Mixed armwrestling stories

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Go to True Highschool Armwrestling Story. When I was in my senior year of high school I witnessed a rather embarrassing arm wrestling match. First I want to introduce the two individuals involved. The first was a fellow senior, an Indian boy that I will call Chad. He was in jrotc and very proud of it. Despite being a bit nerdy he was relatively well liked.

We shared English class together, which is where our incident will occur. Second is a senior girl that I will call Amy. She shared our English class with us.

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She was blonde, fair skinned, very pretty. The thing that always made her stand out to me, even before the incident, was that she tended to stretch the dress code by often wearing pencil skirts that were a few inches above her knee, but came over halfway up her thighs when she would sit down.

It was a period that students could use the weight room to work out for a gym elective. She was one of two girls in the class, and she certainly developed from taking it. One day, during our 8th period English class, our teacher wrapped her lecture up early and allowed about 10 minutes of free time to end the day. This was not uncommon for her. Also not uncommon, was the instigation of arm wrestling between some of the boys. One in particular, that I will call Brandon, often challenged people, and encouraged others to arm wrestle each other.

What was surprising was that today, Amy was being encouraged to in by Brandon. I suspect this was his way of flirting, or maybe he suspected the outcome. But he suggested that Amy and Chad arm wrestle. Chad seemed to enjoy the idea, as I said Amy was very pretty and any of us would have been excited to Mixed armwrestling stories with her and show our strength. So, they lined up their desks and locked hands. What happened next shocked everyone.

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As soon as the contest began, it became clear that Amy had the upper hand. She pushed him about halfway down right from the start. The smile quickly faded from Ch face and I could tell he was pushing as hard as he could to keep from being finished. They were stuck momentarily, but then her hand began to steadily drive his closer to the desk. Within 15 seconds the back of his hand hit the desk. Amy was clearly happy with the and her friends were encouraging her. Everyone that was watching was trying to contain laughter clearly.

Chad tried to save face saying he was sore from working out the day before but it was clear his pride was crushed. After class as I was packing to leave I Mixed armwrestling stories Amy discussing the match with her friends. This incident was trivial, but I afterwards I found myself feeling a lot of second hand embarrassment for Chad. I believe that this had a hand in me finding the idea of women defeating men physically so attractive. Re: True Highschool Armwrestling Story. Very similar to what happened when I was in in 7th grade. Except I was so much smaller than Lisa that no one was really surprised.

Only sad thing is that after she beat me she said, wait I'm left handed. So she beat my stronger arm with her weaker arm.

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Good story. I find the idea of losing an arm wrestle to a girl particularly embarrassing, since upper body is where men are supposed to have a massive advantage over women in terms of strength. Particularly in this instance, the guy should have had every advantage. Bigger hands, longer arms, but she was still able to beat him pretty easy.

Great story. I would like to share my similar true story. It was in high school. I was 17 and she, Thalia is her name, was a year younger, which makes the embarrassment bigger. But she had big arms and big hands as well and very good hard biceps. The amazing thing about Thalia is that she liked a lot to show off her muscles and her strength. She was flexing and asking me to feel her bicep very often. She also liked a lot, to give her hand for a handshake to others and squeezing the the persons hand so hard until he begged her to stop.

One day, at the break between classes we were together with a group of other students. Because I was always tempted, I started to tease Mixed armwrestling stories nicely about her strength. I thought that maybe I could get her to flex for me or something like that. Well, she said "come on let's armwrestle". Well, actually if we were alone that would be a dream come true. But with all these people around, and knowing that she is stronger than me, I was terrified.

I said ok, and my voice was so fainted. One guy was shouting " no!! We sat down facing each other and locked hands.

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We started and as I was moving her hand more than half way to my victory I started thinking that probably I underestimate myself and I am stronger than I thought and I am wining and it feels easy!! It was just before her hand pinned down to the table when she stopped me. I was so naive, I was still thinking I am wining just need to push a little bit more. I ended up giving everything I had and I couldn't move her arm any further. As I was holding the table with my other hand Mixed armwrestling stories instinct I think I was trying to use it in my advantage.

She was smiling and said " hey no cheating". That's when I realised she was just toying with me. She held me there for a long time. It could be seconds but for me it felt like ages as I was trying so hard. Eventually she started pushing my arm comfortably and brought me back to the starting poisition. My hand was shaking. After a little while she started pushing my arm down. There was nothing I could do honestly.

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Now I could feel that she was so much stronger than me. Surprisingly she stopped pushing maybe just only an inch before her victory. I felt her arm not pushing anymore and we went back to the starting pisition. She then said, "ok let's call it a draw, we are a bit tired today". I haven't ever felt such a relief in my whole life. It's been many years since the day that happened.

Mixed armwrestling stories

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