

Not big enough to make him look fat, but enough to make him lose his abs under its softness. He pinched and shook his new beginner belly, and then lowered his shirt over it, thinking that it was only a bloat, and that he needed to work on abs next time he went to the gym.

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Except that gym trip never happened. He found himself online looking for a man to have sex with him come 10 pm. After chatting with a few guys, he made arrangements to meet with one of them, Garett, that night. He was tidying up his room when Jordan heard a knock on his door, and he walked his way over. Opening the door, he saw Garett standing in the doorway, just as sexy as Jordan thought he would be. After a moment of just kissing each other, Jordan separated from the kiss and slowly led Garett to his room.

As soon as they passed through the doorway, Jordan went to undress Garett. He was definitely much smaller in stature than Jordan was, so getting his shirt and shorts off was easy.

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Slowly, he lowered his cock inside, satisfaction welling as he heard Garett groan and tense up as he tried to take his whole cock. Sliding in a little faster now, Jordan began to thrust himself in, sensation in his cock too strong. They kept going, their breaths and creaking bed punctuating the quiet night. After more thrusting and moaning, Jordan slowly stopped Garett, and lay down on the bed for Garett to ride him.

Garett slid himself on top, and Jordan continued to thrust his cock inside of him, hands grabbing his juicy ass.

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He watched as he continued to grow, belly becoming soft and round, and moobs becoming more prominent, giving him that ex-jock look. How did he just magically get so fat? Hit a gym! Garett got up and left, leaving Jordan alone, naked, with his newfound belly. Jordan shook it and played with it as he thought about what just happened, and remarked at how soft and pliable it was. Getting up to the bathroom, he closed his eyes before looking at the mirror. Opening them, he was Male belly stuffing story with a foreign sight; an ex-jock was staring back at him, giving Jordan a proper view of his new body.

From this angle he looked even bigger, with most of his new gains going to his belly, making him look heavy. His moobs, which were formally strong pecs, were now covered in a layer of fat that shook gently when he moved his arms. Turning around, he saw how puffy his ass was, rounding out and merging with the new love handles on his sides. No matter what angle he looked at himself, Jordan looked fat. Grabbing his scale, he took a deep breath before leaning forward to look at the. What the fuck, he thought to himself, as he grabbed a new pair of underwear and got ready for bed.

Walking over to his bed, Jordan lay down and prepared for an extra-long workout tomorrow. Jordan realized in fear the next day that none of his workout clothes came remotely close to covering his entire belly. Every shirt he owned barely got past his belly button, leaving a wide band of skin underneath for the world to see. His shorts were also too small, the elastic waistbands painfully digging into his sides, leaving them red and angry.

Jordan felt the cool breeze of the air conditioner blow against his exposed skin, and instinctively put a hand down to squeeze his pudge as he looked for looser clothes. Jordan had no other choice but wear what he was wearing, and he grabbed a formally loose jacket that barely covered his body anymore and left for the gym. Sitting down on the couch, Jordan felt a familiar hardness begin to form in his shorts and sighed. Those pills he had taken yesterday had changed him entirely, affecting his dick, his body, and now his horniness. Jordan was constantly horny now, and despite knowing better, he grabbed his phone and tried to arrange another hookup just to satisfy his monster cock.

Eventually he remembered the humiliation from last night, and decided he needed to brainstorm ways Male belly stuffing story avoid repeating a similar encounter. He knew that gainers and feeders existed, but he was still apprehensive to dip his toes into those waters, knowing that there would be no chance of ever being thin and muscular again if he ed their world. Controlled by his horniness, he began to set up an on one of the gainer websites he found after looking them up.

When he finished ing the new pictures of his belly onto his profile, he was almost immediately bombarded with notifications about new followers and likes. And they were hot! I could get used to this! Jordan thought as he clicked through all of his new messages. After a steamy back and forth with him, they arranged for Christian to drive over to his house and hook up. After 30 minutes of waiting, he heard a knock on the door.

Male belly stuffing story

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