Male pee desperation stories

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. But I have also seen Hot male ones. Pablo was a handsome-looking guy. Just turned 20, and was chilling with his friend on a hot-as-hell summer day. He had breezy black shorts on, and a red t-shirt. He had forgotten to use the bathroom before him and his friend John left the house. Pablo was thin, but had lots of muscle. After being out for an hour, he felt discomfort in his lower belly. His bladder ached. He was not desperate, he could wait. Just a little discomfort. Pablo did not know his friend was a huge omorashi fan.

So much a fan that he could tell just from that mumble what was wrong. Pablo knew there were bathrooms in the park. Nowhere he could go on a tree, it was very public, but he was fine. They got on the top of the bleachers. Pablo sat one above of John, and had his legs out on the bleacher seat John was on. Pablo had blue flip flops on, and John stared at those muscular legs. The blonde hair ran all around and up past the knees and under the short. John knew the urgency was growing. It was a gut buster.

Like the pressure was literally hitting me in the guy, expanding out, bloating. Every now and again they were shut tight together and squeeze in on his crotch. Pablo almost lost a drop in his boxers. He was starting to get desperate now. They came out of the ground and started to spark drops of water fast everywhere. Some even went and hit John and Pablo.

He felt his bladder pulsing Male pee desperation stories his lower belly, through his urethra. Gallons and gallons expanding through the hose and. His feet flapped on the flip flops. In clear discomfort.

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Can we go? A picnic ground with a cabin split into two bathrooms; boys and girls. Pablo froze at the sight of horror: the doors on the bathrooms were closed. John went up to them and pulled on the knobs. Both locked, tight. John read a on the wall. I gotta piss man. John took time to get his key out. Pablo bounced in place at the door with his arms around his torso. Come on, please!

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John put the key in, but his hormones ran his mind. He pretended to struggle with the key.

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Pablo shook his head. He suffered from very shy bladder, and was very germophobic. He could not use a public bathroom. The park was different. It was the one public bathroom Pablo used since he was a. He was used to it. Pablo was about to go, but John grabbed him.

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He held his friend in a dance pose, and put their crotches at each other. He jumped off and grabbed his crotch. He kept feeling like it would come out. Pablo felt his wiener enlarged and taking on lo and gallons of pressure. He felt his eyes filling with water. Two girls from school. John was dating Christy and Pablo had a huge crush on Jennie. Pablo tried to regain himself. He could not lose it in front of the girls. HE placed his arms around his torso and had a leg out and foot tapping. Gggotta pee!

Kind of locked out of our house.

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Pablo smiled, but could barely regain himself. The pee was pushing more and more towards the exit of his body, into his pants. He tried to squeeze his legs together against his crotch.

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Pablo lost it. Too much pee, too weak crotch muscles. It blew out of his private and against his boxers. Leaking down his hairy legs and on the sidewalk. They ALL noticed. Pablo tried to regain his composure but could not. He shook from embarrassment. She and Christy covered their mouths and walked away. Pablo turned red, and John let his pee release as well in an orgasmic frenzy.

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Male pee desperation stories

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