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Big dick stories are a plenty on my blog so I hope you enjoy scrolling through the archives! I have always had a thing for older women but this milf showed me what it really meant and she has ignited something inside of me that is not going out.

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A fantasy comes true for this horny woman as she embarks on her very first bukkake. All sorts of dicks surround her as she coats herself in their cum.

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A delicious tale of seed and adventure. In this story, we read all about how a horny couple has their first throat pie.

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His big fat dick slides down her throat and fills it with his hot delicious seed and she loves every minute of it. A romantic story where we see two individuals overcome a big taboo. A seriously erotic story where we meet a humble guy who uses his big fat cock to grace us with this insane story.

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The girl he fucks struggles with his huge member before taking matters into her own hands and taking his whole cock and load into her tight, small little pussy. An erotic, sensual and kinky tale of a woman who is seduced by her father in law. I love this story, it gets me off every time I read it, the pure taboo of it and the fantasy that I am sure many people have thought about comes true in this unique piece of writing. She also makes sure to mention how much bigger his cock is than his sons which is incredibly hot.

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A woman pushed to her limits is seduced by her lousy boyfriends brother, not only is he older, taller, more attractive and kinder than his brother he also has a bigger cock that he fucks her with at a garden party. In this true story we follow a woman who attends a private sex party alone and finds four men to fuck her.

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This woman has a serious fetish for cum, a fetish she found out when she gave her boyfriend a blowjob for the first time. These four men give her a great time and she blows their minds at this descriptive private sex party. Lola takes us back in time to a time where on one hot summers day she fucked 3 of her closest friends.

I was unsure wether or not to include this story in the big dick archives but I decided it was a great idea because not only is this story insane but there is mention of amazing girth and I figured it big dick lovers would still appreciate that. Emma meets a tall, dark and handsome man on a night out and it subsequently turns into an amazing fuck fest. Emma has never had a Massive dick stories so big and her pussy aches when she walks and home and remembers just how amazing the sex was with this man whose cock was like a second arm. Samantha submitted this story to us as, she tells us the story about how her bestfriend Chris cums deep inside of her ass.

Not a traditional big dick story but a story worthy of its place nonetheless. I love this story, we meet a horny husband who is surprised by his wife with a strap-on that she has bought online. It satisfies him so much that he actually has a prostate orgasm Massive dick stories his wife thrusts her big new strap-on in and out of his virgin ass. My vice is playing with sissies and turning them into cock loving sluts and with this particular sissy Sasha I pounded her ass and made her cum so hard for the first time with my big cock.

I have an affliction for sissies and getting them to take my BBC. I train them up, stretch them out and have them submit to me. I want to share with you how I do it, what they do for me and just what it takes to become one my sissy playthings.

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