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Author Entreri. Author Lordofthecosmos. Author eztarg3t. Author Joranera. Author Spectre Author Umbrelloid. Author ZeroKing Blatantly a re-telling of Mass Effect 2 not like that hasn't been done beforeheavy spoilers and so forth. The reason for not starting with Mass Effect 1 is that I want to have things I can use as flashbacks. After Commander Shepard and his girlfriend Tali are contacted by their old friend Mass effect sex story to help rescue some students and stop Cerberus, the biotic is captured in an attempt to free her pupils.

Now she and the commander are forced into having sexual intercourse or be obliterated by the forces. And Tali watches Summary: Shepard agrees to look after Jack's pet varren, Eezo, for a week. But there's a secret about him that Shepard doesn't know, at least not yet. If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me. More information can be found on my profile. For some time now she's led a double life: by day the diligent and loving partner to the galaxy's greatest hero and by night the depraved, worthless cocksleeve to the sadistic Miranda Lawson.

Liara would do anything for her beloved Shepard EDI and Joker's sex life comes to an abrupt halt when they realise that his condition is going to get in the way, but Joker has a suggestion to get around it. Anonymous commission.

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Contains: Dirty Talk, Masturbation. Aria T'Loak demands Shepard leave one of her team with her as she goes on her missions about Omega.

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Shepard reluctantly leaves Samara, but as soon as she's gone, Aria straps the Justicar down and turns her into a mindless bimbo whore, before setting her to work on the scum of Omega. Ending features Morinth and is a little dark, so take care. The Reapers are on their way and Cerberus has pulled out. So, she turns to some A series of stories in which Commander Shepard and her crew mates find themselves in lewd situations.

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Feel free to in on the adventure. Some will be sexy, some funny, some scary, some grotesque, some extreme and others will be vanilla. If you are put off by extreme adult content, this may not be for you.

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Shepard stops Garrus from killing Sidonis, but it isn't out of concern for her boyfriend. She needs something, and Sidonis is the only one who can give it to her. If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me! But in the end, she finds a use for the Quarian bitch all the same. Namely, serving as stress relief for the ship's futanari population.

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My first commission piece from Greenhorse A young Liara T'soni is born with a cock due to her pureblood heritage. As she begins to reach sexual maturity her cock begin growing and producing an alarming amount of semen and her mother simply just can't resist. A breastplay focused story. Invited to the Eden Prime colony, Miranda meets Liara and her new boyfriend, who seems to be rather interested in Lawson's behind and having the girls shove things into their butts.

Miranda feels something is off, but this weird thing with her head keeps her away from figuring out what. Hearing that her sister Oriana has been captured by slavers, Miranda springs to the rescue! But the Biotic ends up captured herself and subjected to an experiment that makes her breast swell immensely! Commissioned by Heretict. Set after Tali's Sexual Purgatorythe rambunctious quarian and her ginger-haired girlfriend head to Eden Prime for a quick fetch quest.

It's an intensely important mission on the idyllic Mass effect sex story planet, so naturally, Tali packs them a picnic. Captured by Cerberus after the occupation of Cerberus during the events of Mass Effect 3, Aria T'loak is indoctrinated into a secret Cerberus Sex Training Program that brainwashes alien whores to be pefect fuckpig sexslaves. After the destruction of the citadel in the final battle against the reapers, factions from across the galaxy searched for Shepard. Aria T'Loak got to her first. Healed and fitted with a control chip, Shepard enjoys her retirement as a stripper in afterlife and Aria's personal cumdump.

After six long months, the day has finally come for Shepard to get what she's craved since Aria first enslaved her, a belly full of Aria's babies. Miranda Lawson has been teasing Commander Shepard with her body, knowingly adding to his already high levels of stress.

Now she's ready to make it up to him. While on her pilgrimage, Tali goes to Omega in hopes to find a ship for a cheap price. Unfortunately, she was knocked out and before she knew it, the young Quarien finds herself in the presence of a business-like Asari and a rather large Krogan. My first porn story! A captain in the Migrant Fleet is overthrown and less-than-willingly introduced to her new breeding partners.

Just some quick Andromeda smut before I've even played the game. I don't usually do these, but here goes. A commission starring Tali and Miranda. When Sheperd's brother - named after a piece of kitchenware - appears uninvited, it's up to Sheperd's two Mass effect sex story to stave off the newcomer's pig-headed affections. Except obviously they get fucked silly. A preview of one of my Patreon Exclusive Stories. Ever since Samara broke her code and started sleeping with Jane Shepard, she's been fucking almost everyone aboard the Normandy. Poor Shepard just has to sit and watch and take pictures as her lover bones her teammates in front of her.

Saving the galaxy is hard, stressful work, so Miranda and Jack organize a girls night for the squad. Jack has some surprise entertainment in store however, and after some drinking and dancing, things get fun! Written as a commission. Tevos is the Asari councilwomen and a very powerful women. But in the presence of Shepard she's nothing more then her obedient toy. Things become even more intense when her assistant gets involved.

Mass effect sex story

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Intimate Space: The State of Queerness in Mass Effect