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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. One lazy weekend afternoon Dan was relaxing at home. He was home alone as his mom was out at a massage.

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Dan was 21 and was studying towards an engineering degree. He was extremely tall at 6 foot 3, well built and well liked by his peers, family and friends. He had a part time job assisting with construction, but it was his day off and was flicking through the channels on TV.

Although well liked, Dan had a secret. A secret he couldn't tell anyone, especially his mom. He lived alone with his mom Jenifer since his parents got divorced and his dad moved to another country with his new wife and started a family there.

He wasn't close to his dad, more so to his mom. His secret was that he had a crush on her. Perhaps it was her incredible beauty with her dark, long hair that was always straight and neat.

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Maybe it was her gorgeous face which didn't need make-up, her slim and well-toned body she kept in shape at the gym. Or was it her thick hips and beautifully round bubble butt that she squeezed into a tight pair of yoga pants or was it her massively, marvelous tits. At 43 years old she looked like someone in their mid's. The truth is, it was all the above. To call her tits big, busty or huge was an understatement. Her tits were Moms massage stories than gigantic and all natural. They looked cartoonish on such a small petite body. These tits were the reason for many wet dreams and fantasies.

I'm furious, I really needed it, my lower back is in agony! She was starting to calm down. Let me help you, I can't see you in pain. Jen thought for a while, she was in a lot of pain and her next appointment would only be on Wednesday. She eventually conceded. Like a real massage therapist would! Dan, trying to show his excitement and as normally as he could went up the stairs after his mom. He was going to see his mom partially naked and the thought made him horny as hell. He had to do a good job too as perhaps there would be more chances at another massage.

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He took his phone and found some relaxing music, then he went to his moms bedroom and knocked on the door. Dan opened the door and was disappointed seeing his mom lying on the bed fully clothed. He would have to think of a plan to get her top off. Pretending not to show his disappointment, he placed his phone next to the bedside table while playing the relaxing music.

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He positioned himself at the base of the high bed and was ready to begin the massage. The soft gentle music played and relaxed Jenifer into a good state and calming mood. Dan placed his hands on his mom's small back and began to rub. The excitement of touching his mom's delicate back even through clothes felt amazing. He was just inches from her huge, perfect butt. It stuck out far above her petite body.

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It looked superb in her tight yoga pants. He rubbed his palms onto his mom's lower back feeling the firmness of her skin. He needed to get that top off. He devised a plan. Do you think you could take off your blouse? His heart was thumping now waiting for a response.

His plan while not going exactly right still had it's benefits. Dan lifted her blouse slightly and folded it about halfway up her back before her bra strap. Best not to push it too much he thought. Dan got up and searched around her drawer looking for the oil. He moved some old magazines and to his amazement discovered a massive dildo hidden under some papers. His heart beating so hard it sounded like a kick drum.

He poured the oil on her back and rubbed his hands together to create warmth and with his cock at half mast began to rub the slippery oil down his moms back from the Moms massage stories of her lower back down to her thick hips he stroked and massaged the oil into her skin.

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Ahhh right there is where it's sore, yes where your right hand is. You're bringing me much needed relief. Dan continued massaging in circles where it was hurting. With each downward stroke he would almost touch the tips of her firm bum.

Dan was getting harder by the second and thought of the next step to press his luck. He continued massaging. Do Moms massage stories remember when I had that shoulder pain, the doctor said it came from my elbow and so with some treatment Moms massage stories my elbow, eventually all the pain went away. Jenifer knew the pain came from her gigantic boobs, there is no way it came from anywhere else. She was in a predicament. She was enjoying the massage and it would be amazing if her son would Moms massage stories her whole back but was reserved about the idea of showing more skin and especially her bra to her son.

Disappointed he didn't push it further. He rubbed some more oil down her lower back and across those gorgeous thick hips. She wondered why her son was so eager to rub her whole back. She thought to herself that he just wanted to fix her pain, that there was nothing untoward about doing so. Let me take off my blouse but I'm leaving my bra on, OK? Don't get any ideas! Dan was not ready for the sight before his eyes. Her beautifully sloped and curved back was now covered by a dark blue bra with 5 clasps. Jeesus what is she holding in there, he thought.

Added to this was the fact that her giant udders were squashed on the bed and pressed out massive amounts of breast flesh from the sides of her tiny body. They were covered by this beautiful bra that encased the most gorgeous and huge breasts anyone could desire. Jeff distracted from the from the immensely sexy sight in front of him, continued the massage across her entire back. Stroking his palms in a rhythm and using his fingers to press into the sore areas to bring relief to his mom. Jeff was lost staring at the 5 straining clasps of her bra.

How he wanted to just take it off and do unmentionable things to her tits. Dan took his hands from the top of her shoulders and rubbed them gently down his moms back to the bottom of her lower back. Each time he went lower and lower. He had to get a feel of her massive bum. It stuck out far from her body with round globes just waiting to be groped.

Eventually his fingers touched the tips of her bubble butt and this made Jenifer tense up a bit. At least he was massaging in the right area and trying to remove the pain. This was so exciting for poor Dan who often had to adjust his big cock in his boxers. Her bum feels amazing he thought, jeez this would be incredible if she took her pants off, but she would never do that. He let his fingers stay longer over her rump to enjoy the feeling more. She didn't seem to mind the tips of his fingers massaging the tips of her bum. Dan felt a bit braver now. Shops here don't carry my si I mean they don't keep stock of this type of bra.

Dan continued massaging his mom softer now as he lost focus to this exciting conversation. His mom thought it was weird he was asking about her bra but didn't really mind. Dan's cock continued throbbing and remained erect as he continued the dirty talk.

He was hoping the leading questions would bring his mom to enquire more. I'm glad you're getting some action darling. She was glad he was being frank with her. His mom wasn't stupid, she knew he was talking about boobs.

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