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Tom finally gets Joan alone Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is illegal for you to be here. If it is illegal for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave now.

This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are offended by sexually explicit stories, please read no further. If you are offended by stories featuring group sex, bisexual situations, incest, sex between minors and adults, or any other situation, please check the story code before reading the text. These stories are just that, stories, and do not promote or condone the activities described herein, especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices or sex between adults and minors.

I was awakened in the morning by Mgg sex stories little girls running down the hallway. I glanced at the clock and it was 8 AM. The moving van was scheduled to arrive atand I needed to be ready for them. I figured the girls knew that, and just hoped they didn't want too much fun before a long day started. Annie led the way, followed by Cindy, with Abby walking in calmly behind them. They all had on pretty sundresses that made them all the cuter. Annie jumped up onto the bed and just threw her sundress off over her head.

Cindy followed suit, and neither of them had panties on. Annie proceeded to sit right on my face, her little nine-year-old pussy planted right Mgg sex stories my mouth. How could I resist? I started licking her little slit and then felt Cindy's little mouth come down on my shaft.

She had the tightest grip on her lips, and did an excellent job not using her teeth. I could feel her mouth sliding up and down my pole as I licked her older sister's nether lips. It was heavenly! I reached up and ran my fingers across the flat chested young lady sitting on my face, barely perceiving a slight rise under the little nipples that were forming.

Such a wonderful thing to touch. Cindy now pulled her mouth off my cock, and I soon felt her sit down on my pole and slowly let me into her cunt. This little seven year old loved to squeeze me tight, and she was soon all the way down on me, and started bouncing up and down. With my mouth full of pussy, and my cock inside a tight hole, it wasn't long before I shot out my load.

Cindy took it all in and jumped off my cock. Annie moved out of the way, and little Cindy placed her clenched pussy lips on my mouth and opened them up, my sperm dribbling back into my mouth. I drank it all up, and she got down off me. Looked over and saw the video camera in her hand, and knew she was just along for the ride this time. Boy, did I want to see that video. Thanks for the wake-up call. The girls all threw their sundresses back on and were out the front door and gone before I even got out of the bathroom.

My, they were quick. I ran down to the corner store to get coffee and a donut, then came back just when Cathy and Jackie were arriving. The moving van was right behind them. Jackie told me to get to the house, as the furniture truck would be there right away, and I could get things going there. Mgg sex stories and Jackie stayed to help the movers get everything in. I got to the new house just about ten minutes before the furniture guys came in a huge truck. We had decided the new stuff would come in the front door while all the old would come in the back.

It was going to be an interesting day doing both at once, but we figured we could keep it moving. And we did. By the time we were done at PM, we were exhausted, but had nice house full of furniture. And it was all in the right place. There were a lot of boxes to unpack yet, and we made sure the food was unpacked, but everything else could wait until tomorrow. I had cleared my schedule all week, so we would have plenty of time to unpack. Jackie gave me a peck on the cheek, and said she had to be going.

I thanked her for all her help and told her I hoped she wouldn't be a stranger.

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I have a key to your house. We are all part of one big family, you know.

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The she added, "Megan and I will be visiting regularly, I assure you. The circle was widening. Joan had been Mgg sex stories for the most part lately, but she was here for the move in, and said she was planning on staying the night. The 14 year old was probably my favorite, with her teen beauty and smaller breasts. I asked if she was the only one, and the other girls all nodded yes. They said they would be back over in the morning to help unpack, but tonight was Joan's. I was fine with that, and the gang all left, leaving me and Joan on our own. I'm tired, but I'm also hungry.

Would you like to run out and get some dinner. I brought some clothes along. I'll get changed and you get ready too. I went into my bedroom and put back on the panties I was told to wear all the time. I then just put on, some slacks and a polo top; nothing fancy. After all, it was more a date with my daughter! I went out to the living room to wait for Joan.

It Mgg sex stories nice in there with a large sectional, big screen TV, a couple lounge chairs and indirect lighting. It was about 15 minutes and Joan finally came downstairs. I looked at her and fell in love like a little teenager all over again. She had on a Spaghetti strap tank top that pushed her small breasts up, just creating enough cleavage to make her look sumptuous. The tank top had a deep plunging neckline that made it even better. Her short skirt was tight fitting to about mid thigh. White sandals filled out the outfit. She had little make-up on.

Just enough to make her natural beauty shine. Her blue eyes shone through so large as she looked at me. Her hair, although short, was in pigtails that barely reached her shoulders. You look stunning! She blushed. Wanted to look nice for you. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant I knew that wasn't too busy. As we walked in, I could see all eyes on this young beauty, and I'm sure they thought was her father. We sat over in a corner and ordered our food. It was a nice evening, with quiet conversation and good laughter. Nothing sexual, just trying to get to know each other. We finished eating and headed back to the house at around PM.

She led me down into the basement, through the home theater area, and into the play room. She said I was a natural, and that I would someday make a man very happy to serve me. You are my first man, except for my dad. He let me practice on him. So, I am so ready for this. She walked up to me and put her hand on my crotch. Her other hand came up to my chin and she moved my face in her direction. Then she leaned in and kissed me, passionately. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. I could not get away, nor did I want to. I took off my clothes as fast as I could.

This was hot.

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This year-old vixen was taking control. I wondered what was in store. After taking my clothes off, I stood before her.

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She walked up to me, put her hand on my head and slowly applied Mgg sex stories until I was kneeling before her. She then moved back a step and told me to take her shoes off. One at a time I helped her step out of them. She was still standing. She turned and walked Mgg sex stories to a wall full of leather things. Before picking anything off the wall, she stripped as well. Naked, with her back to me, I stared at her perfect little ass, wishing I could take it in my hands. She picked an item off the wall and came back over to me. It was a leash and collar. She told me to sit up and affixed the collar to my neck, not too tight.

This was amazingly erotic. I never thought I would enjoy this, but being taken by a 14 year old was turning me on. When she got to the bench, she sat down facing me with her legs open wide. Not the way I preferred to lick pussy, but a lapping up and down, trying to wiggle my tongue into her tight hole. She leaned back on the bench, her legs open wide to me, as I licked and licked her pussy. My hard cock was getting bigger by the second. She had an orgasm in about five minutes, and I drank up all her gushing juices.

So good. Then she sat up and told me to sit back on my butt. I did so, and she got up off the bench and told me to straddle the bench with my butt at the end. She said to hug the bench as I lay face down on the leather material. I heard her pull something else off the wall, and then felt the light wisp of leather slowly scrape cross my ass cheeks.

Mgg sex stories

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